another chapter!

- Alex

"what seems a corpse

Is trundled into a lift and vanishes


I will not feel, I will not

Feel, until

I have to"

-visiting hour, Norman MacCaig"

The window into reality grew brighter and wider as for once, both her body and mind awoke in tandem, and as she breathed in and the scent of death filled her mind, body and soul, only for her body then attempted to snort right back out again in vile rejection.

She knew she was being dragged, she could feel roots and dead sticky leaves beneath her. that and her shoulder felt like it was about to be pulled out of its socket and then she felt it, power, her power.

And her pain vanished.

She tugged her arm free brute force flooding her body. She grinned as she stood. And shoved her fist through the things face.

She cringed away slightly as its brain exploding out of its skull as if it's had had been blown apart from within.

She waited for this new-found strength to vanish but if anything, it grew within her. Aelin Armedyn grinned.

"come at me then" and it did, she ducked its uncoordinated swing and jumped planting both her feet into its chest, she felt its bones snap and shatter, its skin and muscle part and crumble she managed to pull away before she got stuck inside its chest.

It seemed to take a step back staring at its triumphant food the wind dancing amongst her dress, and that was it.

The man fell ever to rise another day.

She would be a traitor to the human race itself if she did this man a disservice and left him to rot. Indeed, she glanced at the branches overhead. And a plan formed.

His body was covered in leaves the only shroud she could afford, him her training had been screaming at her to go but the pain that her heart held in storage and would do so for years if this act of mercy had not happened.

There was no time for a maker no 'here lays' but no an unmarked grave was better than no grave at all. She left the pieces of the puppet man to rot and headed home.