Green College baseball pitcher Lee Hanson was walking across campus with his teammates Schnapps, Marshmallow and Comet when they bumped into their friends Amber, Jackie and Nora, who were accompanied by a fourth girl Lee had never seen before.

Schnapps and Amber were already an item, as were Marshmallow and Nora, and Comet and Jackie were known to have hooked up together a few times too.

The group exchanged pleasantries and because Lee was presently the odd man out having broken up with Crystal a few weeks earlier, he immediately gravitated to the unfamiliar new girl.

"I'm Lee Hanson," he told the girl. "I pitch for the Green."

"I'm Marny Patrick," she said pleasantly.

She was a cute girl with brown hair to her shoulders, a round face, a button nose, and a pretty smile.

There wasn't a lot of time to chit chat so Schnapps suggested they meet later at The Student Union.

"Make sure you come too," Lee told Marny.

She blushed but didn't reply.

Lee was naturally relieved and excited when he met up with the group later and saw that Marny had indeed tagged along. He gave her the interested eye and of course he sat next to her at the table.

Lee made it a point to pay full attention to Marny as they chatted away, basically ignoring the other conversations taking place around the table.

Marny had an adorable laugh and a lively sense of humor and Lee liked her right off the bat. She liked baseball and she was happy to talk about his baseball successes which, of course, made her an instant hit with him!

"What's your major?" Lee asked over cokes and waffle fries.

"Physical therapy," she replied. "I'd love to get involved in the sports area."

"Maybe I can talk to Pete Markey, our head trainer," Lee said. "See if he'll add you to his trainer squad.

"Really?" Marny asked with excitement. "That would be great!"

"Then we'd have plenty of time to spend together," Lee quipped.

"I have a boyfriend," she said sheepishly.

"Is he around?" Lee asked.

"No, he's back home in New York state," she revealed.

"Well, we'll just be friends around here," Lee smiled, looking at her directly in the eyes. He felt an honest level of affection for her and that made him feel good.

When it was time to call it a night, Lee walked Marny from the Student Union apart from the others.

"Can I see you again?" Lee asked.

"Sure," she smiled. "I'd like that." She hesitated for a moment. "You're going to talk to the trainer, right?"

"Of course," Lee assured her.

"I'd love to have a connection to all this," Marny said, gesturing to the other ball players who were walking ahead of them with the other girls.

"Now you do," Lee smiled, feeling bold enough to bring his lips to Marny's for a goodnight kiss.

"Oh," she said with surprise as she broke from the kiss. "I wasn't expecting that."

"Just a friendly gesture," Lee assured her with a satisfied grin.

"Goodnight," she said nervously as she hurried to catch up to the others.

After that initial get to together, Marny would look for Lee and the others on campus and she'd ask Lee if he had talked to the trainer yet.

"He's going to get back to me on that," Lee would tell her each time.

The gang often hung out at Schnapps' off campus apartment – he was the oldest and his place was the unofficial designated off campus escape location for the group. Marny didn't mind because she liked hanging around with the ballplayers and Lee insinuated that Trainer Pete Markey might show up there when Marny was present.

Lee and Marny were alone at Schnapps' place one night. Lee made spaghetti and Marny sat on the kitchen counter watching. Lee held a spoon up to her mouth so she could taste-test his creation.

"How is it?" Lee asked hopefully when she sucked the sauce off the spoon.

"Perfect," Marny grinned.

Lee kissed her with affection. "So aren't you."

"I like you," Marny said nervously as she pulled back from the kiss. "You're a great guy but I have a boyfriend."

"I don't care about him," Lee replied. "You're special."

"We can't get involved," she sighed. "It wouldn't be right."

"I'd love to see you as one of the team trainers," Lee told her. "I think I have Pete ready to push that button."

"That would be good," Marny said.

"So please don't embarrass me," Lee requested. "What takes place here at Green stays at Green."

She sighed but didn't protest further.

A few nights later, Marny was sitting with Lee on Schnapps' sofa watching a basketball game on the television.

