The Wild Temptress

She who walks through the flames of hell and comes out unscathed is a warrior in her own right.
She walks with her heart on her sleeve while she fights on for the only thing that ever mattered to her.
A warrior is only one as they walk through the path of both righteousness and despair; she that walks with the world walks not alone.

This is a whirlwind story of a wild temptress and the stalwart warrior.

"The Cold February Night"

It was an awfully cold night when this young woman decided to test Sakura's patience and desires. S, by all means, was a considerate yet cruel woman. She had her fair share of mishaps and causalities that she instigated or someone else dragged her into. The young woman who called herself Missy made matters worse by pushing Sakura's buttons. She found it all both annoying and hilarious; she never knew that her emotional state would change because of her. Missy smiled at Sakura as she poked fun at her for the final time. Sakura gently pushed her onto the gate, caressing her body, all while the young woman turned red before her eyes.

"Discernment and Discontent"

It was a warm day when this woman approached Sakura and spoke of her desires. She was a tall, stocky type of woman, long half-brown, half-blonde dyed hair, and a relentless appetite for attention. It was two months where their story with began, her and her former beau at Sakura's favorite spot called Zoe's.

Zoe's Lounge: A change in the air

She and her beau both spoke of stories and story ideas. Sakura warned them that her speciality was erotica. He seemed not to care nor mind that she did this. He spoke to Lucien of his story ideas and both of us read what he had started on. We both agreed that the premise seemed good and complicated at the same time. Sakura was interested in how Lucien would approach this whirlwind idea.

"The Moment"

That is when I decided to show her my writings and that would be my inevitable rise and downfall.

She sat uncomfortably while reading; Lucien glanced over at Sakura subtly catching on to what was happening. Missy's face turned a soft shade of red from what she read. The mood went from laid back to tense as I sensed an attraction forming from her. Lucien knew this and only smiled at her reaction. Her boyfriend said nothing as he continued on about himself and his plans.

She began to ask Sakura a million questions about Vincent and Michael and their escapades. Sakura smiled and told her that there would be much more from the two in the coming months. Missy turned back to her pale complexion as Sakura described what she had been planning to do.

The four spoke until closing and partook their leave of Zoe's. Sakura noticed that Missy wrapped her arm with hers. Sakura's excitement was that of a giddy school girl with her first love. She never felt like this with the latter two girlfriends.

It was a breath of fresh air, Lucien and her beau would both move out of their way.
They glanced at each other and soon walked ahead of the two overtly happy women.

It was a great memory and I could not have wanted more from Missy than to have her emotionally and physically. I wanted more. I craved her touch. I felt so entwined and happy that I informed my friends about my new relationship.
This woman had my heart and soul wrapped around her finger. I felt alive. I wasn't dead inside, but I wasn't living either.
I went to work, took care of Lucien, and dealt with the humdrum of everyday life. She made my heart sing out.
That reminded me of the day that I kissed her…

Spanish Harlem: The First Date: The Latina Way

It was a Thursday when Sakura met up with Missy. She was late first and foremost and Sakura couldn't stand tardiness. She tried her best to be on time and not be late. She ran after the woman as she went back to the third floor. She waited patiently for her, thinking about where they would go next. Sakura only wanted to enjoy the day with her. She didn't think that this would be a date; she thought of it as company for running a lot of errands. The two went into the train station at St. Nicholas and soon waited for the east side bound bus. They spoke of life, her boyfriend and son, and each other. Sakura felt elated and annoyed by the topic at hand. She wondered why he did the things Missy accused him of and wanted an answer from him. Missy's first stop on this errand running would be to get her glasses and contacts. Sakura felt tired by waiting as long as they did. She noticed the grey skies and rain but thought nothing more of it. She felt both cold and hungry.

The two would eventually hop back on the bus back to Harlem to do some shopping along the strip. Sakura brought a half dozen of doughnuts while Missy spoke with a representative for a free phone. Sakura's irritability and nervousness moved in as she wanted to wrap her arms and lips around the woman. She imagined it perfectly, but she knew that nothing in her planning ever went how she envisioned it. She stood like a sentry while the young woman shopped in Lane Bryant. She noticed the female workers trying to figure out who was going home and who would work until closing.
She observed the lone male worker in the building as he spoke with his coworkers. Sakura's silent alarm went off as she noticed the tone and pitch of his voice, "Lord he's gay. Why am I not surprised." Sakura spoke softly.
Missy finished up her shopping and they continued on the strip to a Beauty Supply store. She looked around for some products for Lucien and following the woman obediently. She continued to plot and plan for her moment of attack.

"The conclusion of their date"

"No one is going to ruin my moment," Sakura spoke angrily. Missy spouted off at the mouth further annoying the woman. Sakura pulled her close, kissing her briefly, "You enjoyed doing that didn't you?" Missy replied curtly.
"Yes, I did," Sakura replied victoriously. She smiled the entire walk back to their building. Missy continued to speak as Sakura responded carefully to her questions and statements. That was a day that she would never forget. She had never taken the initiative to kiss a woman. She felt a thrill inside that she never with the others. She realized then what she wanted; she wanted Missy and nothing more.


Sakura thought of that day for many days into nights. She noticed that Missy didn't take the day as seriously as she had. She became depressed and would later void her emotions about the woman. It would be a month or so later when she learned the truth. All of the games this temptress did play only fueled her ire even more. She would see the woman come and go and felt her heart sink each time. It would be the early summer months when Missy would tell her how she felt. Sakura changed her stance toward the girl and would allow herself to be happy again.

It wasn't difficult for her to see or say that she was in love; she was in love with that hot blooded woman and her hopeless romantic ways would watch from afar.