The Adventures of David and Connie-New York Vacation

By Shadowgate

13 year old David and his sister Connie who'd just turned nine were ready for their summer vacation. Although they didn't know it their parents Barrett and Linda already had a trip planned.

When Barrett announced the family planned trip from Houston TX to New York, NY the children looked a lot less enthusiastic.

Barrett asked "what's wrong you two don't look excited anymore."

Connie replied "I don't want to get shot on a subway that's full of mildew because some crackhead doesn't like white people."

Linda was in shock "Connie that's a terrible attitude and don't say crackhead because that doesn't sound good coming out of a child's mouth."

"I'll bring my Confederate Flag to New York."

Barrett exhaled and said "our children are southern nationalists."

Linda snapped "Barrett don't say that."

Barrett asked "why not they sure act like it. Last week they both danced around the house after playing the Dixie Anthem on YouTube and now they don't want to take a trip to New York."

Linda took in a big deep breath and said "I'll have no bad attitudes, bad attitudes are uncalled for. This is a Goddamn family vacation and there's no need for bad attitudes."

Carrie O'Connor quickly pointed out "you're always the one who gets mad on the spot and has a bad attitude."

Linda stormed out of the room.

David commented "truth hurts" and then he put his arm around his little sister.

"Look we'll probably just fly up there and stay at a hotel then be told not to wonder far off."

Connie smiled and said "you know they'll take pictures of us in the swimming pool."

David became excited and said "I just opened a Twitter Account and if mom and dad don't like that fuck them. I'm going to tweet the vacation."

Connie replied "a shitty NY vacation with tweets to come."

One week later David and Connie were on an airplane to New York City.

The trip went very well. The whole family was surprised at how peaceful the flight was and how sweet the cherry limeades were that were served on the plane.

After they arrived at New York City International Airport they got into a rental car and headed to a fine five star hotel. They checked in and the kids were surely impressed.

They just had to go explore the big hotel but Barrett told both of them to keep in touch. They had their cellphones on and ready for any phone calls from their parents whom they loved dearly but wanted to get the hell away from for at least an hour.

After 30 minutes of exploring the great hotel in and out David got a phone call. It was from his friend Melvin Howler and he was so happy to get a call from his very best friend.

David told his best friend "I wish you were here with me."

Melvin said "I've got songs on my cell phone now. I'll pay Wish You Were Here."

David mellowed out to the Pink Floyd classic song.

After spending an hour on the phone with his best friend he got off only to be immediately called by his dad regarding dinner plans.