Author's Note: I can't believe it. I actually wrote a story a day for a whole month! But I can't even celebrate because NaNoWriMo is only a few hours away :(

Costume Party

[OSWC2018 Prompt 31: Halloween]

I didn't think there was anything odd about the zombie staggering up the stairs. This was a Halloween party, after all. Everyone was wearing a costume. But when my cousin dragged me into a closet, I realised something was badly wrong. He was babbling about witches and cursed drinks that made people turn into the monsters they were dressed as.

"You have to find the witch and make her remove the curse!" he said. He had dressed up as a vampire, and his fake fangs now looked much too real for comfort. "If you don't, we'll all be stuck like this!"

Then he pushed me out of the closet, saying something about being hungry. I was left alone in a house full of my friends, who had somehow become monsters, with a real live witch on the loose somewhere nearby.

And the zombie was shambling towards me.