Susan found herself in a state between being asleep or being awake. The time on her bedroom clock read twelve thirty three in the afternoon. The events from last night seemed to linger on the edge of her mind. They all seemed too twisted to be real, only the still lingering sting in her bottom reminded her that the events had been for real. And the effects of last night paddling still lingered upon her bottom that was still pink and oddly enough warm to the touch.

True to Lavenders words, Susan had not gone to school that morning, though she wished she had. Instead she found herself being woken up at the crack of down and being marched upstairs to the in-house clinic. There, Lisa the in-house nurse had subjected her to a number of medical test. She had been poked, prodded, blood had been drawn, a urine sample had been taken. In short the whole nine yards. Along with being measured, weighed, and given an eye exam. The whole ordeal had lasted some two and a half hours before Lisa, the in-house nurse was satisfied. The result, Susan was in good health, perfect body weight, and developing as any young girl should. And though both the blood and urine test would take some time to develop. No lingering effects from her venture down into the room could be seen.

And so with her test finished, Susan was marched down to the kitchen to break her fast. Once she reached the kitchen, she noticed the early morning school breakfast rush was at its height. Susan could feel her cheeks flushing with color as she stepped into the mist of her brothers and sisters. All of whom were woofing down there scrambled eggs, sausages, and muffins. All paused and looked at her for a minute before returning to their food. One quick look from Lavender, who was standing behind her silenced any shouts of protest.

Blushing again, this time from having all the eyes of her brothers and sisters drawn toward her, she pushed into the room and took a seat. Slowly she eased her bottom down into one of the empty seats. She winched a little as her bottom touched the hard wooden seat. A few of the older teens smirked and grinned as they watched Susan whimper softy to in her seat.

"That enough out of you lot!" Lavender bellowed after a few snickers had passed. "Susan's come down with a big old fever. She needs her rest and food." And that was the end of that. When Lavender spoke, nobody questioned her. She was just that powerful, though the houses rumor mill was already starting to turn. Dozens of whispering voices all said the same thing, that last night somebody tried to sneak into the forbidden room. But those whispering voices were quickly hushed by Lavender peering down at them.

Susan took a deep breath as she settled down to her breakfast, breakfast was simple, a small bowl of plain oatmeal and a mug of hot tea. Once the meal had been finished, she was given a small list of chores to complete. Those had taken her till noon, around noon lunch was served. Lunch for her was nothing more than a frozen pizza that had been fixed. It has been, as she sat at the table, dressed in her housecoat and her hair still pulled back in a messy ponytail that she had been informed that a afternoon trip to fabled "Punishment Room" Had been set for her, and she was ordered to rest till then.

And so that brought Susan to were she was now, laying on her bed. Drifting between being half asleep and half awake, till a sudden knocking at her bedroom door caused her to lift her head from the pillows. She lifted her head just in the nick of time to notice her bedroom door starting to open and there in the doorway Josephine. Dressed in a black pencil skirt, a cream colored blouse, and her long red hair pulled back in a tight neat bun. Her deep blue eyes seemed to drill holes into Susan's tween soul.

"Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell." She stated in a flat tone of voice, "Normally, I would come back, but since your kind of awake, I figured we'll get this show on the road. You know why your getting punished. Lavender has scolded and lectured you enough. So I'm going to skip that part." She said with a sigh.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward Josephine. Slowly she eased off her bed and started to walk toward the door. Her pale pink eyes never left the wooden floorboards. Blushing deeply she folded her hands in her center and then she looked up and peered right into Josephine's eyes.

"So girlie." Josephine said reaching down and placing her hands on Susan's shoulder. "You know what you did was wrong right?" She inquired in a soft tone of voice.

"Yes ma'am." Susan responded in a meek tone of voice.

"Josephine could only sigh. She then reached down and placed her hand upon Susan's shoulder and gently she gave it a good firm squeeze.

"Good, because I hope this is the last time. I hope this is the last time this month that I have to take you down to this room."

And with that being said, Josephine guided Susan from her bedroom and into hallway of the girls wing. In step they traveled down the long row of rooms. Each one marked with a thin strip of brass. Each thin strip of brass was engraved with the girls name who behind the door. Then, they passed through the area of the house called by all "The Crossroads" a area were there stairwell split into four separate directions. To the west were the stairs that lead to the girls wing, to the east were the stairs that lead into the boys wings, to the north were the stairs that lead area that lead to the adult section, were the adults had there respective bedrooms, offices, also the the in-house clinic was located there. And finally to south lay the stairs that took one down to living room. Josephine and Sue passed through this part of the house without a word being spoken to each other.

Then the pair passed through the living room. Today must have been half a day of lessons and classes, because the living room was crammed full with her brothers and sisters. All talking among themselves, as they stripped off their coats, scarfs and other winter clothing. All were hung on big brass pegs. Once they caught sight of Josephine guiding Susan down the hallway, all the talking ceased and thirteen sets of eyes became focused on them.

"Hey Susie!" Called as boy with raven colored hair. "It must have been you that sneaked down into that room last night. Josie going to light a fire in your bottom for that!" He called out in a teasing tone of voice. The voice belonged to a boy around he raged called Ringo. Ring had been named for the Japanese word word for "Apple" fitting because his eyes were red, red like two freshly polished apples.

Susan blushed, But Josephine only sighed.

"And you just earned yourself." She started as she peered toward Ring. "A spanking this afternoon. Go to your room and think about what you said. And once she free, I'll see that Lavender will take care of you." And with that being said, she turned around and peered toward the collection of teenagers, preteens and children.

