Another Love poem
Too many I have written already
But my heart is aching
And I need to let my feelings go.

I can't stop thinking about you
You will never leave my mind
This has been said before
But I need to let it be said.

Why do I write love poems?
I never had a love of my own.
I write because I wish I did
But it wont come true, so dream I do instead.

Again about you, You are nice
You are the right person for me
And you seem to like me
Even though I am not perfect

I will never confess my feelings
That is why I write these poems
Writing is easier than speaking
I hope one day I will be braver to do so

I'm going to end this poem now
Cause it could go on and on
I just wanted to write and let you know
And I am afraid to tell you in person
I care about you and I don'e ever want to
Let you go...