The gymnasium of the Kendal Junior High was filled to the rafters with students and staff. The homecoming celebration was starting to wrap up. Today being the homecoming game, followed by the homecoming day, the theme of the day was "Formal" day. Meaning most of the students wore there formal school uniforms. Navy, woolen slacks for the boys, paired with white button down shirts, black ties and matching woolen blazers with golden buttons, black, lace up dress shoes completed the outfit.

For the female students it was matching navy blue skirts, white sailor style blouses tucked into the waistline. Heavy, cotton stocking and low heel black dress shoes completed the outfits. Teachers and teachers aids wore there own choice of formal outfits. With gray and black suits being the normal for the males and pastel colored sundress's for the females.

The only one's who where excluded from this rule was the football players and the cheerleaders. The football players all wore pleated trousers and colorful button down dress shirts and colorful ties. The cheerleaders where all dressed in there uniforms, that consisted of blue and white form fitting tops, pleated navy skirts, white ankle sport stocks and finally white sneakers.

Speaking of cheerleaders, the whole squad twelve girls where all lined up in a straight line upon the highly polished gym floor. Among the was one who really did not fit the mode of the other cheerleaders. She had long brown hair that had been divided down the middle and styled back in two, nice and neat pigtails. Her eyes, pink as cotton candy seem to shimmer and sparkle in the fluorescent light.

In front of the cheerleaders, there could be seen table that had been covered with a cheap, white and red table covering. Sitting on the plastic covering was two dozen graham cracker crusts that was filled to the brim with cream pies. The oily, white cream like mixture had settled down into the pan, filling every nook and cranny of it. More had been added to give it a good, round appearance. As a result the pies where quite heavy.

The cheerleaders where breathing heavy, having finished the last cheer of the day. It was of there most basic ones, something simple and preppy. Something to arouse the sinking spirits of the boys sitting before them on the long wooden bench, something to make them feel like hero's and not just helpless sheep being lead to the slaughter.

After the cheer was finished. The Girls P.E coach an Irish Beauty with flaming red hair tied back in high ponytail stepped forward and addressed the student boy.

"Okay, settle down boy's and girls. We don't have long." Mrs. O'Keefe started. Standing in the spotlight, everybody had a good look at the Irish beauty with flaming red hair tied back in simple high ponytail. Like most of the female staff, she had worn a simple pastel colored sundress that seemed to compliment her porcelain skin and her flaming red hair and her stunning baby blue eyes. She was a beauty.

"If I can only have your attention please, this will only take a minute of your time. And then we can onto our next event. Or would you boys and girls like to return to your books?" She teased as a smirked formed on the bow of her lip.

Her melodies voice seemed to hush the crowd and all attention was shifted toward her. All eyes seemed to be glued toward her. All waited with baited breath.

"Now that I have your undivided attention. I would like to call your attention toward the center of the floor where our girls stand. As you know, the High school is hosting there yearly 'Sloppy Sundae' today. And together they raised something around the neighborhood of twelve hundred dollars for charity. Now, where not trying to break that record or anything, but where holding are own little fundraiser right now. Right now, before me I have twenty four pies." She walked over and picked up one of the creamy pies.

A stunned silence fell over the crowds. Slowly a little smile started to form upon O' Keefe's face. Slowly she shifted her head behind her and peered toward the line of girls behind her.

All of the cheerleaders started to exchange looks of worry as they peered toward each other, one wondering which one of them would be the first one to receive a pie in the face. Finally it was the Mrs. O'Keefe herself who broke the silence by clearing her throat.

"Okay, taking the first pie is." She paused to build the tension. "Susan Elizabeth Violet!" She turned around and peered toward Susan. From the crowd a young women with long brown hair, wearing a pink and white dress started to make her way down the wooden steps. Smiling a little smile, she picked up one of the pies. The pie was one of the heaviest ones and then she started to move toward Susan.

"Tossing the first pie is her sister Jane." The women smiled. "It seems little Jane, wanted to get her older sister back. It seems during her last birthday party a month or so ago, Susie was a bit of a brat and shoved poor Jane's face down into her birthday cake! So when your ready, let her have it Jane!"

Jane smirked a little and gently walked up to Susan. Smiling a wicked little smile, he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently held it in place. Once he was sure Susan was firmly within his grasp, he lifted up the pie and gently pressed it into her face. A girlish squall escaped Susan's lips as she felt the pie being pressed into her face. Large drops of cream and custard dropped down from the tin and ran down the front of her top. Her brother smiled a wicked little smile and gave the tin another twist, before moving the tin up and letting it come to rest on her head. There the tin set, resting on the top of her head.

