We marched towards my rightful home. While I was defending King Zachary the Old. Zachanvit's took my Zackzackort. Now it will be mine again. My loyal zachniht was barking orders at the local Zachary levies. My name is Zachlaron Zachary Rassuckley and I stewart the local lands around my Zackzackort Rassuckley. Most of the levies were local farmers ranging from five through sixteen. I also had my personal guard Zachary's. Last but not least I had some Rage Leaf mercenaries just incase things got to hot.

The Zachanvit's were firing pot shots at us. I have some Zachginveering (Zach-gin-veer-ing) knowledge and built wooden barriers. To protect the levies that had bows. According to the Rage Leaf mercenary captain she had some ladderman she personally hired for this siege. We only had to wait for another five hours. I had all the time in the world I told myself.

A seven year old Zachary farmer screamed as a arrow tore into his right hand. A nine year old led him to the tent. Then returned to the battlefield. I readied staff and fired and conquered a flurry of sharp sticks. Three hit their mark making one of the Zachanvit's fall of the Zackzackort walls. He was still alive and pleaded for mercy. A female Zachary just laughed and impaled him with her pitchfork. Yes unlike many Zachgalish nobility and soldiers. I recruit our opposite sex clone sisters-at-arms. Heck even my Zachniht Zachucia Flan was zachnihted by me personally. After winning a local tournament I held. Hours passed the Zachanvit's were getting hurt by my magic barrage and archer fire. I returned to my tent my troops were groaning, dead, or dying. A Rage Leaf horn blew.

The ladderman arrived they were Malice Leaf's. They moved quick with the support of their sisters large shields. I ordered my troops to follow quickly behind. Morale was wavering on my side but the sight of the siege crew inspired them. With a loud warcry that even the deaf could hear we all charged. I cast a protective barrier as the Zachanvit's pelted us with stones and boiling water. Like Zachgaland tactics I sent the five through ten year old Zachary's first. They moved fast and quickly scaled the walls. The champion ten year old waving my banner proudly. While his brothers and sisters were fighting the frightened curs.

The Rage Leaf's were next climbing with ease fighting now the Zachanvit's were afraid. Overwhelmed they retreated. Zachucia secured the courtyard. As we eagerly pursed them. I lost a couple more scaling the walls. The reserve guard tried to fight our forces. I could tell the vanguard were the ones defending the battlements and courtyard. Even a five year old with a pitchfork or rusty axe. Was able to cut down the reserve forces. We reached the main hall. Victory the Zachanvit leader flew the white flag my forces cheered the day was ours. I marched up the stairs and exited to the terrace. I showed my forces the Zachanvit's leaders head. My subjects and even the mercenaries roared in applause.

Some of the local levies conscripted into my full time army. I promoted a brave twenty year old Zachary farmer. To Zachjeant and even gave land to some of the bravest ones and made them Zackeronet's (similar to a zachniht though only allowed three bodyguards). My servants were cleaning up the mess. Thank the original Zachary my Zachgaland cola barrels were still entacted. I ordered Zachucia to give a flagon to each brave subject. Morale was at the highest I've ever seen.

Zachgaland is full of war and conflict. But at least this my day my victory. Rassuckley was once again in my rightful hands.

The End Thanks For Reading!