Magica Legacy


Enter the Realm of Azure! Magica, Orcs, and Elves Unite

Once upon a time, 300 years ago, fierce battles were waged between Magica and Orcs. For what reason? Land. The Magica had begun expanding into the forests claimed by Orcs, who didn't take kindly to having their villages and tribes disbanded. Lead by their leader Aumned, their determined Orcs marched against the army of Magica, led by their own Empress Liana Junko. Blades clashes, lives were taken, and blood stained the land all across Azure forever; from east to west, not even the Elves were safe. Their eternal lives could not spare them from the cold embrace death, many retained their fighting spirit. Yet, what came of it? Death and despair. Sadness swept through the minds of their leads, having witnessed thousands of innocence fall before their very eyes, because of their feud. Hundreds of thousands of Orcs remained, as did Magica, sure, but what point was there in killing each other over something as simple as land? No. Bloodshed wouldn't resolve their conflict, but something else could. A rather strange alliance between two past foes.

No further blood would touch the earth, not while this treaty remained. Both Magica and Orcs would coexist, and those caught breaking said treaty would find themselves in the deepest dungeon under their new capital city, Brekrin. It meant "Stronghold" in old Magica text. And what began of Aumned and Liana? Despite their antagonist nature towards each other, the blow of sadness to their minds had helped them mellow out. Though, acting acquaintances more so than friends or lovers, their political marriage would force a new path for their people and their new home. Nine years have passed since that day and new stories were beginning to unfold from their own offspring, a little Orc named Icgord.

A moderate warmth fell over the capital of Brekrin during the summer; a far more suitable climate for those partaking in outdoor activities. The city itself stretched 1.4 miles in every direction, while the two levels below were saved for extra housing. But what made it special? Its citizens, of course. Twenty years ago, you wouldn't have seen neither Magica nor Orc together in one place, let alone communicating. Although, many orcs remained in the forests across the realm for the time being, others sought progression, and thus they moved in. Alas, Elves were a rare sight. Nothing would change over night and brawls between the two would frequent the streets from time to time; that's where the Guard Walk came in. These loyal soldiers had but one job: protect the peace and treaty. Any and all confrontations brought to their attention would result in an all-expense paid vacation to the underground dungeon for one week. Simple as that. Being a simple child though, Icgord couldn't take an answer of 'no' laying down.

"Gah! How many times have I told you, kid? No free supplies!" the old shopkeeper exclaimed in frustration, while tossing his small, grey form into the dirt outside.

"Ouch! Old geezer, I just wanted a knife." he whimpered, rubbing his sore bottom.

"Only those with enough Zinx can buy stuff here, and you haven't got any." he sternly stated, scoffing at the idea of selling a knife to a small child. "Besides, you're only a kid."

"I'm nine!"

"Which is still a kid. But okay, why not this? You've got Magica blood, right? Show your stuff and maybe I'll think of selling it to you later."

"Really?" he asked with a gleam of excitement in his tangerine colored eyes.

"Of course. Just one little trick."

"Alright. I've got this new one that'll really blow your sock off." he said excitement.

Magica blood flowed through all living beings, keeping their bodies youthful for all time; bestowing eternal life unto all and ceasing the aging process between the years of 28 and 32. However, only the Magica and Elves were capable of controlling its properties; allowing such feats as manipulating the elements of their world, as he would now demonstrate. Cupping his right hand on top of the other, he formed two open circles, like a blowpipe, before bringing it to his mouth.

"Hallow's Gale." he said under his breath.

Such incantations were necessary to invoke change in the elements around them and bring them under their control. As such, two glowing blue bands appeared around his wrists, each inscribed with the ancient language of the element. In this case, Wind. This was it, time to show him what the last two months of training had accumulated in. With a deep breath, he gave a hard blow into his hands, signaling the spell to activate. Yet, it didn't. All that game out was a light breeze against his man's torso.

"Is that it?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Ummm…wait, I swear it works." he pleaded, before attempting it again.

And, again, nothing but a gentle breeze came of it. Any other Magica could have easily blow him down, yet he couldn't get him to so much as budge. A sad turn of events for the boy.

"I've seen enough." he sighed, turning to head back inside.

"Hold on! I've got other stuff."