"Has Pete Markey said anything recently?" Marny asked.

"He's still figuring things out," Lee replied. "Don't worry, it's going to happen."

"It's been a couple of weeks now," Marney said

"Do you like me or not?" Lee wanted to know.

Marny looked at him with surprise. "Of course I like you," she stated.

"I mean, do you really like me?"

Marny frowned. "What do you mean?"

"All you talk about is Pete Markey," Lee complained.

Marny shrugged. "Sorry," she said. "It's important to me, that's all."

He made a face of complaint. "I've been patient," he said.

"I know."

"I haven't been aggressive."

"I appreciate that," Marny said sheepishly. "I have a boyfriend don't forget."

"How could I?" He asked sarcastically.

"Don't be like that," she pleaded.

"Are you interested or not?" Lee bluntly asked.

"I am," Marny insisted. "You know I like you. And baseball. And that I want to be a part of it all. That's why I'm so anxious about Pete Markey."

"It's been baseball with me since I was six years old," Lee remarked. "I don't have time to pussy foot around playing your games."

"I'm not playing games," she pouted.

"Look, I'm a big deal on a college baseball team," he explained. "You need to focus on me if you want to be a part of that. I can help you make your mark."

"With Pete Markey?" She asked.

Lee leaned his head toward her. She could feel his breath on her cheek. "Yes," he whispered.

Marny looked directly into his eyes. Lee puckered his lips in a flirting invitation. Marny tilted her head and brought her lips to his and he let out a contented sigh as the kiss intensified and they fell back on the sofa making out.

Lee was encouraged when their tongues met and Lee reached his hand up under her sweater and onto the bare skin of her stomach. His touch was like an electric jolt and Marny stuck her tongue further into his mouth.

Now Lee's hand was onto of her bra-covered breast and he was ecstatic to finally be rounding second and heading for third. When he began to massage her breast, Marny feared that she might faint.

Lee took her hand and moved it into his lap and she allowed him to rest it between his legs. He placed his hand over hers to let her know he approved and he helped her by moving both their hands back and forth across his lap.

"Oh, wow," Marny mumbled into his mouth when she felt him go hard underneath the material of his pants.

"You do that for me, Marny," Lee let her know.

"Won't Schnapps or somebody else will be back soon?" She worried.

"Don't worry about them," Lee replied, smacking her lips with his and kissing her passionately.

He placed his hand under her ass and lifted her up, turning her so she fell on top of him face first. She felt his erection rubbing against the bare skin of her stomach where her sweater had hiked up as they kissed.

"Oh, Lee," Marny moaned desperately into his mouth as his hand slipped down the back of her pants and squeezed her bare buns.

"Play ball," he said happily.

Her breathing quickened as Lee pushed his groin into her mound.

"My parents are going out of town this weekend," Lee informed her as he groaned with excitement.

"They are?" Marny asked with nervous surprise, moving her head back and looking into his eyes.

"Do you want to come over?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You live locally?"

"You didn't know I was a star pitcher at Greenville High School which got me a full athletic scholarship to Green College?" He asked with surprise.

"I guess not," She admitted.

"They make me live on campus as part of the team bonding and all that stupid stuff," Lee explained. "I'm considered a very high prospect."

"Oh," she said.

"Which dorm room are you in?" Lee asked. "I'll come get you."

"And you'll follow up with Pete Markey?" She asked.

"Of course," Lee replied.

"How 'bout I meet you outside The Student Union Friday afternoon at five?" Marney suggested.

"Okay," Lee replied as he helped her off of his lap and they stood just as the door to the apartment opened and Schnapps stumbled in with some woman other than Amber.

"Hey!" Schnapps grinned, obviously under the influence of at least a few drinks. "How's it going?"

"We were just leaving," Lee reported, taking Marny by the hand and escorting her from the apartment.

He walked her back to the campus which wasn't that far from Schnapp's place and he kissed her goodnight outside Green Hall.

"It's going to be a great weekend," he promised.

"Okay," she said nervously.