The Storyteller

I placed my notebook on the shelf and started typing my season finale to my latest creation – The Traveler. I was not as pleased as I should have been. I had been a traveler too, of sorts and I had observed many things during my wanderings on Thurlow. Looking back on it now, I realize that it was the happiest years of my life.

I see no reason to keep the reader in suspense. I am Snorri, the invisible observer of Thurlow. I wandered the world over fulfilling my commission. I witnessed many things. Some of these were of great sadness and some brought me great joy. I remember when first I first saw Sir Basil and how he brought justice to a rapist. Oh, what great justice it was! Modesty, my little fairy companion, clapped and clapped. The last time I saw Sir Basil it nearly broke my heart, but our commission was fulfilled. Sir Basil left the realm of mortals. Legends state that he will return at the proper time, until then he dwells in his own realm. I, too, journeyed to my own realm. It was a great hall given to me as a reward by the Great Spirit. I called it Gateway Castle, as it has many portals that can take you anywhere. Then, I gathered ideas and sent them throughout reality to meet other ideas and relive the great adventures one more time.

"What did you think of these new adventures, Modesty?" I asked my fairy-wife.

"They were as violent as the old days, Snorri, but I did enjoy the romance between Simon Temple and Jodi Ranter. It's a shame that Billy Ranter died when he found true love."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Billy's death happened outside of Gateway Castle, my power extends only in this realm. How about Orson Orion, did you like him?"

Modesty rubbed her chin. It is cute the way she rubs her chin. "He was okay. Didn't you base him off that space traveler that we once saw?"

"Yes, you have a good memory, Modesty."

Modesty smiled. "Thanks, Snorri. Are you putting your ideas to rest now?"

I nodded. "It's time, my love. Our friends are gone. The world that we knew is gone. Things have changed since our first meeting, Modesty. I feel so tired now. Immortals get tired too."

Modesty flew in the air, twirled, and spun around. She giggled out aloud. "Not I, Snorri. I am forever young and energetic."

I smiled. Who can dwell on the sadder things in life when you have such a happy and wonderful wife as I?

I laughed out aloud. It was time to move on. I am sure that there will be new adventures in the future – if it is the Great Spirit's will.