This was the end
And she knew this
There wasn't a lot of blood left

In her hourglass

She picked out her best dress
A blood red one, the color she much loved
And a black sweater

With her best hat, the one with roses and a veil

There was a family gathering
That was something she would avoid
But, this time, was different

This would be her first and last

She hadn't anything else to do
And neither did she have anyone to visit
Not anymore

It was a surprise to them
But they let her join their occasion
She was surprised, too

But expected it.
There wasn't anything to be gained
From turning away a sick old woman

She didn't quite know anyone
And neither did several know her
However, it wouldn't really matter, either way

This was the end

They asked why she came
It was curiosity, not suspicion
Though, she probably couldn't tell the difference

"All my friends are dead."

She stated that fact plainly
And said that she'd join them eventually
But she wasn't in a rush

For something that will happen soon

She said she joined the reunion
Because she was alone
And quite afraid.

At the end of her life

Perhaps, by joining something
Something she so dreaded
Something that she hasn't attended in a long time

After attending so many funerals and deathbeds

That she wouldn't die alone.