Because I go barefooted a lot, I'm often asked, "Have you ever used your feet in some way, to find a clue?"

And the answer is-"Yes!"

A man named John Norvack was accused of murdering his wife. Unfortunately, the body hadn't been recovered, yet. So Lt Kirschenbaum obtained a search warrant and went out to his house with deputies, one day. He invited me along.

He knocked on the door, and Norvack answered.

"Hello, boys. I was expecting you!"

"We have a warrant to search your house and grounds." He showed it to him.

He nodded. "Come on in! Oh, who's the pretty lady?"

"That's Barefoot Jenny, a private detective."

"Barefoot Jenny, eh? How come you're not barefooted right now?"

"The better to stomp on you!," I said.

Carl and the deputies laughed. Norvack shut up!


Inside the house didn't reveal much. They took away his PC and a few other items.

Then we went to the backyard. It had rained pretty heavily the night before, and the ground was now pretty muddy.

I slipped my shoes off, rolled my pants legs up, and walked into one of the muddier sections!

Carl smiled. "How's the mud?"

"Squishy!" Then I grew serious. "I think this section was dug up, recently."

I stomped around in the mud, digging into it with my toes.

"I can feel something. . . "

I brought up part of a plastic black trash bag, with my feet.

Norvack look pretty nervous, when I first started doing this. When I pulled up the plastic, he tried to run, but was quickly caught by the deputies.

A shovel was found, and we dug out the bag. It contained the remains of Mrs Norvack!

John Norvack was arrested, and his Miranda rights were read to him.

Afterwards, Carl said to me, "You have very smart feet!"

I smiled. "That's why I'm called Barefoot Jenny!"