Wild and Green

Summary: Fifteen-year old Hailey Tewksbury always considered herself to be a loser, but she somehow ended up sleeping with one of the most popular guys in her grade. Things couldn't be more complicated after that. His best friend seems to be interested in her, her friends are bullying her and even worse, she's pregnant.

Chapter One: Things That Break

The day Hailey Tewksbury's old life ended and her new one began started off like any other day. She had jam toast for breakfast. She got dressed in her school uniform- black polyester shorts and a white polo shirt with the school emblem on the breast. She fought with her younger sister over who got to use the bathroom first. She did her Maths homework while sitting in English. And she did her best throughout the day to make sure no one was paying any attention to her.

The thing was, Hailey hated attention. She didn't know why, but as soon as eyes were locked on her, be it in a classroom or merely walking around in public, her cheeks flushed red with... what was it? Embarrassment? Shame? Regardless, her dearest wish was to be invisible. She didn't know where this want stemmed from. Her parents couldn't explain it. None of her siblings were like this and it had only gotten worse since she had started high school.

When her History teacher called on her today to give an answer she didn't have, thus mortifying her in front of her classmates, Hailey completely lost her head. For the first time in her life, she talked back to a teacher. Upset, she had fled the classroom. Now, it was lunch time. She sat at a vacant table in the cafeteria, surrounded by flocks of ravenous students. She got out a blackcurrant juice popper and a Bravo apple from her school bag and waited for her friends to appear.

Despite her shyness, which her father said was "endearing", and her mother said she would "grow out of", Hailey had good intentions and a heart made of gold. People might have considered her to be in the 'loser group' of year nine at Prince Albert College. Still, she was quite pretty. She had champagne blonde hair with soft waves in it from being slept on in a braid her mother did for her every night. He sea green eyes were clear and luminous. She was fair skinned but could tan well in the sun. This had led to a smart smattering of golden freckles across her nose and cheeks. She averaged the height of five foot six and was slender with long, slim legs.

There was a diversion in the form of her best friends, Rebecca Lewisham and Kristen Stiefel. They dumped their school bags on the table and sat down on the bench across from her.

"What was up with you in History?" Rebecca demanded to know. She had pale skin, free of any blemishes. Her hair was the colour of root beer blown stick straight, and she had deep-set electric-blue eyes. Her eyebrows were her best feature- thick and arched to perfection. Bright and bubbly in personality, Rebecca was the friendliest person that Hailey knew.

Hailey shrugged. "Nothing, I was feeling a bit sick."

"Feeling a bit crazy, more like it!" Kristen exclaimed. "I can't believe you yelled at Miss Carter like that!"

Kristen had vibrant ruby-red hair, silky to the touch. It was so long that it reached her bum, with gold shot all the way through it. She had steel grey eyes and too many freckles to count- she even had them on her lips and eyelids. She was very loud and obnoxious. That could be quite embarrassing at times for a girl like Hailey who wanted to blend in with the crowd.

"What did I say?" Hailey asked. Her anxiety always did a great job of erasing parts of her memory. Sometimes it worked out in her favour, other times it made life that smidgen more difficult. She only hoped it wasn't anything she would have to apologise for.

The other two girls exchanged a glance.

"Er... not much," Rebecca hesitated. "After you said you didn't know the answer, she criticised you in front of the class, so you called her a bitch. Then the bell rang, luckily, and you ran out and, er, everyone was... a bit surprised at you."

"A bit?" Kristen scoffed. "Hailey, you're pretty much the talk of the school!"

"Oh, great," Hailey groaned and slumped forward over the table, closing her eyes. "I don't know what came over me."

"It's obvious, isn't it?" Kristen snickered. "You've got your period."

Hailey's eyes opened in fright. She sat up again and counted on her fingers. Now that she thought about it, it had been a while since her last period. Her next one would be any day now. "Um, yeah, I must..."

Her friends started eating and launched into talk about their weekend. Hailey pulled out her Blackberry and checked her calendar. She supposed to have gotten her periods four days ago. She counted again. That couldn't be right. She had never missed a period before in the year she had menstruated. They visited her every 28 days like clockwork.

And then it hit her.

Hailey usually took the bus home on a Monday after school and today was no exception. Except instead of heading straight home, she got off at her local shopping centre. She knew she should have gone to the one across town in case anyone she knew spotted her. She didn't want to take too long lest her mother hunt her down because she hadn't arrived home yet.

