The cold breeze hit the masked figure like how thunder hit trees. The black he wore matched the evening sky. The footsteps were audible and the bright moonlight shone down on the sidewalk. And soon enough, that person reached a house and knocked on the door, grinning psychotically under his mask.

And the person in the house answered the door. "Hello good sir?" she asked.

The guy smirked and held up a knife. "PREPARE TO DIE!" he yelled out.

"No, please, I-" the woman began before she started coughing up blood before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and falling to the floor lifelessly. She was dead.

The male grinned. "Perfect..."

"Have a good day at school Aiden!" Oliver Delacruz called out to his 16 year old son Aiden, who was a junior in high school. Once Aiden was out of sight, Oliver smiled to himself

Oliver was a successful lawyer. He had it all: a big ass mansion, two wonderful sons Aiden and Randall, and an amazing wife Martha. Oliver whistled a familiar tone to himself and some of his...acquaintances. He went back to housework.

"Oliver," his wife called. "I'm off to work." And with that, she walked out.

Oliver heard the door shut and when he did, he walked into the bathroom, walked out after a moment and walked out of the house later.

Lurking around alleyways was pretty boring with his kids in school and what better way to have fun then scared the living crap out of his rich ass neighbor, the Dashington family.

Under his mask, the man grinned maliciously. He could only visualize it now: being able to claim Brianna and Arianna Dashington as his own kids. Sure he loved his children, but all he ever wanted was a daughter. And he could also visualize Warren Dashington, laying on the floor, bleeding out from multiple slash marks and stab wounds, coughing up the red liquid as his skin paled and body went limp.

What a magnificent visualization.

He knocked on the door in a harsh manner, praying the man would answer soon.

And Warren made the stupid choice to answer the door. Man these citizens were dumb. "What can I hel-"

The nocuous stab wound gave Warren the impression this man did not want anything to do with him. Warren ran as fast as his legs would let him, feeling the internal rush of adrenaline. There were nary ways this robbed guy could-

Warren fell to his knees as he started coughing up blood as his skin began paling. This wasn't happening. It just couldn't be true. He tried to alleviate the pain, but slash marks began forming.

"You can't...get...away," Warren said as his final breath left his body and he fell limp on the floor.

"I already have," the masked man grinned maniacally under his mask as he chuckled devilishly.

"Successful politician Warren Dashington has been found dead."

Oliver, Randall, Aiden and Martha were watching the news. Oliver appeared uninterested, Martha was wide eyed in shock, Randall was interested and Aiden just stared blankly. "Rumors says the masked killer Skelegrim was behind this. He's been responsible for 5 other murders in the town lately."

"That's horrible!" Martha gasped in surprise. "How has this guy not been caught?!"

"Meh," Aiden replied. "He's Skelegrim, who knows when he'll strike again?"

Oliver was deep in thought. He was wondering about that-

"Dad?" Randall asked. "It's something to fear."

"I am afraid," Oliver said simply. "I just...don't like the way this is going."

"Me neither," Martha told her husband. "Stay safe at work tomorrow."

Oliver nodded. "Same goes for you boys."

Brianna and Arianna were placed in the Delacruz's care. Brianna and Arianna were no older than 15. Both were amazed by the household and Oliver couldn't help but smile while helping them feel welcome. "And these are my sons, Aiden and Randall," Oliver introduced the girls to the boys.

Aiden walked towards Brianna. "Hey, welcome," he said simply.

Brianna smiled at Aiden who simply smiled back. Oliver noticed this and narrowed his eyes...

"EVERYONE GET TO SAFETY!" a teacher yelled out. Skelegrim managed to get into Keyline High School to track down Aiden.

Aiden and Randall were running through the hallways, trying to avoid the skull-masked black-robed killer. Skelegrim chased the two boys as finally, finally, Skelegrim threw a knife.

What a mistake.

It stabbed Randall in the back of the leg as the boy laid on the ground, bleeding out from his injury. Skelegrim stood over him, unsure what to do. He sighed, raised a knife, and...

"Randall Delacruz, son of Oliver and Martha Delacruz, brother of Aiden Delacruz and adoptive brother to Brianna and Arianna Dashington was murdered at Keyline High School," a news reporter announced. "He was stabbed in the back of his leg before being slashed in the back."

Martha cried her eyes out. Her own son was murdered. Aiden himself was sulking, heart crushed and obviously affected, even if he wasn't trying to show it. The twin girls were also crying, even though they knew him for less than a day, it was still really impactful.

Oliver just stared, trying to not cry himself.

"It's horrible, I know," he told his wife. "I wish he was still here as well."

"Well this morning he was so lively, so happy and now he's gone!" Martha cried. "That...that...criminal took him away from us!"

Oliver nodded, finally letting the tears come to his eyes.

The next victim was none other than Darren Patrick. Famous actor heading to Hollywood just the next day. Shot right in the eye.

After Darren came Alicia Hart, a mail woman, who died with a rope tied around her neck.

And finally...

"Our previous news reporter Camille Denvers has been murdered by the world infamous serial killer Skelegrim," new news reporter Davis Stark announced, eyes bloodshot red and hair messed up. "Who knows who he'll go after next?"

Martha was crying again. Aiden scowled. The girls couldn't handle these reports anymore and were in their room. Oliver just watched. Aiden noticed how his dad had rarely expressed emotion about these murders, it was kinda worrying him, but making him suspicious. There was no way his father was behind the murders. His dad wouldn't murder his own son right?

