Chapter 9

Lee and Dee Dee had been working together for months while sharing the same apartment. Now that he knew her secret – and Nora had planted a grow-able seed in his head - Lee did his best to interact with Dee Dee as much as he could. They obviously understood each other because of their sins and while that stain left them cautious, at least they had similarities to consider.

Lee took Nora's criticism to heart and did his best not to come across as an arrogant, cocky, self-involved turd, remembering that life wasn't just about him. He and Dee Dee didn't need to talk about their mutual shame. They just needed to prove to each other that they could move beyond it while, at the same time, building trust and familiarity with each other beyond their work. It was easy to spend quality time together because they were together so much, both at work and during their off-hours sharing a living space.

Lee had been waiting for Dee Dee's next guilt dream and one night he heard her tossing and turning in her bed down the hall, yelling out in a curse and he knew it was time to go hold her. He slipped out of his bed, walked down the hall, and into her room.

"Do you need to be held?" Lee asked.

"Yes," Dee Dee whimpered.

Lee climbed into her bed from behind as she was laying on her side away from him and he slipped his arm around her waist. Lee moved his hand around to her stomach and rested it there. She took it moved it higher and he realized she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her nightshirt.

Dee Dee arched her back and she slid her backside towards him and she could feel the hardness of him poking her ass. They both enjoyed that sensation for a long moment until Dee Dee rolled over to face him, burying her head in his chest while sliding her leg over his.

Lee maneuvered himself so that his erection was poking at her thigh and Dee Dee let out a slight gasp when she felt his hand go down the back of her panties. She could feel his heart pounding against hers.

Lee moved his hand around her ass cheeks and further down until it was between her legs and Dee Dee moved her hips and opened her leg to allow him entry if he was so inclined. Lee nuzzled his mouth into her neck and his other hand went all the way up to feel her breasts. He lifted his head up to kiss her and Dee Dee rubbed her hand along his face while beginning to rock her hips for him. He also inched her panties down her thighs, Dee Dee lifting her hips to help him in his quest.

Dee Dee rolled onto her back and Lee moved on top of her. She put her hands on the back of his boxers and she tugged them down his hips. Lee realized that he was quickly inside her, deeper and deeper and Dee Dee let out a satisfied moan as she arched her back and swayed her hips to match his rhythm. The sensations were exploding inside both of them.

"Are you okay, Dee Dee?" he asked, suddenly aware that he should at least check in given his past mistakes.

"God, yes," she assured him.

"No more guilt dreams," he told her.

They kissed as her hips bucked underneath him. She was leaking fluid and her inners were throbbing. She moaned into his shoulder so not to wake Nora and Comet in the next apartment.

"I'm cumming!" She laughed. "Oh fuck, Lee, fuck!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks and they kissed as they fucked and suddenly Lee's body shuddered when he pushed inside of her, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust until he finally released himself, her arms wrapped around him as they kissed with passion and emotion, their souls being saved, their pasts forgiven, their future staked.

Dee Dee was unable to speak when it was over and Lee collapsed on top of her. They lay together with his penis still inside of her and he softly kissed her neck.

"The guilt is over," he announced.

"You promise?"

"I will never lie to you," Lee told her.