He was so sO SO…


Hours he'd wandered the forest, hunting. Looking for anything that could satiate the hunger.

His stomach cramped and twisted, and his limbs felt heavy and full of sensation. Blood flooded his brain and left him lightheaded.

Yet, despite the restless fatigue, he felt gripped by a mad strength.

He should have eaten her.

That would have been the best thing to do. Gnaw and rip at the soft bits not covered by clothes.

The berries he found, miraculously alive after the winter show, were bitter and tasted like vomit, so he had to spit them out. The leaves turned to ash in his mouth. Even the dirt and worms, dug up in frantic desperation, had exited his body as fast as they entered.

He'd taken to gnawing on his fingers; chewing on the nails until they cracked, and he could lap at the sweet blood. Torn flesh and skin were minced to pulp under his teeth, feeling sharper by the second. That was enough to sustain him.

But he needed more.

He was just

sO hUnGRy

The lodge should have been enough. More than enough.

There was so much meat, but no matter how many he killed and how much he ate, he couldn't stop feeling


He'd searched everywhere for food, tearing through shelves and ripping apart drawers. There was nothing.

There could be food in the lockbox.

yEs. tHAt MadE sEnSe.

Locking it away, so that he couldn't get it.

oF cOUrse tHe dOCtoR WOuLd dO tHAt.

He had to find something to break it open with. A rock or something like that. But he couldn't find any under the snow.

In the end, he settled with smashing it against a tree until it opened.

No food.

Only phones.


He needed food.

Oskar Lindqvist heard footsteps.

They crunched through the snow, growing louder as they approached him.

Three figures.


Walking crouched low to the ground.

He could see them.

hOw? iT's SO dARk

They looked grey and ethereal. Like ghosts, whispering through the night.

He could also smell them. The scent of their bodies, their sweat, their flesh.

Crawling across the snow, he began to circle the group, to approach them from behind. As he grew closer, he could feel the heat from their bodies.

They were blistering hot.

Just nearing the girl at the back of the group felt like he was walking into a smelting furnace. He could feel his skin blister at the heat and start to peel back from his face.

But he needed them.

Their meat.

He reached out to grab the closest one.

The one in front of her turned around and saw him. Her scream was so loud, he thought his head was going to explode.

His eyes flinched shut from the pain.

When he opened them again, they were already running.