To my soul sister

On one such solitary, rainy August evening,

I sat outside, brooding – over wars, wagering,

Over the unpredictability of change,

And over people, like candlelight, wavering.


I saw a pair of intense, dark, brown eyes.

Amongst this monotonous, mediocre mass.

They reminded me of someone back home.

She was as bold, as attractive, and as crass.


My heavy books lay scattered all over,

On that wet stone bench, on the dewy lawn.

Multitudes left incomplete; nursing a headache.

You sat down next to me, and I was but drawn.


'I could say I knew her enough to be a friend.'

Your presence became a balm to a wounded mind.

My thoughts shifted to more delightful tunes -

Bonding over parents, younger siblings and the kind.


Some evenings, when we both had time to spare,

I would sit down next to you and listen intently,

To old songs belonging to eras long gone,

Provoking feelings I never believed I had, gently.


One may say we had lots in common,

Others'd say we're as different as the two poles.

But through all those graceless fuckups and letdowns,

I'd rushed to the second floor, almost out of control.


We were two sparks with different energies,

Waiting to combust and ignite spontaneously.

The first time I'd called you my best friend,

You said I get attached too quickly, instantaneously.


Yet, at 12 in the midnight, as the New Year dawned,

We stayed up till three; both of us taking turns

To vent unabashedly and listen keenly, to each other.

And so we did like tomorrow's none of our concerns.


On lunches at subway and on shared ballpoint pens,

On riding pillion and on frustrated yelling,

On sharing a single chocolate for skipped breakfasts,

And on laughing uncontrollably over a wrong spelling,


We'd bonded and built a lot along the way.

I'd invested much to let you go in a flash wildfire.

They say relationships are like electric currents,

And baby, you lit up my world like a tungsten wire.


I know there are too much left unsaid,

Between the two of us, and I want to move past.

Know that in these two years, your constant presence

Is what kept me and brought me comfort, at long last.