the first chapter of a good idea I had a long time ago and I sneak peek for a series I'm going to go put up some time in the future so look out for that! enjoy!


1) dinner

"Now remember if you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run" it was dark in the small room as Celaena Bardvgo smiled at the children who looked up at her with such childlike innocence "whyyy? Aunty Bardvgo" the women sighed and leaned back into the old, age weathered rocking chair with a wry grin. Ah children, she chuckled.

"leave your aunt alone" came the soft voice from the kitchen, the smell of rice dumplings and lemon wafted with the voice and the children who sat round the old, war weathered women all looked, as one to the warm bright kitchen, wide eyed and hungry for the food within.

They had turned Just in time to witness a tall man leave the bright kitchen momentarily blotting out the light from the door way and the only light source for the room, the dark oppressive heat of the small room swallowing him. His strong jaw casting dancing shadows on his chest and neck, his eyes looked hollow in their sockets. The light leather armor looked like the twisted dark metal in the low light. The children cowered at their aunt Bardvgo's feet whimpering in unradical fear. "You need some light in here" he murmured the soft lilting voice twisting from his lips and into the room, and suddenly the dark room was lit by flame.

The room was small; its brick walls brought a new meaning to the word dirty, covered in years of soot and even more years' worth of dried blood and other nasty substances that you really don't want to know, from when this section of the building played host to a slaughter house, and other... unsavory dealings.

The person in position of the voice from the kitchen followed a bundle of wood from the outside store house "what have I told you about sitting around in the dark?" she said that soft accent dancing around the room. her eyes rolling in their sockets, before she sat the wood down in the fire grate, her counterpart set his flaming hands to the wood. After a few seconds he pulled his hands away, the fire roaring hungrily its crackle filling the near silent room.

The girl who had brought the fire wood in stood the skirts of the simple black dress she wore under her chest plate and vambraces swaying slightly with the movement. her hair was a polished coper brown, her eyes like pools of melting chocolate, infinite in their wisdom and experience, her lips plump and red as freshly spilt blood, her skin was tan and scared from years of outdoor work and traipsing around lands unmapped, fighting monsters and making kings. She was power unchecked and night infinite, darkness incarnate she was the story you tell the naughty child to get him to behave, she was a living myth, a walking nightmare.

She was also a phenomenal cook, and unable to get out of bed before four without grumbling.

She left the room for a few seconds and the room, which hadn't realized it had been holding its breath, seemed to take an audible sigh. When she returned she was holding a plate piled impossibly high with rice dumplings with little lemon middles, she smiled when the children jumped up eyes fixed on the plate "no food yet," her voice commanding and playful. The children run into the kitchen to collect the other plates of food for the banquet, eager to help, as the women strolled out of the door on the opposite side of the room.

Thirty minutes later and about twenty plates of food piled high with meat, fish, rice dishes, puddings, vegetables and other countless foods from every corner of the earth.

The people sitting around the table they had been called inside from the hesitant rare sunshine outside by the bell in the front hall. Everyone had come despite the sun far too hungry for food to forgo it even for the sunshine.

At the head of the table she sat in her in power, the power of a king maker. Down her left side sat her team, her brothers and sisters in arms the most notable was a small girl of the age about thirteen, hair like the silken fabric of her sundress, the only one she owned, white as snow and flowing freely all around her hart shaped face and thin semi-translucent shoulders. Down the left side of the king maker was the others, the children still youthful and pure, the elderly too old to do much, and happy in their old age. But at the other end of the tableā€¦

he sat small fine boned and horned, his skin alabaster white, hair a soft gold with snakes of nightshade slithering through it, eyes melting pools of gold, with rings of nightshade around the iris, as empty as the darkness of the night, lips unsmiling and fresh blood red. The clothing he wore was strange, unknown to everyone but the adventurers. Silks that swirled around his body even when he was not moving he made those around him sweat, they would ring their hands, eyes cast down. He was darkness and light, deadly and harmless, guilty and innocent a living oxymoron.

