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The room smelled like teen depression and ink. the scratch of pen and paper echoing in the tomb of childhood innocence as wills to live slowly faded and the idea of sleeping more than 4 hours a night was laughed at.

Outside the windows, a light dusting of snow fell covering the ground like frosting on a cake created in the home economics department two floors away by a naïve year 1.

And Mare Warners phone buzzed quietly against her thigh, it was a text, from her very good 'friend' Aelin Armedyn, thankfully waking her before her head could smack off her desk.

You need to leave now! shit just hit the fan over here it will spread fast!

Only Aelin would send such nonsense during school hours, and Mare knew that if she replied asking what the hell, she was going on about, would only guarantee that she would get grassed on by someone.

She looked up as one Faze Bocce, a boy with a very unfortunate name finely dropped his pen onto the desk with a sigh, finished the 2nd exercise they had been set that day she gave him a smile. A few seats away from Mare her friend Feyre Urisk was fiddling on her phone with such awe-inspiring phone-hiding skills the like of which could only make an FBI agent cry with self-satisfied pride.

She gave herself the satisfaction of a secret small smirk before she opened her what's app and messaged her.

What are you looking at Urisk?

She knew that Feyre always had her phone on vibrate so they wouldn't get into trouble. She also knew that she probably wouldn't get a reply, no she would just glare at her across the room or…

Your mum.

the replay made her smile and she snorted quietly at the joke, and...

"Miss Warnirs what do you find so funny? Would you like to share it with the class?" Mrs. Troppus smiled at her with that smile, that evil, little smile. "I just remembered something Mrs," she said quietly. Mrs. Troppus nodded and turned away about to write something on the board when the lights suddenly flickered and went out.

A few people screamed in fear and surprise Mare gave a yelp and started forward in shock, frozen in memory.

It was dark and the sound of liquid dripping somewhere off to the left was it water? or something thicker, redder, everything was pain and darkness and the agony would not end. It would not end. It would not en-

"Please remain in your seats year 3's" came Mrs. Troppus voice the same surprise that dwelled unwelcome and sudden in every member of the class was evident in her voice too. But it was too late everyone was already on their feet and moving around, Feyre was suddenly at her side knowing her fear of the dark, if not it's source.

"You ok?" she asked, Mare nodded and then realized she most likely 100% probably couldn't see her. "I am completely fine Feyre" she said with a sigh. They both stood quietly for a second "do you think we will be sent home?" she asked, the question to casual, "what makes you say that Feyre?" she asked with a concerned frown. Faze gave them a look, their eyes now adjusted to the darkness of the room, Mare and Feyre both having reputations as the class clowns and being more than just a tad melodramatic. Feyre pulled a face and Faze looked away with a smirk and Feyre answered.

"I, mums not at home she's in Basend she won't be home till dinner if we get sent home there won't be anyone to pick me up." she gasped, Oh yeah. Feyre had a detention after her homework club, ironically for not handing in her homework, and if they all got sent home, she would be stranded "you can come to my house it's in walking distance and if my mum is there which she most likely not be... She won't mind" Feyre sighed and she could hear the thanks in her voice "thanks Mare you're a good friend."

Everyone was settling down now and sitting down once more Feyre sat down beside Mare, stealing Faze'es seat. and they waited.

"You're all going home," Mrs. Troppus said with a smile thinking they would all be overjoyed, but Feyre went as pale as the snow outside the classroom windows, which, mare relished with no small amount of horror they would have to walk through soon.

Mare tugged her phone from her pocket as secretively as she could, (because god forbid they contact their parents and alert them to the situation at hand) and texted her mother informing her of the current circumstances the reply came a few seconds after.

In Durined you have your key be back in 3 hours see you soon! Feyre can, of course, come too!

3 hours was not soon but that didn't matter, no they would be fine, and there was unsupervised cake at her house and it would be such a shame if the infamous, dastardly cake thief ate it. She turned to Feyre and in classic Mare fashion said "you can thank me later with the gift of your choosing, you can come to my house, also cake" she raised an eyebrow.

"Really I can! You are truly the best friend I have ever had I mean wow, thanks so much!" she was leaning back in her chair arms crossed, sarcasm satiating every word to the point that it was ruining the carpet, Mare gave a chuckle and everyone else rolled their eyes at their antics, there very expected antics.

The outside world was cold and snowy Mare had her hands in her pockets Feyre had her gloves on since like always she had forgotten hers, she was smiling head tilted back eyes closed enjoying the cool air and non-sleety snow. She waited for a second, a full second and then asked her, "are you going to stand there forever or are we going to not freeze."

She gave Mare a look and snorted they started walking. Past the school gates and down the road towered the edge of town and the village of Endleny where Mare lived. That catalyst phone call rang. When she answered not even looking at the caller ID a fast, fearful Russian was practically thrown down the phone at her.

" Mare please get out, run please if you don't get out you will be in more danger than you have ever been please run, we are coming to get you we will meet you at the bad place we love you, remember мой ангел."

She swore down the phone at him, but it was too late.

what the fuck?!

The phone clicked off and Feyre looked back at her "Mare? are you ok" she asked "I am fine Feyre" she replied she smiled sheepishly " you just sounded like you were having an attack Mare and you haven't had a pill today I thought..." she trailed off when she realized what a silly worry it had been, "you thought I could have had an attack because of the dark in class?" she yelled. "CAN I NOT WORRY ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!" she yelled back she was crying now, and she didn't even know why.

It was then that the car hit them.