Hazel tore open her blanket that was wrapped in plastic, and positioned her pillow in the comfiest way possible, and tried to get to sleep. It must have worked because the next she remembered was the flight hostess shaking her awake for breakfast.

The next day, after her Mother's friends picked her up from the airport, they were all on their way to Calchester for Family Camp. When they arrived at the driveway of the campground, a massive sign with the words 'Restoration Acres' on it greeted Hazel and her friends. A few hours later, they were started setting up their stuff, and Hazel asked if she could go look at the campgrounds and hopefully meet a few new people.

Hazel first went to the Teen Barn, which her Mother had told her about multiple times, and shared many stories of sermons and worship sessions in there. On her way, she noticed a lot of people setting up their tents and RVs and some greeting others like long lost friends.

Hazel thought she might be lost, so when she saw a few girls about her age walking by, she asked them for directions to the Teen Barn. "Sure, just come with us, we are going there anyway" replied one girl with beautiful brown hair. "I'm Jessica by the way. This is Ida Rose, and Natalie," she motioned to each girl in turn.

"I'm Hazel," she said as they walked to the edge of the road to let a golf buggy drive by. When Hazel looked curiously at it as it drove past, Ida Rose answered her unspoken question. "You'll see those buggies everywhere over this camp."

"I'm guessing you haven't been here before," Jessica deducted.

"No, I haven't, but my Mum came years ago when she was 13," answered Hazel.

"So where are you from? Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky?" Natalie questioned her.

"None of that actually. I'm from Queensland," Hazel answered.

"Queensland? Where's that?" the girls asked.

"Oh, it's a state in Australia." I guess Australia is less known of than I thought.

"Australia! Cool! I've never met someone from down under before!" said an excited Ida Rose.

"Did you come to America just for this camp?" asked Jessica.

"Yeah, pretty much," replied Hazel, as they crossed the road to a big building with no walls and with a sign at the top stating that this, in fact, was the 'Teen Barn'. Hazel noticed Kirk setting up some guitars on the stage. He must have beaten her down here, he must've gone a shortcut. They walked into the building further and Jessica started showing her around. "So this is the stage, where the preacher speaks from and where the worship team plays there songs."

"I might be from Australia but I know what a stage is," Hazel joked.

The girls laughed. "Yeah, you probably do, sorry. Hey, come meet Kirk. He's the worship team leader. You'll love him." Ida Rose dragged me along toward the stage, while still rambling on about Kirk being 'the best worship leader ever' and having 'the best voice that she had ever heard'. Kirk looked up and smiled at Ida Rose when they got within hearing distance. "Why Ida, I know that's all true, but it sure is nice to hear it from you." Kirk jumped down from the stage where he was connecting a few cables to a guitar. "You girls ready for 4 days full of hard-core worshipping Jesus?"

"Oh, yeah we are," Jessica answered enthusiastically. "Hey Kirk, this is Hazel. Guess where she's from!"

"I wouldn't know unless she spoke to me and I could hear her accent," Kirk replied, winking at Hazel. The other girls obviously didn't know that Hazel knew Kirk quite well. "Kirk has a cool ability to detect where someone is from just by listening to their voice for a little bit," explained Ida.

"Come on, say something and let's see if he can work out where you are from," Natalie urged.

"Um, what instrument do you play?" Hazel said, saying the first thing that came to mind.

"Guitar, piano, drums, most instruments reJoy, but I'm just playing the guitar for this camp," Kirk answered, while he sat on the edge of the stage and motioned for them to do the same.

"Cool," Hazel answered smiling. She was having fun, kinda tricking the girls, making them think she had no idea who Kirk was, and he didn't know her.

"So, this is your first time coming here?" Kirk asked.

"Yeah", Hazel replied.

"Greenland!" Kirk exclaimed suddenly.

"What?" Jessica asked confused.

"Hazel, you're from Greenland, aren't you? Your accent sounds just like the guy that came to camp last year, and he said he was from Greenland", Kirk said, looking and winking at Hazel.

