Death Incarnate - Little One

"I'm sorry little one...I gain no joy from this...I I".

The world halts to a stand still as a watery blue colour spills and stains the room around them, creating another space in time that the two of them could coexist in uninterrupted. A black robed figure stands tall, wielding a dreaded scyth and looking down at his supposed prey with a dreary sensation. The figure simply waits, staring menacingly as if expecting some sort of response.

The figure released it's scyth and allows the sharp blade to float in place as it lowers it's hand down by it's side, running it's boney fingers along it's silky black robe. The eerie sounds of bones crackling could be heard as it began to speak "Surely you know what am I saying, of course you don't" The figure paused for a moment before speaking again "I'm known as many things...The Grim Reaper...a monster...most would know me as Death itself. Yes...yes that is what you may call makes the most sense. my name is Death".

The voice of Death was low, dark, deep and echoed throughout the paused world. Inky black lines leaked from the outlines of Deaths robes and every little movement would send them spiralling into a frenzy.

"You must be wondering what is happening right now little one. I find it difficult to explain it in words for one such as yourself...but to put it simply..." Death reaches its hand out and stretches out its index figure "I am here to end your life".

Death calmly lowers its hand and waits for a response, but receives nothing. It begins to stroke it's chin as it continuous to speak "Don't get the wrong idea" Death said as it heavily sighed "You are not the first and you will not be the last..." there was a moments pause as its eyesight diverged slightly away "But I do not feel pleasure from this...nor guilt, nor remorse...I simply matter who it is I am facing" Deaths direction quickly forced itself back into direct line of sight with the one it was speaking to "I simply allow these conversations to give the life i'm taking a chance to understand what is happening...and a chance for me to perhaps understand what I am doing...and why I feel nothing when doing it".

Death looks up at the oceon mimicked world, watching the hazy blue and black aura surround them and enclose in on them "I create this world to give us time to give me time to do what I must...but I can only do so for so long...I do wish we had more time little one but-" before Death could finish its sentence, it felt a warm, fuzziness brush itself along it's boney left leg, causing the skeletal figure to look down and witness the being it had been speaking to softly running itself along its leg.

Almost camouflaged into Deaths robes, a black cat with a white stripe along it's tail gently ran itself along Deaths legs as a show of care, purring while doing so as it let out a weak but determined meow. Death simply watched the cat at first as it repeated the process before eventually giving in and lowering itself to the cats level, getting on it's knees.

Death remained silent as it raised it's left hand which was concealed in it's robes. The skeletal hand was hidden behind a black glove. Hesitantly at first it hovered it's hand over the cats head and before making the first move, the cat quickly pressed itself against Deaths covered hand, pushing it's flickering whiskers and cheek along it's index finger as the purring intensified.

"So young" Death whispered unemotionally while it proceeded to run its covered hand along the cat from head to tail. Death was silent for the rest of the exchange as the blue world around them began to shrink and grow smaller and smaller.

"I'm sorry little one..." Death lifted it's hand for a moment, using it's free right hand to slowly remove the glove from its left hand "I gain no joy from this...I simply am...and I" Upon reciting these words again he lowered his hand and outstretched his index finger towards the cat. Fascinated with the removal of the glove, the cat cautiously sniffed around the finger, and paused for a moment as it looked Death in the eyes "The time we interacted together was limited...but" As Death was in the middle of speaking, the cat once again ran itself along Deaths outstretched finger, and as quickly as it began, the purring stopped as Death continued to speak "I'm going to miss it...".

Hey everyone, it's been a long, long while since I last wrote something, but I was inspired by the idea of a story involving going through Deaths experience with the people he comes into contact with and the kind of conversations they may have. I started with a more sad chapter where Death basically explains what he does and what is happening but expect him to have more conversations with humans in the future!