Evil comes in many shapes and forms.

No greater an example is the demon, a twisted race of abominations that feed on the misery and sin of mortals.


Sister Juno stumbled her way through the darkened halls of the chapel, gasping for air. It was hot, as if a summer afternoon, despite the cold air of the autumn season outside. Even as she wiped the sweat from her forehead, feeling her cleric's garb practically glued to her flesh with perspiration, Juno did not stop.

The bells tolled incessantly, echoing through the night with a frightening din. To any traveler, to any newcomer to Isena Chapel, they were merely the traditions of an ancient church, rung out of habit. She had asked the older nuns constantly since she had taken residence in the ancient church, but never once had they told her the true nature of the bells.

"Mother Irene!" She called out, spotting her fellow nuns in the main hall. Every last candle in the great stone chapel was lit, hundreds of flickering flames that seemed impossible to count.

"Juno! I was not sure you still lived!" The tired mother superior, an older woman who Juno had known for years, could barely stagger to her feet. "Y-You must go, Juno! Leave this place and warn the Order!"

"I do not understand, Mother! Why do the bells toll?" Glancing at the golden idol of the gods placed reverently upon the main altar, Juno stared at Irene as the mother superior took her shoulders.

"A daemon, child! A daemon comes to this world, a terrible spirit that we have kept locked away for generations…and tonight, it has broken forth from its prison. We can do nothing more to stop its awakening." Irene weakly cried out, the others nuns on their knees before the altar in constant prayer, many of them weeping in desperation. "Child, you must go! The Order must be warned of this vile creature's return!"

"What about you!? What about the others?!" Juno asked, horrified as Irene tried to push her towards the door.

"We must do our best to contain the evil until your escape, Juno! There is no escape for us now. For the grace of the gods, you must leave and ensure that the Order can put this beast down! Now go!" Irene begged, shakily leaving her prayer beads in Juno's hands.

Before she could answer, a quietness made itself known through the room. Irene's face went white, for the sound of the bells had stopped, for the last time they had tolled over the chapel.

Turning to the altar, Juno could only watch in abject horror as the gold idol, a holy image of the gods, began to melt, the altar cracking in two as the cobblestone below began to shift.

The room grew hotter still as the altar sank into the growing pit, the earth itself dividing as the defiled idol melted into nothing amidst the crushed stone.

Silence went through the room for a time, with the praying nuns pausing in their trepidation. Juno stepped backwards, swallowing her breath as Irene feebly tried to push her towards the door.


The pit opened up almost instantly, an inferno of lava and flame rippling through the earth, along with the suffocating fumes of a thousand rotted, burning corpses…and the sharpened claws of a terrible beast that reached forth, grasping and pulling itself from the portal.

"…Go." Irene looked to Juno one last time, desperate but ultimately accepting.

The young nun, her eyes lit with fear and her body drenched in fearful sweat, hesitantly stepped away, weeping as she turned her back on her fellow nuns and escaped through the door, the great iron gate closing behind her as the terrible scream of a demon ripped through the night.

Irene watched, silent and powerless, as the great bat clawed its way from the earth, its flesh made of brimstone, its eyes and veins glimmering with fire, and its maw rippled with a disgusting tongue and terrible fangs.

It did not speak, merely sniffing through the air, its ears pulsing, until it finally turned its attention to the nuns before it.

Towering above the kneeling women, each of them gazing upon the abomination with mute terror, the beast sniffed once more, a terrible grin cracking across its molten jaws.

With a single, swift swipe of its great winged arm, it grasped the first among the nuns, a young elf, who shrieked as the beast opened its maw. In an instant she was silenced, her head bitten off with a quick, brutal snap. The other nuns screamed, each getting to their feet and scrambling towards the sealed chapel doors as the monster enjoyed the first meal it had tasted in ages, peeling back the bloodied black nun's garb from his dead victim.

Raising her naked body in the air, it let out its tongue, eagerly slurping down the blood that dripped from her twitching corpse, finally squeezing it into a shower of gore that flooded into its awaiting jaws, before letting go of the crushed body and snapping it up in a single bite, licking its lips.

Irene sat on her knees, too weak, too old to fear the impossibly wretched monster that now turned its attention to the rest of the nuns who banged desperately on the great doors that would no longer open.

"Gods help you, Juno…for they have abandoned us." She whispered hopelessly, merely meeting the beast's gaze as it approached her first, blood dripping from its mouth.

As she opened her mouth, perhaps to utter a prayer or a spiteful last word to the demon, she too was silenced in a apathetic swipe of the demon's claws, her head ripped off and sent flying across the room.

Regarding her body with a mocking growl, the beast stepped on it, crushing it until it was little more than paste.

The remaining nuns screamed, their howls of terror and pleas for aid unanswered, only ripped away by the gnawing of flesh and the tortures bent upon them by the church's new master.