"No not Greenland. I am not an Eskimo, thank you very much," Hazel replied trying to swallow a laugh but failed miserably.

"I know Hazel, girls. In fact, she's staying with our youth group for the camp, then we're taking her to the airport on Monday," Kirk spilled the beans. "Grace and Tyler, her mother and uncle stayed with my wife Hope and I, along with our youth group, in Kentucky before coming with us to Family Camp years ago."

"That's so cool!" said Ida, who until now had been listening to the whole exchange intently. A few other women came in the teen barn.

"Hey, Hazel!" Elizabeth called out from the group. She was a part of Kirk's youth group, along with Amy, Tay, Joy and of course Hope (Kirk's wife), who were all walking Hazel's way.

"How is your first day at camp so far?" Asked Tay, as she and the others sat down on the side of the stage.

"Great, I love it", replied Hazel. "I keep remembering all the stories Mum told me about this place.

"Did she tell you about how good biscuits and gravy is?" Amy asked, grinning.

"I think she told me something like that, except that she hated it" Hazel answered, smiling.

They all laughed and kept talking for a few more minutes before Kirk excused himself, saying he needed to finish setting up the instruments. Amy went with him, saying something about setting up the drums.

"Well I better get back putting up my tent," Hazel said, standing up from the edge of the stage.

"Oh, ok. Do you want us to show you the way back to your camp?" Jessica asked, also standing up.

"I think I know the way. Thanks though," Hazel told them, waving goodbye to Kirk. He waved back, shouting out a goodbye.

"We'll see you tonight?" asked Natalie.

"Oh yeah. Mum told how fun the first night was, and there's no way I would miss it", laughed Hazel. "Well, see you later."

A series of 'see yahs' and 'byes' came from the group as she exited the barn and started walking in the direction the girls had taken her earlier to get to the Teen Barn.

'Well that was fun', thought Hazel. 'Mum was right, Kirk and Hope and their youth group are the best.'

She was lost in her thoughts when she accidentally ran into someone.

"Oh, sorry", Hazel apologized, stepping back and looking up, and seeing a boy about her age.

"No no, it's my fault, I wasn't paying attention where I was going", the guy answered, with a faint American accent.

"Neither was I", Hazel said, and suddenly remembering her manners, she stuck out her hand, introducing herself. "I'm Hazel, by the way."

"Oh, and I'm Theodore, but my friends call me Theo", He replied, shaking her hand. "Are you new here? I don't remember you from last year, and I have a pretty good memory."

"Yeah, this is my first time coming to Family Camp", Hazel answered. "Um, could you show me the way to campground 12? I've seemed to lost my way around."

"Yeah sure. It's just around this way. So what state are you from?" Theo asked.

"Queensland", Hazel smiled.

"That's not a state in America," Theo said knowingly. "So what country are you from?"

"Australia", Hazel told him.

"That's awesome! Did you just move here or something?" he asked.

"No, I came to the States for just Camp really."

"Wow! Did your parents come too?"

"No, just me. My mum and uncle have both been to Camp before, though."

"I think I remember my Mum telling me about a girl and her brother that were from Australia that came to camp when she was younger.

"Wait, what's your mom's name?"

"Rebecca, but everyone calls her Becka."

Oh yeah, Mum talks about her often, and I think they're still in touch by Facebook or something. I think I also remember Mum mentioning Becka having super curly hair", Hazel said, having noticed Theodore's dark curly hair.

"Yeah, that's where I got my unruly hair. Luckily my dad has normal, dark hair, so my hair isn't as bad, or good I guess, as my Mum's." Theo said, running his fingers through his hair, making it even more unruly. He looked cute with his hair like that. If I was being honest with myself, he was cute all the time.

"Well, campground 12 is just over there," Theo said, pointing ahead.

"Oh, thank you. I guess I'll see you later," Hazel replied, giving a small wave.

"Yeah, see yah."

Hazel walked toward her camp, excited for her first night at Family Camp, and, she admitted to herself, to see Theo again.

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