"So, we have a camp group coming in tomorrow," Dad told me a bit later that day. "Grade 10 students."

He had taken me on a tour of the new and improved campground. Right now we were at the metal shelter skeleton covered in a tarp.

"So they sleep in here?" I questioned, peeking inside the shelter. It seemed it could fit around 10 or so people inside.

"Yeah," he replied. "They each get a swag at the start of the camp and they set them up here. The teachers stay in those cabins over there," he pointed to a cluster of 5 or so cabins about 150m away. "Works for everyone."

"I see." I walked around the campsite, to the small building that was the kitchen. "What activities do you lead the kids on?"

"Uh, hikes, boating, cliff climbs, horse rides, buggy riding - that's really fun - and some other stuff."

"Sounds fun," I nodded. Much more fun than when I was here last, that's for sure.

We headed back down to the house for dinner. Once inside the house, Dad went to his office to do some work before dinner was ready. As I walked to the kitchen, I heard women's laughter. But it wasn't just my mother's and Ally's. It was Jordy's. Staying where I was, hidden near the doorway that leads to the kitchen, I kept quiet and listened.

Jordy, Mum, and Ally were acting like family. She really did belong here. A smile came upon my face and just as I was about to leave, I heard my name. Leaning closer to the doorway to be able to understand, I listened in.

"So, you and Jake really did take your time to get back after the race this morning," my mother's voice filled the room.

"We were talking," Jordy replied.

"About what?" Mum questioned.

"If you must know, meddler," Jordy said in a teasing voice, "I told him about Marengo and my Mum. Then he told me about his horse, Romeo."

"It took you weeks to share the story Marengo, and even longer to tell us about your mother," Ally chipped in.

"Well, Jake just had this… this aura around him that made him seem easy to talk to," Jordy told them.

"So you don't like him?" Mum insinuated. I leaned closer.

"No! Of course not!" Jordy defended. My heart sunk slightly.

"Then why, dear, are you blushing?"

"I am not!" I heard the sound of a towel whipping and assumed they were hitting each other with tea towels. I couldn't hold back my laugh. That was my mistake.

"Okay Jake, if you're standing around with nothing to do, you can come to help us carry this food to the table," Mum called out.

Caught, I strode into the kitchen with my head low. My mother laughed. "Come on, Ally, help me take this to the table."

Then it was just Jordy and me left in the room. She turned away from me and grabbed some plates from the cupboard. I could tell she was still blushing, probably a deeper shade then when Mum commented on it, but I decided to give her a break. She was no doubt embarrassed, and I shouldn't add to that, no matter that I returned her feelings. But that was a whole other conversation.

I grabbed the bowl of salad that was on the bench beside Jordy and carried to the table. A few minutes later we were all sitting at the table in our respective seats. Jordy and the rest of the camp leaders had squeezed their chairs into the spaces left by my family.

This time I remembered to bow my head with the others. When Dad's voice finished the prayer with an amen, there was a mumbling echoing of the word as we started to pass around the dishes. I noticed this meal how closely Jordy interacted with the twins and Ally.

She helped Caddy cut her steak into bite-sized pieces, and leaned over to help Cody even as he denied assistance, wanting to do it on his own. Jordy just sat back with a slight smile. Within a few minutes, Cody was reluctantly handing his knife over to her. She smiled at him and I couldn't help but grin as well. Just then, she turned her head and caught me staring at her. Her smile faulted and I glanced away after a tense moment of eye contact. Taking a deep breath, I looked down at my plate and avoiding looking in Jordy's direction the rest of the night.

Author's note I'm sorry for the short chapter, but I promise you I have more interesting stuff in mind. These are the boring filler chapters, but it will get better, I promise!

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