Author's note: Hiya all! So this is my first story on this site (I have written a few fanfictions - my username is on my profile if you want to check them out), so please give me some grace (and yes, that is my actual name ;)

I'm just going to say this disclaimer, so please keep it in mind: this is a Christian story. I myself am a Christian, and I am proud to be one. If you don't agree with my religion, you might want to not continue this story, please don't read and then harshly review. I have given you fair warning. I would love for you to read it if you want - who knows, you might learn something new!

One more thing, this story is super cheesy. I wrote it when I was 13 and am just now publishing it, but I really do like the storyline. A basic rundown of it is this is sort of my story. I travelled to America with my brother when I was 13 (didn't meet a guy or anything like you will read later on) but somethings in this story actually happened to me. I wrote it as if Hazel were my daughter in the future, but it's still 2018. It's a bit weird but it worked for my 13-year-old mind, so just give it a go!

Xx Grace

"I'm going to miss you", said 17-year-old Hazel Grace Cordel to her Mother, as Hazel got her passport out to board her flight to Kentucky, USA. "I will too honey, but you're going to have so much fun", her mother replied, sighing over the phone. "When I was 13, you know Uncle Tyler and I went on the very same trip. That was such a long time ago, but it feels just like yesterday."

"Yes Mum, I remember, you've told me a million times" Hazel grumbled, as she handed the lady at the boarding desk ticket, before walking down the ramp towards the plane. "I just wished I could come with you" Hazel's mother sighed. "But I can't leave with the baby coming so soon."

"Hey Mum, I gotta go, I'm on the plane now. I have to find my seat."Hazel said as she got pushed up the aisle.

"Ok sweetie, I love you! Call me when you get there" Her mother's voice faded as Hazel's phone lost connection on the plane.

"Love you too Mum, I'll call you when I can." With that Hazel ended the call and sat down in her designated seat. A few moments later, her seatmates sat down. 'Yah! An old man and a tired looking young woman who will both probably sleep most of the trip', Hazel thought as she settled into her seat. A few minutes later the plane took off and Hazel watched as the coastline came into view and before long they were over the ocean. "Goodbye Australia," she whispered to herself.

Hazel tore open her blanket that was wrapped in plastic, and positioned her pillow in the comfiest way possible, and tried to get to sleep. It must have worked because the next she remembered was the flight hostess shaking her awake for breakfast. She sighed. Only a few more hours to go.