"I'm so going to get you back for this brat." Susan whimpered as the thick covering of cream, yellow custard and cooking crumble crust. Slowly she reached up and slowly she started to clear away some of the slop from her eyes. "Your so going to pay for this brat."

"I love you too sister." Jane chirped before sticking out his pink tongue and with that being done, he strolled away, his bottom wiggling with each step he took. Soon he vanished into the crowds. Leaving Susan a pouting and blushing mess as large drops of mess dripped down from her face.

"Gotta love sisters." O'Keefe said with a little smirk. "Moving right along now. We have another one for Susan. Wow, your proving to be quite popular Ms. Bell." She teased a little as she watched a tall women, one with blonde hair and a slime figure move down from the bleachers.

"Delivering this pie is none other than Lavender Baker Violet." O'Keefe said with a small smile. "Mrs. Violet is one of the caretakers of the Forest Household. She a former commissioned officer in the Royal Navy, she holds a four year degree in western civilization from Oxford." She paused and smirked at the last part. "And she your mum," She said peering toward Susan.

Susan flushed a even deeper color as she watched Lavender pick up the biggest of the pies on the table. Slowly she started to walk toward her daughter, grinning a little she readied the pie. And soon she was standing face to face with her.

"You know I love you?" She said smiling as she kissed Susan on the forehead. Before smashing the pie into her face. The pie splattered as soon it came into contact with her face. Large droplets of cream landed at Susan feet and splattered on the front of her blouse. Lavender giggled like a madwomen and quickly reached over for another one.

"You know, I paid for two. Now, remember how you always wanted to try your desert before dinner?" Lavender said teasing the pie under Susan's nose. The crowd was loving it as shown by there loud noises of approval. The other cheerleaders just stood there, blinking, some looking stunned, other just holding there hands up to cover there giggles, smirks and laughter. It seemed with a bit of luck, Susan could end up getting all the pies.

Susan could only nod her head a little as she folded her hands in her center as she tried to stand ramrod straight and look her mother in the eyes. She could feel her cheeks blushing with a fearsome heat as she waited for the next pie to land.

"Love you Sue-Sue." She said as she placed the pie on her head and twisted it around, chunks of pie crust fell from the pie and splattered once more all over the front of her blouse and her shoulders. Her pigtails where now covered in thick cream. Small drops of cheery pie filling where now running down her forehead.

"Love you too mommy." Susan said with a giggle as she reached up and dipped her fingers into the pie resting on the top of her head. Popping the finger into her mouth she smiled and said. "Cherry, not really my favorite, but I guess it would have to do."

"Lavender could only smirk and so did everybody else on the line. Soon other girls where chosen and Susan was left for a bit to stew in the pie mess soaking through her blouse, through her hair and through the lining of her sneakers. Finally, after around ten minutes, only two pies where left. Finally from the crowds there came a little mousie boy, he was short for his age and was graced with snow white hair and baby blue eyes.

"Delivering our last two pies is," The teacher paused and smirked, "Is Susan's very own big brother. Oliver Violet." The teacher then handed the two pies toward the little mousie boy who grinned a little and slowly started to advance toward the already pie covered Susan. "Don't you feel very luck, little Susie Q."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she watched her treasured older brother moving toward her, balancing the two pies in the palm of his hands. The girly looking boy paused in front of her and smiled. All eyes where now drawn toward the pair, standing in the center of the floor. The tension was building with each passing second. Finally, one could pretty much cut it with a knife.

"You know Susie." Oliver started as she smiled toward Susan. "I love you, your sweet, your always helping the younger children out with there chores, homework or sewing projects. But sometimes you know, you can be a little brat. And we all know that brats need to taught a lesson so here we go." And with that he gently smashed both pies into each side of Susan's head. Totally covering her in thick cream, custard and strawberry filling. Her face turned a deep red as she watched her brother skip away before any of the mess could be flicked on him.

As she cleared away some of the cream and messy from her eyes, she noticed everybody was looking at her, a rose colored blush spread from ear to the another, slowly a little smile formed upon her face and she fell into a fit of giggles. The other girls who had been pied, joined into her giggling fit and together they threaded there arms around each other's shoulders as they posed there picture to taken. A picture that was sure to make it into the schools yearbook.