I slid off my couch and walked over to my small balcony. Stepping outside I let the warm night air wash over my icy skin. Missing the feeling of being warm all the time.

There was a knock on my bedroom door, "Are you moving? You're going to be late for school."

I walked back into my room and shut my balcony door, making noise to show Marina I was getting ready. Us night owls were the main attendees of the nighttime school but we had an occasional normal supernatural who wanted to give it a try. They typically did not want to stay long because sleeping the days away meant missing out on stuff.

I got changed and hopped on my bike to ride to school. I was only fifteen minutes away but I liked the exercise. Once at the school and bike secured, I pulled my hood down and smoothed back my brown hair into a neat ponytail.

"You're not late for once," I heard behind me and saw my friend Books. Her real name was Jessie but she spent so much time at the library we all started calling her Books.

"Surprise," I smiled, "Marina has been cracking down on my laziness."

"You're nineteen, almost twenty, it's your last year, she has to know she can't have a say much longer," Books rolled her eyes. Pushing her blonde bangs from her eyes, she commented. "I need a haircut."

We walked inside and sat down in our first period classroom, the day droned on dull and boring as always until lunchtime. I sat at my usual table with my friend group Books, Rome, and Tyler. I pulled out my brown paper bag and began eating. A PB & J, apple, and black water of blood. Vampires go through a transition stage. We are vampires right now but at this age we still need some human food to survive. When we reach full development, we and drink only blood. Typically we reach full vampirism between twenty and twenty-five.

If this were any other normal human school, the cafeteria would be loud and bustling with people and sound. But a cafeteria of supernatural beings with great hearing; everyone kept to their groups in low tones. So it became very obvious to us when we heard the lunchroom door open and the smell of dogs come in. I inhaled deeply while all my friends cringed in disgust. I recognized the scent of an apple orchard and knew who it was without even needing to turn around. What on earth were werewolves doing here? They went to the daytime school. The pack walked past everyone and took a table in the back corner.

"Earth to Layla?" Rome said in concern, "Not still obsessed with the werewolves, are we?"

I guess my failure to cringe at their scent had been noticed.

"I'm not obsessed," I snapped, "I'm just fascinated by the mechanics of the species. Being able to change physical forms and all."

"Oh sure," Books laughs.

I'm sure if I still had blood, my face would have been crimson from blushing. "Tyler shut your girlfriend up."

Tyler responded by grabbing Books and kissing her. Rome and I pretended to make a gagging noise in response to them.

We finished lunch talking about classes and homework. In the back of my mind I wondered why the pack was at night school but the others shrugged it off. None of their business. If I brought it up again, I would just be proving their point on my obsession. We got to our next class and I sighed as I took the window seat, staring up at the stars.

"Do you ever miss it? Being human I mean." I asked Rome as he sat beside me.

He shrugged in response, "Sometimes. But I'm happy here too."

I swore I felt a gaze on me and I turned around to see the leader of the werewolves staring at me. Dark hair hanging in his blue eyes. I quickly turned back around.

At the end of the day, I went through the motions of packing my backpack at my locker. When I heard footsteps approach behind me, thinking it was my group of friends I said, "Sorry guys Marina has me on house arrest until my grades are up so I can't hang out."

No response. A male cleared his throat. I turn around to see once again the leader and another werewolf. Arms crossed and rigid, I could feel their gazes bore holes into my light brown eyes.

"Can I help you?" I asked, I tried to step out of their way. The werewolf grabs my arm and pushes me up against the locker door.

The leader growled, "You stay away from my boys. Or we are going to have a problem."

"I've never met you guys before."

"I don't want to hear again that you're interested in werewolves. Vampires and werewolves have a treaty to ignore each other. Respect it."

The werewolf lets go of my arm and they walk away. I quickly throw my stuff in my backpack to leave. Tyler came walking up as I zipped it up.

"You alright?"

"Thanks to the joke at lunch, the werewolves think I'm going to do something."

"You must be kidding," he shook his head.

Tyler and I leave and meet up with the group at the front doors. Tyler stops to join them and I shove through to the door.

"The next time you guys want to make jokes, you might want to look around and see who's listening first," I say as I exit.

