Arato Meldewson, like every other morning, had yet again awoke to the sound of his brother, Nicholas-Leonardo Meldewson, quoting random rhymes from seeming random old English plays. Arato sat up on his bed, glanced at his brother and commented "Would ya shut up Neo?". Neo turned to his brother and replied "I refuse as you do not have the authority to control me.". Arato mocked his brothers words as he got out of bed to dress himself in his school uniform which consisted of a green sweater, green tie and white shirt all with gold stripes. Neo also dressed himself and, in spite of his lack of control over his motor skills, dressed himself better than his brother. The two then continued on their normal before-school routine: eat, leave the house, catch the bus and arrive at school where Arato was occupied staring at girls when he muttered the words "The set of cheerleaders they have this year are smoking. Except that one. Why did they have to let her into the squad?". Neo looked at Arato and answered the rhetorical question with "Judge not by appearance but by skill Arato, she could be an ugly beauty.". Arato rolled his eyes and yet again mocked his brother's sentence. "First of all, how can something that is ugly be beautiful? They're opposites! WE LEARNT THAT IN 1ST GRADE NEO!" He rudely rambled. Neo rolled his eyes at his brother's stupidity and continued shifting through his locker. Raven Meldewson, the eldest member of the Meldewson triplets, sighed at her brothers "These violent delights have violent endings. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume. In plain and simple English for Arato, you have to stop fighting Neo because it's going to end worse than it is now." before she headed off to her class. Neo turned to Arato, spilling another Romeo and Juliet quote "Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I'll always be in your heart. If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind." before he walked away. Arato sighed and followed his siblings to class. It wasn't here that the strange occurrence took place. It was instead at home.

"I still can't believe Raven actually grew tits." Arato said as he stared at his computer screen. Neo, on the other side of the room, asked "Could we please not use a vulgar term to describe ones bosom? Besides, Raven was born female and is not in receipt of puberty blockers. Therefore, it is only nature's will that she gained a bosom like all other females." as he typed on his computer. Arato groaned, sounding like a foghorn, and went back to his laptop. There was a silence between the two. Perhaps it was the absence of love between the two siblings, maybe it was the quiet before the storm or it could have been the things the boys were fascinated on. Neo was focusing on his homework while Arato was fascinated with whatever was on his computer screen. Whatever it was, it was certainly enough for Arato to be completely spellbound and ignore Neo's request for help with Social Science homework. Neo decided to stand up and give a physical hint to his brother but when he stood up he saw what was on that computer screen. "MOTHER! ARATO IS LOOKING AT WEIRD VIDEOS AGAIN!" Neo screeched at the top of his lungs. Arato nearly hit the ceiling with the amount of fright given to him by his brother. There was yet another silence. The two boys began to worry about their mother. So much both of them rushed into the kitchen to see their mother, perfectly alive and healthy, cooking dinner for the family. "Mother, Arato was looking at a video of the development of a brain tumor instead of doing his homework." Neo tattled. Arato growled and decided to prove his brother wrong and tattle on his brother at the same time. "Mom, Neo shouldn't have been looking at my computer screen and plus I am finished my homework." was his speech. This caused yet another argument between the brothers:

"It is the weekend Arato. We have homework that should be taking us eight hours to do properly."

"Yeah well I have stopped caring at this stage. I just did a little bit to avoid detention. Nothing can save my grades at this stage!"

"Your grades could be saved if you did the homework and paid attention in class."

"I tried in our first two years and then I woke up and realized that there is no hope for me in school."

"To quote Shakespeare in spite of your lack of understanding of the English language, what greater punishment than life when you've lost everything that made it worth living?"

"BOYS!" was the conflict-ending words of their mother, who was honestly sick of the violence between the two brothers. "I am tired of hearing you two argue. Arato, you should've been doing your homework no matter how much hope you have for yourself. Neo, please stop tattling on your siblings. I'll tell you what. After dinner, you two are grounded. You will both stay in your bedroom and will not be allowed out until this childish war has stopped. Do I make myself clear to both of you?" She complained. Both boys nodded and sat down for dinner. After dinner, Neo completed his social studies homework using the internet due to his useless, sleeping brother. He then said his last Shakespeare quote of that night. "What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun! Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon." he said before Arato mumbled "Stop casting spells Neo. You are not a wizard.". Neo then turned his laptop off, put on his pajamas and went to sleep. What a weekend that was coming the boys' way!