While our Zachgalish and Zachaxon cousins have Zacniht's, Zackarls, and Zachjeants. Us Zachlumians (Zach-lum-i-ans) have Zachensai (Zach-en-sai) I guess you could say similar to our elite ranked cousins. Also we accept non Zachlumias such as boys and girls. All new students start out as white rank and receive basic martial prowess along with basic survival skills.

Until the age of twelve they take the monthly tournament of whites. After passing their trial they become brown rank and are assigned to a fireteam which consists of three brown ranks and purple rank Zachensai. The fireteam will do anything for Zachlumia from guarding minor areas to fighting low tier zachanvit's and other creatures.

After years of service the brown rank students can become purple rank. This is a rank most will become. They are taught moderate techniques and even allowed minor enchanted items. With this rank comes great responsibility as they are assigned a new fireteam to train. Purple rank also serve as the backbone of Zachlumia's forces.

The more ambitious purple ranks become the final rank red ranks. Forming the elite guard they only answer to the king himself. Red ranks are fanatically loyal willing to do even the most evilest of crimes and missions. Some say red ranks are even allowed techniques from the dark realm and rumors say even the undead are in their ranks.

The King, queen, princes, and princess hold the honorary title of black rank. They can lead armies and even call for expeditions our version of campaigns. A new bill is bringing enacted where certain purple and red ranks can become minor nobility and receive the black rank. Zachlumia hasn't seen that much war as our land is still fairly unknown. That does not mean we can be careless.

Yes we Zachensai be it native Zachlumians or "adopted" we stand ready training and preparing for war.