The Cernhoust (C-ern-hou-st) road was busy bringing paved. Now that we Malice Leaf's took territory from the corruption order. We're finally getting some respect. So far we only have the main castle Nuzukari (Nu-zu-kari). Though from what I'm hearing my clone sisters are also conquering more. Malicedonia is the proud name of our kingdom.

Some corruption order fanatics were still proving to be troublesome. My serjeant ordered us recruits about. I grunted as I helped the builders placing down stone after stone. This was the order for the first army assist the civilian Malicedonians. Zachanvit's were also harassing our kind. To be honest this feels more like a hazing than an actual operation. "You gunk come here" Another Malicedonian shouted. Foolishly I pointed at myself earning laughter from her companions.

She smirked and nodded I started walking towards them. "I gotta deliver this dumb letter to that dude right there". She pointed to a particularly sour looking dweorg (Dw-e-org). I asked why she needed me to send the message. Of course I just get a shrug. I cursed under my breath and took the letter. Well it is called the chain of command. "Yo" I said the dweorg just ignored me. I cleared my threat again ignored. I lightly tugged his green beard. He sighed "Yeah whatcha want discount half-elf). Nice casual racism from a dweorg classic. I handed him the letter he read it. "Just like my kind I've been appointed as the dweorg chronicler for this kingdom". He then asked me about my kind. I told him the usually clone of the youngest daughter Malice Leaf. Trained to be spearmen, archers, and manual labor.

Not as magically gifted as our older sisters the Shadowleaf's. Not as resistant to pain as our middle frontline Rage Leaf sisters. Then the cherry on top Malice Leaf's are the most dislike creations of Eseyn. As many also become part time bandits, thieves, and even turncoats. Something only clone Malice Leaf's do. He scribbled down in his calfskin tome. A makeshift rest was being constructed for travelers and workers. Nuzukari had a small burdiorn (Burd-i-orn) deposit which even the corruption order didn't know about. Us Malice Leaf's are also good for hunting and Nuzukari and future land's in Malicedonia had rich forests and wildlife. I couldn't help but feel I was being watched by my superiors. Next thing I knew I was asked by a Maliceort if I could carry her pack of stones. She worked with the local guard so I had to obey.

I grunted and puffed but moved the pack to the checked spot. She gave thanks and even handed me a Malicezonald (Mal-ice-zon-ald) Burger. I devoured it oh heavens that tasted good. Again I could hear some whispering she's a good soldier or she's a lapdog can she think for herself. My days almost done I told myself. All my kind roared ran cheering. A Malice Leaf in a fancy dress shouted "Good Malicedonian sisters the first Malicezonalds in Malicedonia is here". With that she cut the red tape as dozens rushed for the entrance. A messenger approached me. " Malice Leaf-13902 you are to report to garrison immediately". I saluted and went towards the garrison. Hours of marching and holding this shield and spear. Along with the other tasks were taking a toll I was beat.

I got to the garrison. Training, roughhousing, and swapping of boasts were all around. Our garrison champion was busy reading a scroll from the newly appointed Malicedonian nobles". "Champion Malice Leaf -13902 you wanted to see me" I asked. She shook my hand I was more than confused. Apparently newer recruits weren't doing the jobs properly and I was the only one. Like I said we Malice Leaf's are the weakest of the three protectors of Eseyn. I was given a small pouch of our newly appointed currency known as pennies. Today was a good first day as a recruit I snorted.