So a certain YouTuber I follow is having a different Monster Theme for every week in October and this week was Vampire Week with his closing being on the Vampire Archetype, I started thinking to utilize the different monsters of each week for a different story with a different Humanimal protagonist facing the Monster at the end of each week. I started thinking about what kind of Humanimal would face the vampire and initially thought about a Flea with the title being 'Two Bloodsuckers' but then realized I really didn't want to write a story about a Flea, the image of a hairless Sphynx Cat came to mind and I started realizing Anthros that are either furry or feathery may have a momentary defense against Dracula if he bites your neck and all he gets is a mouthful of fur or feathers, but if like Dahlia you're a bald version of a normally furry species then the pressure is REALLY on. Also while Dahlia's Master (Yes, she is a Slave) comes from a long line of Vampire Hunters, the Human knows he will be unable to resist the seduction of the Vampires and it will be up to his Slave-Pet to do the job. This story also takes some inspiration from the Cordwainter Smith story 'Golden the Ship Was Oh! Oh! Oh!'

The Great Evil had returned after his long rest...He returns every couple thousand years or so...Seemingly unable to be completely destroyed. Every time someone attempt to kill him he transforms into dust and escapes to the wind to lie in wait for when he can come again. This time he had come and My Master awoke from his drunken stupor instantly sobered by the coming of his family's ancient enemy. For you see he was descended from a long line of Vampire-Hunters and I was his pet Maid-Servant. The Sphinx Cat-Girl Humanimal Dahlia Sphynx.

After two thousand years the Great Vampire and his three Mates...Excuse me..Brides had once again made themselves known again on Planet Earth, in their native territory in Eastern Europe, which has mostly been overtaken by the Wilderness since the Great Death. But when satellite feed instantly spotted a massive castle in what should have been untamed wilderness, The Lords and the Ladies of the Empire instantly knew what had happened.

My Master took me along with, I had no idea why at first, I mostly spent my days bringing him food and ever more liquor and tidying up everything when he was done. What on earth could I do in this situation? After My Master did his duty to the Empire by affirming to the Lords and Ladies he knew his duty and would fulfill it. When we were alone in the wilderness he finally explained why he needed me.

"Even though I am descended from a long line of vampire hunters...And that I feel a burning itch to kill these abominations...My genetics have been tainted by the decadence of later generations that I have also taken part of...Corrupted by two much pleasure I fear I won't be able to resist the Vampire Brides when they come for me...But..." Here he stopped to put on not one rosary but several. "I know YOU can...Here is the plan..."

So we entered the Castle, pretending to be weary travelers. My Masters many rosaries were all hidden under many layers of clothing. The Great Vampire welcoming us in. He invited us to a luxurious meal. He of course did not eat himself...I was hesitant to eat the food, fearing it might be tainted in some way, but My Master motioned me to eat and I started to eat a little of the food finding it insanely delicious. I saw that he wanted not to raise the suspicions of the Great Vampire by appearing suspicious ourselves.

The Great Vampire took great interest in me...Much to my chagrin. He started asking about Humanimals and how he could get one for himself. My Master spoke truthfully about how Humanimals are created and the means to get the best quality ones...All the while I quivered... If I had any fur it would have been standing on end...But I had no fur...And that was what worried me most of all.

Soon it would be midnight...We began to take steps to putting our plan into action...It had to be as subtle as a well played game of chess.

My Master went to his Bedchamber yawning as he dismissed me to the Servants' Quarters...We knew how this would go...When the clock struck midnight, My Master would leave his Bedchamber where he knew he would meet the Vampire Brides, they would attempt to seduce him but the Great Vampire would intervene appeasing the Brides with a freshly abducted human baby, and while all this would happen, I alone must find the means of 'killing' the Great Vampire. I must leave the castle, find an ash tree and make a stake with it's wood to drive into the Great Vampire's heart thus banishing him for another couple thousand years...It had to be ash wood otherwise it wouldn't work.

I as soon as I could, I left the servant's quarters and started running down the vestibule...I could hear the Brides upstairs...And I was terrified this plan might not work...I saw the way the Great Vampire looked at me...How my strange Animalistic Form but Human-Like intelligence aroused his curiosity and lust unlike anything he had seen before, and it was at this time I really wished I wasn't a Sphynx Cat. I often envied most other Cat-Girls for their luxurious soft fur….Now I was starting to wish I had been born an even furrier creature, like a Woolly Sheep, or a Yak with fur like a mop...Or even a Bird! Yes, a Bird with long feathers to stick in the Vampire's teeth when he tried to bite my neck...My neck...Bare and exposed as any Human Neck...Was an ideal neck to bite...I saw the entrance we came through...I knew I would not be able the doors but...The windows above the door!

I crouched down and leapt! Far greater then my normal cat ancestors could leap, opened the window...Leapt into the nearest tree, and I was back in the forest. It wasn't long before I found a good ash tree, with my claws I carved a stake from it, and then I waited in the branches of that tree until dawn.

My master did the deed of 'killing' the Great Vampire while I slept. With that done we returned to the Lords and the Ladies to report a successful mission.

My Master was a Handsome Man back in those days...At times I almost felt I loved him...He was better than most Humans...But alas some things are more insurmountable than vampires.

So here was the Vampire Story tune in Next Week for the Ghost Story.