She stood in the pouring rain, wishing she could feel warmth stretch across her face as she had felt it a few times before. The water chilled her to the bone and she looked at the horizon that stretched all around her.

She couldn't spot a single break in the clouds, and to her discouragement the clouds which were coming only seemed darker than the current ones.

"God, please end this storm." she managed through her chattering teeth. No response could be heard and she found herself seemingly alone.

"Where are you?" she asked looking around again, only seeing more clouds.

"What are you doing out here in the rain?" a voice came suddenly from behind her. She whirled around, her soaked hair hitting her neck and sending chills racing through her.

"All the doors were locked and I'm stuck out here! I can't find a way inside." she found herself explaining to the kind looking stranger who stood close to her.

"Follow Me." he said and waited for her to walk to him before he turned around and lead her down the street. She felt no fear following this man. The man took off his coat and gave it to her. She put it on without protest and thanked him. They soon arrived at a house which was surrounded by parked cars and had joyful noises coming from it. She wondered if there was a party going on inside.

"Is it okay that I am here?" she asked feeling suddenly afraid. Would she be welcome.

"It's an open house. Anyone is invited."

"Oh," she answered in relief. He walked before her down the path, and then turned around before they stepped inside.

"Your clothes are soaked, so we will get you some to wear. I ask you to not come past the foyer wearing those shoes and there is a restroom just inside to put on your new clothing." he said and she felt gratitude wash over her. He opened the door by pressing a few buttons over the handle and they stepped inside. She took in the grandeur of the lobby. The house looked nice on the outside, but inside she realized just how beautiful this home was, and she hadn't even seen more than the entry way!

"Wait here!" the man said and she stood in the entryway dripping on the floor. She slid her shoes off and left them next to the pile of other people's shoes. Laughter seemed to be floating all around her. She wondered if she should leave. It seemed like this was too good to be true. Surely the stranger had bad intentions but as she thought this, thunder echoed from just outside the door reminding her from what cold, loneliness she had come. The man returned and she saw the new clothing he brought. He gave her a cashmere sweater and nicer pants then she had ever seen before. Also she noticed a pair of of fuzzy socks sitting right on top.

"Thank you so much," she said and he smiled and pointed to the bathroom door. She stepped towards it and slowly let herself inside. She had half expected it to be muddied by all the visitors or even a little less spectacular than the front area, but it seemed to be more amazing than even what she had seen! The floors were marble and the room seemed more like alounge than a bathroom. There was a separate nook for the facilities, and a chair seated by a small fireplace in the corner. Her eyes landed on a chest of drawers.

Women was written on the top drawer and men on the bottom.

She opened the top drawer and saw a beautiful assortment of undergarments. Nicer than anything she had ever seen before. She then realized that this was a place that someone came to stay for a while, and she was glad. She had lied to him before. She had no place to go.

She changed into the perfectly fitting, gorgeous clothes.

"Wow, I don't think I have ever seen such nice things in my lifeā€¦" she said looking in the mirror. She looked over at the cozy chair and walked towards it. A table sat almost hidden behind the arm of the large chair and on it was a well worn book. It had a blank black leather cover and she was curious as to what book would have a blank cover.

She opened it up to the first few pages and saw, "The Holy Bible," written in large letters.

It was a book she had heard much about out in the rain and the wind. It was a book that no one out there read. They all spoke of its foolishness, and yet here it was inside the house that screamed peace and joy.

She picked it up and saw that a page was bookmarked. She opened it up and saw four columns of small text, but one part caught her eyes. It was underlined in perfect, straight black lines.

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."