Round went the food, passed between hands first down the living myths left, from the calloused hands of Maerena Nightingale a sarcastic dainty wrath like spider, to the hands of Harte Alasgarov a man who smoked too much and enjoyed shooting people with a verity of guns, to the lovely Elara Lihat a female who was a wizard of words and could talk her way out of anything as well as being the groups resident diplomat, down to the tiny hands of the demolition girl Valerie Carter a tall girl for 13 with semi- translucent skin who loved nothing better than blowing things up. To the shadows of the raven twins two high born boys who had found that shadows made better friends than the people around them and were chased from their home because of it.

The couple who almost missed the plates because they were making heart eyes at one another, were Erseria and Anldryn Aranda, a couple who had gone from enemies to soul mates when they had got trapped in the den of a Kotrinda soul eater, no one wanted to know how. The other two people Mortalena Exet and Ariran Oaendear were rolling their eyes at the antics of the others, eyes sparkling with amusement. Mortalena was an assassin and killer used to fighting for survival and the last word a sarcastic women who often found herself asking why she had stayed friends with the tall bronzed haired girl at the head of the table, Ariran was a jack of all trades master on none (unless you count the brutal art of torture a trade but I don't) and like Mortalena he had known the kingmaker for many years and often found himself in life threating situations because of her they were watching the pale demon boy as they took food as the plates were emptied by the occupants of the table the boy poked a rice ball with a long clawed finger.

"What's this?" he asked eyes flaring, his voice a lilting softness interrupted by the occasional rough vowel his accent like no other accent native to earth.

Mortalena grinned "is a lemon rice ball darling, try it." He did taking a tiny spoon full to his lips eyes narrowed at the women before him, he made a pleased sound as he tasted it eyes widened as though it not tasting like a rotting corpse left at the bottom of a well for weeks upon weeks was an unexpended, pleasant surprise.

There was a large bang from the front hall and the king maker formally known asFeyli Alivie sighed a mouth full of food half way to her mouth she put down her knife and fork and stood. As she floated to the front door to kindly tell who ever it was too kindly go to hell she wondered what adventure she was about to go on. She threw open the door skirts and power dancing around her, the demon king of hell smiled at her, a cruel unfeeling smile. "Good evenings miss Alhvie, sorry for the intrusion but I am here for my son" she sighed "were eating Daemon, I don't have time for impermanent children and angry fathers that can't be bothered to spend time with their children" she turned away unseen hands pushing the door closed.

"Lady Alhvie, please!" the demon pushed his hand in the closing crack of the door desperation clear in his voice. She pulled it open "go home Daemon, I will talk to your boy, but you will not intrude on my home, there are young ones here. Young ones who do not need to see you in all you your maleficent glory."

her eyes were cold, and shadows thrashed on the floor dancing from the bottom of her dress, the king jerked away in fear. " please! The legends are true, he keeps any living that dwells within my domain, that is not born dead or has died at some point, alive without him, my kingdom is dying and so are thousands young ones like those here, I beg of you help us!"

The darkness stopped, and the demon king collapsed to his knees in relief, "thank you, thank you, oh gods thank you." The dining room doors were slowly opining as curiosity got the better of the diners, " are you requesting my services?" Her voice colder than a Retetusa winter. the king nodded and stood finding his footing on the marble floor, " lady Alhvie, king maker, kingdom breaker, destroyer of evil, lady of night, she unflinching in the face of battle, dancer of the killing fields, I implore you, I beg you, I request your service in restoring my son and my kingdom." She smiled.

" I except Daemon king of the hell realms, I give you my bond." She held up her hand pressing the bowed head of the king, and darkness and light and ever color of light in the visible spectrum and as the bond solidified between them the king maker smiled and the demon king remembered why she was called the dark lady, and why killing Felds bowed beneath her.

" Shall we?"