I stayed still for a moment. Taking in my surroundings to simmer down. The black nighttime sky had faded into a blue-ish gray. Morning was coming in an hour or so because colorful pigments were just barely creeping over the horizon. I longed to sit out in the mornings and watch the sunrise. I had a heavy sweatshirt handy for daytime adventures that protected me from sunlight.

I rode home and locked up my bike in the shed. Stepped inside to the quiet living room and set my book bag down on the table.

"Anyone home?" I called out; unsure what Marina's schedule was today.

"Yes ma'am," a young male voice calls from the next room over. A dining room that we converted into a guest area.

"Hello?" I question as I walk into the room, not familiar with the voice's owner.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was Miss Marina calling for me. I'm Adam, you must be the other tenant here. I'm new."

"Marina didn't tell me we would be getting an addition," I shyly reply confused, looking around the room not making eye contact. Adam seemed young, his brown hair was unkept and messy. Hiding his eyes.

"I wasn't supposed to be coming here but I got transferred over here because the Johnson's house was too full. Miss Marina had the most available space."

"Oh," I nod, eyes on an invisible spec of dirt on my sleeve, "Well, welcome." Then I shyly fade from the doorway and disappear upstairs to my room.

Since vampires do not sleep, I knew I had plenty of time to do my homework. So I'd fetch my book bag later when Marina was back. I did not do well socializing with new people. I sat down on the couch in my room and took a look around. It was kept relatively clean other than my desk. My desk was covered in amateur drawings and sketches of my old friends, family, and home from when I was human. As I grew older my memories of them faded. Which probably is not all that bad of a thing because there was no going back. But I was not ready yet to get rid of them completely. Marina never really said much about the drawings. I think she knew to keep a respectful distance on the subject.

Bedrooms without beds had plenty of space. I chose to fill it with a couch. Most other vampires I knew filled it with whatever related to their hobby. Rome had lots of video games in his room. Marina's room was always filled with files on tenants and whatever project she was working on with clients. I liked having a couch because it gave me a place to relax and unwind. I would lay on it and think about things. Lately I found my mind would wander to werewolves and the magic of the species. I was amazed by the ability to change physical form like that. I think I secretly wished I had been bitten by a werewolf instead of a vampire but I could never say that out loud to anyone. The bad blood between vampires and werewolves are too prominent for anyone to understand.

I leaned my head back against the soft cushion and let my mind wander to one werewolf in particular who I noticed today. He stood out to me because he was so silent compared to the rest of them. His expression seemed kind and introverted. Like he didn't really belong with such a loud crowd.

A little while later I heard the front door shut and knew Marina was back. I went downstairs to see what was going on. Adam and I silently helped unpack the bags from her shopping trip. Most of it was stuff for Adam.

"So," I said quietly, when Adam was out of the room, "How long is Adam staying?"

"He's going to be a permanent resident until he graduates school like you."

We set the last bags down in Marina's room.

"Why was another kid bitten if Johnson's didn't have the housing?"

"That's none of our business," Marina said, then changed the subject as Adam came in, "Have you finished your homework yet?"

I shook my head. Marina frowned at me unhappy. She was the parental figure at times but mostly she was the authority figure. Acting official all the time. I always wondered how many years she would keep it up before she grew tired of it.

"Please go finish it in the kitchen where I can keep an eye on you."

I turned to leave the room and Marina added for both of us, "Oh and take Adam with you to training tomorrow please."

She began explaining training to Adam as I exited with a nod in acknowledgement and headed to the kitchen with my book bag. Supernaturals did not really need school in most people's opinions. Mine included. Except for some basic knowledge for when we are out in the human world. But the training part to it was necessary. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights we were in the classroom like normal human kids. But Tuesday and Thursday nights were training classes instead of the normal ones. We were all divided up by species and then separated into groups of ten or fifteen with two instructors per group. The point to our training days were to teach us how to control our supernatural forms and how to use and access our powers or abilities. Basically teaching us how to be the creatures we were under control. Adam would not be enrolled in regular classes yet because it was mid-semester but he would need to start training classes right away to learn control.