"Like I said, come back when you've grown up, then we'll talk." he said, closing the door.

"No, wait, I've got more! I promise!" he explained in a panic, while banging on the door.

"Get lost."

Sad to say, there wasn't much else to help the situation. As much as he wanted his own weapon, rules were rules. Children were not to be sold weapon until they were of 15 years. A sad fact of life, but one everyone had to adhere to. Walking slowly down the dirt road, his eyes would often turn to other shops in the area. Brekrin, for as large as it was, hadn't organized well enough upon construction, leading to a jumbled mess. Aside from the two main roads which ran north and south, a separate roadway ran east to west; each having been given several branching pathways through alleyways and towards other points of interests. Diners, taverns, inns, living spaces, all were available to those who could afford them. He, however, had the privilege of living in a large palace, complete with guards, cooks, and maids. A pretty fancy life compared to others, but there were some setbacks.

"Tsk. This suck..." He mumbled to himself, saddened how the exchange had gone.

Footprints followed behind him as he came close to the end of the road, only to have someone tackle him to the ground. Struggling back and forth, the fiend knelt on top of him, before pulling his arms to center of his back. Such strength. Pretty impressive for one person.

"Do you yield?" he heard being asked.

"Grrr. Let me guess, Gronk?" he asked in return.

Glancing behind him, his assailant identity came to light. Another Orc named Gronk, one from the Brute species. Bigger, stronger, Brutes help a very physical advantage over those in the Tact species, and the same went for the children. Despite being the same age the divide between their strength couldn't have been bigger. Though the Tacts weren't without their talents. Lighter and more agile, they performed well with smaller, more manageable weapons and gear. Aside from their green skin, two small, sharp teeth stuck up from behind both sides of their bottom lip, where as Tacts only had a single one on their left side. And, well, their eyes white voids; no pupils or retinas, just a never-ending white abyss.

"Do you?" he asked, smirking his way.

"Heh. No way." Icgord replied, casting a cocky grin. All he wanted was to grab a handful of the grey hair and push his face into the dirt. "Almost…"

"Not bad." Gronk chuckled, tightening his grip. "But I've still got you."

"Get off and we'll see."

A common sight among orcs, but it wouldn't last long before another voice called out to them; a soft, gentle voice which instantly grabbed Icgord's attention. Another child loomed over them, a pink flower stuck out of her long, straight, black hair, while a plain, purple dress adorned her slim, light skin covered body. A pair of small, brown, leather shoes covered her feet, as a pair of oval glasses rested on the bridge of her nose. Compared to their matching, dark blue, leather, short sleeve tops, ruffled, white undershirts, dirt brown shorts, and black, leather shoes, she had a far cuter presence. Although, she was only one of two Magicas in their group: Niana Teres.

"Oh good, you found him." she said, sighing with relief.

"Uh huh. He was trying to get a weapon." he announced.

"Again?" she questioned, looking down at her grey friend with a raised brow of confusion.


"Gronk! Freaking snitch. How'd you know?" he grunted.

"Saw you." he said in a cheeky way.

"Great. You can get off me now."

"Say that I'm the strongest." he demanded.

"Gronk…" she uttered, giving off a more serious demeanor.

"Alright. No fun…"

Yes, freedom at last. Although, the soreness of his arms remained for a brief second. Nothing he couldn't handle though, as Niana offered a hand of help. The kindness of her smile always caused his heart's pace to quicken a bit; a pretty common occurrence among Orclings. Though the time of their beastly nature had long since passed, their need of a future mate still lingered in their minds. Taking a firm grip of his hand, she gave a good pull, helping him back to his feet.

"Heh. You've been working with your dad?" he asked.

"Mhm! Lots. Anyways, Jake's waiting for us by the moat." She said, pointing the capital entrance to her right.

"What's this for again?" asked Gronk.

"I think he wanted us to lay out there or something." She replied.

"Strange kid."

"Strange and still waiting. Let's go." Icgord told them in a more commanding tone.

"Alright, Mister Pushy." she said in return, following along to his right.

Jake Hamson, another Magica and fellow friend. Though having only met a few months prior, his respect towards them lead to a quick initiation. Kind and nobel, his eyes were set on one possible future. To give something back after to those around him. Passing by the entrance into town gave them a good view of the 100-foot protective stone wall under constructions. Two years and already half way done. A remarkable feat achieved from the joint efforts of both races.

