Chapter 1:

It had been a slow day at the Waiting Hall. This didn't bother Orla much, as she had her ZI-top with her, enabling her to communicate with her friends, telling them of the exciting career she was pursuing. Suite Z-9X was certainly beautiful. It had lots of plants, an indoor fountain, free pastries, candies, and a fresh sweet smelling aroma that permeated the air. After a long wait, Orla was finally assigned to Room 104 in Suite Z-9X by a supervisor. When she arrived there, she was not at all impressed. It was a very small room.
"How am I supposed to tune into the frequencies of outer space, without any space?" protested
Orla to her supervisor.
"It will come naturally. I sensed your vibrations. You are a very powerful planet healer! If you fail to get in tune with another dimension or planet before the day is over, I will assign you to a different room. Good luck!" said Orla's supervisor Orlon, a tall orange skinned Zorbaskian. He shut the door gently and gave Orla a sheet of instructions:


Rules: You must follow these rules closely. Failure to comply could result in being extrominorished (banned) from this institution.

Rule 1: Chant softly. If you're a Loudorgian from Planet Audible, that's just too bad. Keep it quiet. Too much sound can disrupt the energy fields.

Rule 2: You possess many etheric energy fields within your body. Use them wisely, without disrupting the fields of others. This can be difficult in a crowded environment, so stay in your room at all times until the work shift is over (usually at 5)

Rule 3: Do not transmit negative energy. Only positive. Focus on the oscillator you are given.

Rule 4: Have fun! And feed the Trob Trobs from time to time. We like to call them the "friendly demons inside the walls"

"This shouldn't prove to be too difficult. I wish I had a larger room. But maybe if I put on some music and focus very intently, I can tune in with the frequencies of a planet in need of help!" Orla thought to herself. She connected to the Stellar010 network through her ZI-top (an alienware laptop, but not the earth kind) and found some relaxing meditative music. She then opened her unique "Book of Secrets" that her supervisor had left on the floor. Each healer was given a book of secrets, each with a unique identification number on the front, which would then have to be softly repeated vocally, in order to awaken the unique true cosmic awareness of the soul instantaneously.
"Are you using the oscillator? I almost forgot, you're supposed to stare into THIS thing!" said Orla's supervisor bolting into the room, and placing a strange and humerous looking star shaped object with coils around it and orgone crystals beside it. It had a giant fake tongue and eyeball, which made Orla laugh.
"I have to stare into THIS THING?" said Orla laughing.
"Yes, you're supposed to take this seriously Orla. You must stare into that oscillator as it will help generate positive energy for the planets. Over time, you may become so powerful on your own that you do not need the device. Hmm, on second thought, keep laughing, humor is the best medicine for all in the galaxy!" said Orlon. Orla laughed and laughed. A thought came into Orla's head.
"What if this technology got in the wrong hands? These devices we transmit our energies into could potentially be used to steal our emotional and mental frequencies from us!" suggested Orla.
"Way ahead of you Orla, we at Suite Z-9x make sure that the devices we use here are not made by those with malicious intent! Your energies that you transmit are sent to heal planets, and they are not stolen from you, simply shared with the universe instead!" replied Orlon.

"Good. I'll get to work then!" said Orla.

Suddenly she was shocked, when the device began shaking and rattling. A small synthetic blob-like creature came to life out of the object and materilaized out of nowhere.

"Do you want some of my food? My name is Guzzlah. I'm training to be a chef on Planet Nitzwan!" said the creature.

"Uhh, no offense, but I'm supposed to be directing my etherial positive energy towards all in the universe, and you're getting in the way!" said Orla.
"Can you direct your positive energy towards me? Cuz I like you!" said Guzzlah.
"THIS IS SO WRONG!" said Orla. Orla's supervisor came in.
"Why are you talking to the blob? It is unethical for other beings to come into your room! Get him out at once!" said Orlon.

"We weren't doing anything we were just talking, and besides, he showed up out of nowhere! The generator you gave me made him appear out of thin air!" replied Orla.

"Likely story! This blob must go away at once, to his own designated room!" As the blob was carried away, Orla saw strange orange reptoids appear, and was sucked into another dimension through the oscillator. Was she given the wrong object?