He wished he was wrong.

He wished that things hadn't had to end this way.

Aiden was in school, before Skelegrim entered the classroom, pointing a gun straight at his head. He closed his eyes, and mumbled one thing. "It's you dad, isn't it?"

There was no answer. Instead, the killer moved the gun away from Aiden's head, ultimately surprising the teen.

Unfortunately his classmates weren't so lucky. Some shot, some stabbed, some decapitated and some slashed and mangled. The teacher had also been killed. That was a total of 16 students and 1 teacher dead, 17 victims over all. There were 31 students, and 12 of them were injured, whether from broken bones, bloodied wound marks but escaped successfully or even simply aching limbs. Only 3 of them had managed to go unscathed, although that didn't stop them from having the mental image of watching their classmates and teacher die.

"...and I made it out alive," Aiden finished telling the story. "All in all, Skelegrim is gonna be caught, by ME!"

"You really think you can catch him?" Brianna asked, worried. She remembered her now deceased adoptive brother Randall, who's funeral was only next week. Tears slipped down her face at that fact and her skin was paling.

"Of course," Aiden replied. "My main dad."

"Your dad?" Brianna repeated. "He wouldn't kill Randall! He wouldn't!"

"He wanted to get a target off his back," Aiden replied simply. He had a gut feeling he was right, although tears were forming in his own eyes.

"Aiden..." Brianna sighed. "I wish you luck. And...I love you. But not like 've been there since the beginning and if you don't make it out alive I wanted you to know that."

"Thanks Bri," Aiden replied. "Stay anywhere that's safe, okay?"

Brianna nodded.

There were no other words that could describe his feelings except one word: Betrayed.

Aiden and Skelegrim were in an alleyway, when Aiden made the first move and ripped the mask off.

Skelegrim, no, Oliver, laughed maniacally. "Well done son."

"Why?" Aiden asked, teary eyed. "You killed an actor. A news reporter. 16 of my classmates. One of my teachers. A mail woman. An elderly. Brianna and Arianna's father." he trembled. "YOU KILLED RANDALL YOU BASTARD!"

"I know," Oliver said, almost soothingly as if none of that had happened. "But Aiden, they were gonna kill you. I'm only protecting you."

"From my brother?" Aiden screamed. "These people were innocent, Dad! Or, should I even called you that anymore?"

"Oliver," Oliver simply replied. "And i have no right to call you my son anymore."

Aiden growled lowly and dialed 911. "Hello police! Yeah we're in the alleyway near the hgh school and-OW!"

Aiden winced, going onto his knees and trying to stop the bleeding from his leg wound. His phone fell to the ground, cracking on impact. Oliver laughed maniacally.

"Don't you get it Aiden?" Oliver grinned almost demonically. "I will be known as...WHAT THE FUCK?!" he yelled out as he looked at the source of the sound of sirens.

The police and medics had arrived. The police had their guns pointed at Oliver and medics rushed over to help Aiden.

"Skelegrim has been Oliver Delacruz this whole time," Davis announced. "We found this out just 48 hours after he attacked his son Aiden, who is still recovering from his stab wound."

Aiden grinned, proud of himself. His leg was wrapped in bandages and he used crutches but he didn't care. He was a savior to many people. Unfortunately, the image of all those dead people were still haunting him in the back of his mind. Martha hugged her son and now two daughters close. "He can't hurt you anymore," Martha said throughout tears. She felt heartbroken Oliver hadn't told her.

Aiden sighed and nodded. "I'm going to my room." he stood up and hobbled over to the stairs and did his best to head up.

And when he entered his room, he was met with a sight.

It was a Skelegrim uniform, complete with weapons, and a note.

"You were the one that can take the title. -Dad"

Aiden just stared...and stared...and stared...

11 Years had passed. Aiden was now 27 and married. He had a son named Randall after his deceased brother and a daughter named Alice. And as for what was next? Well...

"It's been over a decade, and now, rumors have it a new Skelegrim is at it again," brand new news reporter Holden Stark announced. "His first victim was Simon Andrews, who died by a gunshot to the heart."

"What horrible news!" his wife Brittany cried.

Aiden nodded, sniffling. Simon and him had been friends, and Simon was one of the survivors of the classroom attack. He hadn't taken the who had? Eh, no matter. He would find out one of these days. One of them...

And as for Oliver? Well, he and Martha had gotten a divorce, with Martha gaining custody of the three teens until they graduated. He'd been sentenced to prison for life for all the murder he had caused, so right now he was waiting in his cell. Until he heard footsteps. He looked at the approaching figure with dull green eyes, with bags under them.

The new Skelegrim arrived, right in front of his cell.

"You took my dad away from me," the voice said, obviously feminine. "And now, it's time for revenge."

She pulled a gun out of her pocket and...


Oliver Delacruz was now laying on the floor of his cell, lifeless and bleeding out from a gunshot wound to the head.

Skelegrim took off the skeleton mask.

Brianna Manchester, now 26 and married, stood over Oliver Delacruz's now deceased body.

"Karma never sleeps," Brianna said.

And with those final words to her now dead foster father, she put the mask back on and managed to escape the police station, since most officers hadn't been around Oliver's cell...

AN: Well, this was...a thing. This story is the first in a series of 7 for a Halloween Writing Fest I'm participating in on FanFiction, the sister site of this site. I'm hoping to be on here more often but with school and all I haven't had a lot of time. Hope you guys enjoyed