High School

To think that I had been so excited,

So eager to start

Another stage of my life

A new beginning

I planned for new friends

For new habits

To forget the old lies

And for once live the truth

But they wouldn't leave me alone

And my fa├žade

I had to keep up each day

Hoping I would not slip

Halfway through the year, my relief

Half of the torture

Done and over

A small break, a tiny respite

But it was over too soon

And back to hell I went

Trying to find a way to keep up

With the cruel games that children played

Three quarters through

And I'm fit to scream

To rant and rave

Till I'm all alone

I just want to sleep

Maybe an hour, a day

Maybe a year, maybe forever

But they won't let me stop

And I learnt the lesson the hard way

That there is no pause button