Far above the earth,

deep within the shade,

there slept a young lithe maid,

And beautiful was she.

Her skin as pale as milk,

her hair as black as night,

her eyes which twinkle like starlight,

Mother moon, Sweet, young mother moon.

Far above the heavens,

There amongst the clouds,

There lives a handsome youth,

His skin a polished ivory,

His eyes which gleamed like gold

His flaxen hair which swayed in the breeze

A boy tall and so very bold,

he rides his golden chariot across the sapphire sky.

His songs a beautiful melody, no man can defy.

Father sun, brave young father sun

And his sister-wife the moon,

The stars, their bountiful children,

Frolic above the clouds,

Laughing and singing,

Of times long gone.

Mother moon, mother moon,

And her brother-husband the Sun,

They shine their light upon their many offspring

The stars, forever twinkling,

Their laughter ringing through the sky,

Dancing above so high.

Father sun, Mother moon.