The world is neverending

And I am a grain of sand,

Drifting from the beaches of the world

Into the emptiness.

I don't what's come over me

And why I stare so far

Into the universe where

Stardust calls me home.


There is a piece of me

That stares up at the stars at night

Just aching to let go of it all.

There is a part of me

That needs to let go of the world

And finally find my place among the stars.


But still I'm stuck on the ground,

Reverberating with the sound.


The planet is so big and wide

I don't know where to go,

And the thought of doing nothing

Makes me strangulate and choke.

I have so many dreams I know

I can't achieve them all,

But the need to succeed

Drowns out other thoughts.


There is a piece of me

That wants the easy way where I will

Jump the bridge before I get too far.

There is a part me

That longs to clutch onto what I have

Before everything leaves me on my own.


But now, I'm staring at the end.

Right now, I'm not quite broke, but bent.


I long to be a part of something

That I can't quite see,

Maybe infiniteness

So I'll never die.

This wishfulness is useless

And I need to go to sleep.

The only dreams I see

Are where I am deceased.


There is a piece of me

That clings on to reality al-

Though I know it's futile in the end.

There is a part of me

Who'd risk never amounting to

Anything if it means I control fate.


But now, questions are in my head.

For now, I'm glad I'm not quite dead.