"Look at how big it is." said Gronk.

"Yeah. I wonder if they'll add anything to it, like towers. Big towers to keep the baddies out." she said with wonderment.

"No-no, canons. Big ones to blow big birds out of the sky." Icgord said with just as much enthusiasm.

"Heh heh. Really? Just big birds? You've got a weird imagination, Icgord." she giggled, ruffling his neatly combed black hair.

"Hey, stop it." he chuckled, ruffling her up in return.

Just a bit farther and they were standing outside the city's new border. A nice breeze blew through their hair, relieving some of the surrounding heat. It may have been hot during the summer time, but there were nice, cool moments from time to time. The grass and flowers followed its movements north, as birds flew overhead. It wasn't until their friend called out to them that their attention turned to their left, near the edge of the moat.

"Hiyo! Over here you guys!" he called out, waving his hand.

A bit taller than Icgord, but short than Gronk, his trimmed, lavender hair hardly flowed with the wind, as opposed to his small, white tunic and black pants. The green of his eyes shined the sunlight as he ran over to meet them.

"Up high?" Icgord asked with a smile, bringing his hand up.

"Down low." he replied, as both brought their hands down for a low five.

"Gronk punch!" exclaimed their green friend, bringing his fist towards him.

"Gronk punch the fist." he chuckled, bumping fists with him. Eyes turned to Niana next, as he gave a respectful bow. "And Niana, you're looking as beautiful as ever."

"Oh, thanks." she softly said as redness appeared across her cheeks.

A clear sign of her feelings, a different feeling grew inside Icgord's stomach. Pushing it aside though, being together with his friends felt refreshing; as opposed to the maids. Over-protective and a bit nosy, they could have learned to give him some personal space. Kids needed room to grow, after all.

"Anyways. You want to lay out in the grass or something?" interrupted Icgord.

"Yep!" he said, before falling on his back, letting the wind rustle his clothes.

"A boy of simple tastes I guess." he thought, before laying down next to him on his left.

She joined right after, taking her place beside the royal prince, before Gronk fell to her side. Another brisk breeze blew through, helping them relax. Admittedly, they'd thought nothing of it at first, but after closing their eyes and taking in the sounds of nature around them, any worries in their minds vanished.

"Hey, Icgord, are you gonna be the king when your older?" asked Jake.

"Maybe. I don't want to be in a cage forever." He admitted.

"But you'll be stuck with us." Niana stated in a teasing way.

"Hmmm...that's not so bad then. What about you then?" he asked in return, nudging at her shoulder a bit with his elbow.

"I wanna be a beauty warrior!" she exclaimed with glee.

"Beauty…warrior?" Gronk asked in his confusion.

"Mhm. I'm gonna be pretty and strong, all the way." she vowed with great passion.

"Well, you're already half way there." Jake told her, chuckling.

"Yeah. You're already the prettiest girl in the city." Icgord followed up.

"Heheheh. Are you're the cutest Orc in the city." she teased in return, flustered by the comment.

"Hey!" Gronk exclaimed in disapproval.

"You're handsome too." Jake assured him.


"What about you?" Gronk asked Jake.

"Oh, well, it's kind of funny, but I really, really want to be a knight." he proclaimed, while looking up at the blue sky. "To protect everyone."

Goals such as his wouldn't come easy, though. To become a Magica Knight, one must have both great strength, courage, and intellect, otherwise they'd face a swift death. Many would take up station around the palace and city, but others would often venture out to other villages for supplies, if need being, acting as ambassadors of sort. But with enough drive anyone could take up the mantle.

"That's very brave." Niana softly said.

"Yeah, that's neat, but how about an adventure? Going out, exploring, killing big, bad monsters, that's fun too." Icgord boastfully claimed.

"Sounds fun, but I'd rather look after my friends." he said in return, before glancing over at him. "Besides, we'll get to hang out more."

"True…" he sighed.

Yep, life was good for those of Azure. Plenty of food and water, tons of mysteries to discover, and an everlasting lifetime to see everything their world had to offer. A truly mystical place. But even in their world, eternity couldn't last forever.