At the chemist, Hailey pulled random things off shelves to make it look like she was there incognito. If her mother asked where she had been, she would say she had to buy emergency cosmetic supplies. Even though she appeared cool, calm and collected on the outside, on the inside she was a nervous wreck.

"Okay, where are they?" Hailey muttered to herself.

Her heart was thumping as she reached an aisle and found a whole stack of EPT boxes. She considered the choices before grabbing a random one. They all promised to do the same thing, anyway. She held it behind her back as she made her way to the registers, along with various other items.

The woman behind the counter gave Hailey a long weird stare as she rang the stuff up.

"What?" Hailey asked.

The woman shook her head and Hailey handed over the money. If she was actually... God, she couldn't even think the word in her mind. Was that the first of many stares she would be getting from other people?

On the way home on the bus, Hailey kept telling herself that everything was going to turn out okay. Her period would come any day. It most likely wasn't there yet due to stress over upcoming exams and that taking the test was to ease her mind. She got off at the nearest bus stop to her house and trudged along the footpath. Her mind raced with a million thoughts.

She started up the long, winding, wide street where her house lay. Autumn was in full swing now, and the trees that dotted each front yard had burgundy red leaves. She stood in front of her cream-bricked two-storey home. It had a picture perfect yard, red cedar doors, French windows and unique door knocker.

She stepped into the well-lit entranceway and dropped her school bag on the floor. The house was warm. It smelt like her mother was burning a green apple and cinnamon scented candle somewhere. In the beautiful decorated kitchen stood her mother, cooking dinner. Grace Tewksbury was a very glamourous woman. She was always very well-dressed, even when she was at home with her kids. She had wavy glossy bright blonde hair reaching the small of her back, aquamarine blue eyes, a Roman nose, and plush pink lips.

"Hi, honey. I'm glad you're home," Grace greeted her middle daughter with a warm smile. "Dinner's almost ready, so why don't you go have a quick shower?"

"Yeah, alright."

Glad that she had some time to herself, Hailey hurried into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She stuffed her hand inside the plastic bag and pulled out various items one by one.

"Okay, here's mum's foundation and lipstick... Jade's tampons... the compact mirror and hair ties... blush and mascara for me... and..." Hailey found the last item in the bag. She pulled it out and stared at it. She sighed and shook her head as she opened the box. "Might as well get it over and done with. Okay, how do I do this?"

She followed the instructions on the box. Five minutes later she was walking around the bathroom, breaking out into a sweat. Her hands were shaking, her heart was thumping and her face flushed.

"Maybe I'm just being totally paranoid or maybe I'm just stressed out about exams and stuff, I mean just because I have regular periods and I'm late doesn't that I'm... nah, I can't be. Nothing could have happened in, like, two seconds. But what if it did? What if I am? What will I do? What will mum and dad say? How could I have been so stupid?"

There was a loud bang on the door, startling Hailey and knocking the white stick in her hands to the floor.

"Get out, I need to do a whiz!" It was her little sister, Isobel, thirteen and a pain in the neck.

"Can't you go downstairs?" Hailey yelled back, annoyed at the interruption.

"No! I want to go here. Get out!"

"No, you can wait. I'm busy!"

"Number ones are more important than number twos, Hailey," Isobel shrieked. "You can hold them in, so would you please unlock the door and let me piss?"

"Try being a little more polite, will you?" Hailey growled. "It's no wonder you're always on detention!"

"Unless you're about to discover the future, get the hell out," Isobel demanded. "I'm counting to ten and if you're not out there by the time I'm done, I'll chop your hair off and force you to eat it. One-"

Isobel was right. Hailey was about to discover the future. Her future. She stuffed all the contents back in the bag, washed her hands and hurried out. Isobel pushed past her and slammed the door shut.

Hailey tripped over her stupid clumsy feet and everything splattered out of her bag. She groaned and crammed it all back in. She was about to get up when she noticed the white stick on the ground, lying face-up. She bent down to get it and saw in the small screen a tiny black plus.

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I was born a fool in a china cabinet

Drawn to the delicate like it's a magnet

Perfume bottle on a mirror tray

Tempered glass on a windown pane

Timeless face on a pocket watch

Time is ticking

I leave it all in ruins

'Cause I don't know what I'm doing

I'm hard on things that matter

Hold a heart so tight it shatters

So I stay away from things that break

Me, I don't ever wanna get too close

Or be held responsible

For all the pain that you can't see

Somebody once broke me