"Anybody else wish to make any funny comment? Speak now or forever hold you peace." She growled in a low tone of voice. Not a word was spoken.

"Nobody?" Josephine said giving the crowd a once over. "Good," She said sighing softy as she reached over and wrapped her arms around Susan as she started to guide her toward the hallway. "Now, homework everybody."

"Come along Susan." Josephine said as she gently guided her toward the doorway that lead down the very long hallway.

The Hallway was one of the longest hallways in the house. And at the end of this long walkway there waited only the fable "Punishment Room" Or as some of the little ones called it the "Naught Room" it was here that the more formal punishments were handed out. Ones with lingering effects, as they walked, they passed the reading room with its thousands of books, all neatly stored in a wrap around bookcase that covered most of the wall. The next room they passed was the "Class Room" a more glorified study than a true classroom. Instead of carpet the room was covered in white title. Her brothers and sisters from all grades were gathered around the long tables. There shoulders square and there necks buried deep in their textbooks. At the desk that sat in front of the room set a very board looking Lavender. Who was watching over the gathered collection of children like a mother duck.

"Now," Josephine said turning toward Susan who was starting to shake like the last remaining leaf on a bare branch the first cool breath of winter. "A few words of advice. Don't run, don't fight, handle this like a mature teenager and I promise you, it will be over before you know it. Run, fight, and generally raise hell with me. And I promise you, I will make it long and drawn out as possible." she narrowed her eyes at Susan. Josephine was still in her twenties and that made her young enough to remember being Susan's age and old enough to know better than to throw gasoline on a roaring bonfire.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward the woman. Slowly she closed her eyes and nodded her head in understanding, agreeing to what ever the woman was ranting about was the best way to move this conversation forward. Her nodding seemed to for, for Susan as Josephine entered the code on the keypad and gave the handle of the room a good firm push.

Susan stood in the doorway for a good long minute. Pausing she quickly crossed her heart and whispered softy under her breath, the classic Latin prayer she had been taught by the old as the earth nun who had guided her through her confirmation into the Anglican Church. 'Pate filius et spritus sanctus sunt in nomine Domini.'

Josephine blinked and placed her hand upon her shoulder and gently pushed Susan into the room. Once both of them were inside the room. She closed the door and stepped toward a old wooden cupboard that held a collection of paddles, straps, brushes, freshly cut switches and a fine selection of English Canes. The Brass handles were pulled open and sighing deeply Josephine reached in and pulled out the stander size school paddle. She tucked the paddle under her arm and marched over to were Susan stood.

"Bend over and graph your ankles for me. Take a deep breath, and hold it and try to ride the wave." She said as she looked Susan dead in the eye.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around her ankles. Taking a deep breath she felt the bottom of her nightgown being raised up. She then felt her panties being lowered. Her mind had blanked out for a second, now the truth was starting to down on her. She was now standing in the fabled "Punishment Room" in two thirty in the afternoon. She was still sore from last night, still mentally drained from last night. And despite having done nothing all day beside some minor chores around the house, just enough to keep her busy, she was still worn down, Factor in the fact that she could feel the tiniest bit of dread. As the paddle was pressed into her naked flesh.

Josephine took a deep breath, she then drew the paddle back and cracked the paddle across Susan's bottom, the first crackle of the paddle sent a blistering wave of sting across her bottom. The sting rolled into her round bottom cheeks and made her bottom cheeks bounce. Josephine wasted little to no time in following the first one with a second one. The second one kissed her bottom a hair above the first one. Sending another wave of sting rolling her bottom. Hitting her grave, Josephine quickly swung the paddle back and stroked her bottom a third time!

Three strikes down and Susan's eyes were starting to moist and the fire in her bottom was starting to be rekindled, the paddles kept locked away in this room room were heaver and stronger than the ones normally used. They had extra weight in the center. Breathing through her teeth she closed her eyes and coughed as she felt her bottom start to quiver.

Josephine tighten her grip on the handle of the paddle and brought it level with the bottom. Taking a deep breath she sighed and released the pressure, sending another flat level stroke into her bottom, followed by another one and finally the last one. Six was the golden number.

"There you go girl." Josephine said setting the paddle down. "Now stand up and come face me if you will." She said pointing to the space in front of her.

Susan blinked and stood ramrod straight in front of Josephine. Josephine took a deep breath and gently wrapped her arms around Susan, quickly she pulled the girl into a tight embrace and for a good, long ten minutes she rocked the girl between the molds of her breast.

"Now, no more sneaking into rooms that you have no business in. There a big old winter storm moving gin now. No doubt the schools are going to snowed in. Lavender suggest grounding you for the weekend. If your really good tomorrow and help me catch up stuff. There a lot of chores that need to be done around the house, its going to take a few hours for us to work our way through this huge list that Lily's drawn up. You can go somewhere this weekend. Trust me, I'll hand the Margaret and Lavender."

Susan blinked and blinked again. There was something of an official chain of command in the girls dorm. Lily Forest was over all the girls, but her default commanders in chief were Lavender and Margaret, assassinating them were their two lieutenant's or locum tense if wanted the Latin translation. Those two being Lisa the in-House Nurse and Josephine who acted something like the dorm mother. Below those two were a number of girls. But their was always somebody watching out for somebody else. But on official family trips when the whole group was together, that was the official order of seniority. So for Josephine to make such a promise was a pretty bold move.

"Really?" Susan said blinking as she pulled her head from Josephine chest.

"Really, can't have my second stuck at home writing lines now can I?" Josephine winked and then she pulled Susan once more into rib crushing hug. And with that her little adventure came to a end.