"We're lucky to be taught by a true role model of medicine. If you behaved better, we might not have to be on detention duty. Professor J. Bloodwing is a true medical hero. How could you disrespect him?" Niko Key complained to his twin brother, Pico, who rolled his eyes before replying to the question with "I'm honestly not interested in his like you are. I'm only in the medical course because mom is forcing us to do the same thing and she thinks you had the better idea of going to this dumb college and taking the medicine major. Also why the heck are we with this stupid Asian kid?". The short girl that Pico was complaining about was Kitty Stains, the bouncy and loud classmate of the twins who got in trouble for getting overexcited in class. Kitty looked at Pico and said "You might be complaining about me now but that'll just be terrible for you in the character popularity poll.". Pico and Niko both looked at her with confusion but returned to their normal faces once they reached the mansion of their professor. Niko opened the door and pulled out his tablet. "Remember you two, we are here to clean his attic." he said while using his tablet as a light to guide their way in the dark. "If I am right, this is normally the moment when the main characters find out that another character is insane or something." Kitty commented as the three made their way in the darkness. Niko turned to her and said "I already don't like you and now you're calling the great Professor J. Bloodwing insa-IS THAT ARI?". Pico looked to see what Niko was talking about while Kitty stumbled backwards in shock. Their classmate Ari Bloodwing was hanging by wires from the ceiling. She appeared to be unconscious but nobody was quite sure what on Earth was going on. Kitty was lost in her shock when she stepped backwards into some switches. Kitty's bow that hang loosely from her back activated one of the switches and the wires connecting to Ari lit up. Ari slipped into consciousness and muttered "Father, where are you father?". Pico and Niko turned around to Kitty to see what she had done when the professor burst in. "Well I see you discovered the truth about your classmate." he said. Kitty became even more disturbed and hit another switch. The second switch turned on a strange machine in the room. "Ah Miss Stains. Please try to refrain from activating any more switches and AH OLDER KEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" the professor said. Pico had gotten too curious about the new machine and touched a button on the inside of the machine. The professor ran into the machine along with Niko, Kitty and Ari to attempt to stop him but it was too late. The machine had started to vibrate and after roughly a minute it disappeared.

The machine suddenly appeared but our heroes were no longer at the professor's mansion. The students and the professor opened the door of the machine to be greeted with the landscape of a luscious green jungle. "Oh god I've seen too many movies to tell that we're all going to die." Pico panicked. "Don't be stupid Pico. The main characters can't die in the prologue." Kitty explained. Pico rolled his eyes and asked "Are you still convinced we are in an anime?". The professor gathered the students in front of his and made a speech:

"Younglings this is not the time for racial teasing,

This is a time of survival.

Let me tell you the story of that very machine.

You see, my wife and daughter wanted to test this machine to travel back in time.

But as it turns out, when the people that traveled in the machine die,

The machine returns to me without them.

Now we must navigate this jungle and try not to die.

Now come on let's go."

The professor then started strolling further into the jungle followed by Niko, Ari, Kitty and Pico. This was only the start of the adventure of the Professor and his students.

Pico got bored and attempted to turn around to go back to the machine when he realized the machine had gone missing. "Uh Professor Bloodwing? Is the machine supposed to disappear?" Pico asked. The professor turned around to see what Pico was talking about and his answer to Pico's question was "I don't know, I've never tested this machine on myself...or anyone after my wife and daughter's disappearance.". The professor then continued walking but what the students realized was different was that the professor was taking notes while he was walking. "What notes are you taking Father?" Ari asked. The professor looked at Ari and replied to her question with "I want to make sure I know exactly what this machine does and why it returned with my wife and daughter's corpses.". Ari nodded and continued walking alongside her father as if it was totally normal for him to take notes while they took strolls. Kitty was skipping alongside the others as if she was actually excited about being in the jungle but as she was skipping, something caught her leg and made her fall over. Pico kicked Kitty and knocked her free of whatever had caught her leg but a consequence of that was that the thing attached itself to Pico's leg. "What the heck?" Pico asked as he got pulled upwards. Pico turned on his phone and pointed at the monster of a tree that had grabbed him by the leg.


"Oh well there goes Pico." Niko sighed.

"What are your orders father?" Ari asked. The students looked at the professor who was taking notes. "You will all have to find a way to make the tree drop your friend before in consumes or murders him." the professor replied. Niko, Ari and Kitty all turned to the tree with the knowledge of what their goal was. The three were not going to let their fellow student's life be taken by a tree.