Artists like I,

Have nowhere to settle,

And are destined to roam.

As is decided.

We will travel,

Through the sunsets of the west,

To the rivers of the east,

Our shoes dirtied.

Our spirits wander,

Inspiration swirling,

Unseen by our surrounded,

Waiting to be put into form.

We will not stay,

Our souls unshackled,

And our hearts' passion unmatched,

No rivalries.

We wish to be free,

To share our works,

And be celebrated,

By traveling the world.

From the canals of Venice,

To the tower of Paris,

To the outbacks of Australia,

To the ends of the Earth.

Our names will last forever,

Through our works.

Walking unopposed,

In the minds of our witnesses.

Human emotion,

Harnessed to create,

A statement from the heart,

For all to see.