On the shores of the night, a ship awaited

I bundled all my dreams onto it

But before I could climb on it myself

It sailed on

Found a life of its own

And the part of my heart tangled in them

Sends me visions of happiness

While I sit stranded on those shores

That turn golden with the sunlight

But mornings only reach the skin of the sand

The heart that once tasted moonlight and its magic

Cannot see its source

Without the part that roams with the night.

I wait for that ship to come save me

I sit, unmoving for so long

So long, I can see patterns even in timeless waves

I see waters long carried away

I make the shore my home

But I know where I truly live.

I am afraid of turning back to see the land

That I no longer remember

Afraid of the changes

Because the constant ocean calms me

I left the courage of acceptance on those high waves

That my ship of dreams sails on

"Let me grow!" I hear screams from the broken box of emotions

But I turn a deaf ear

Lulled by my bubble world of sand and shore

Still hoping I can go to the night

Knowing the bubble will burst.

Truth is, I am that shore

A part of the land of solid reality

And the waters of dreams, uncharted.

Fear holds me rooted

Hope makes me float

And I stay this way forever

Waiting for my ship of dreams to dock again

To be whole again.