The Eternal World

The Eternal World was a magical reality outside the confines of any normal universe; a special space created by Rokonaka and her 14 Amana lovers as a private space in which they could love and play. This expansive world was a massive disc world consisting of the 9 Divine Realms, surrounded by the 4 Chaotic Realms, with the Celestial Realm above and the Catalysmic Realm below, this world was...well, perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit; for this "WAS" a world, sadly this reality no longer exists as it once did.

Let us start simply,

The 9 Divine Realms.
This consisted of 9 massive various shaped puzzle piece worlds seperated from one another by great cracks in the ground, the storm walls, the abyss canyons, sea of clouds, and other such names were given to these divides; as they looked like cracks, canyons, or rivers, along the ground filled with clouds. Some were so thin and calm the locals built bridges across them, others so massive and filled with peril that some thought they were the end of the world in the early days of the 9 Divine Realms.

These realms were filled with various environments, due to local environment bubbles one could find an icy space just beyond a cave from a tropical water way, or a spooky crisp forest just a hill or canyon apart from a sweltering jungle. Indeed magic was the key of the divine realms. The chief inhabitants of these realms were human like beings that some have come to know as "The Eternal Gods", or just Eternals. As they were created to be incapable of suffering from a permanent death. Some may revive shortly, others were nearly indestrutible. These inhabitants were also gifted with the potential for magic, often dominion magics over specific elements or aspects of creation. In the Divine Realms these people occupied every facet of life from farmers, laborors, tavern workers, bankers, clear up to village chiefs, magistrates, and judges. But the highest authorities were the 9 Princesses (in truth 10, but two were known as the "double soul" by the locals). There were also the "Champions", each realm was gifted with one or more powerful individuals who had the task of being the protectors of the realm; more on that later. In addition the Eternals were not always happy with their lots in life, some had found access to various mortal planes across the multiverse and become known as gods in those worlds, being of worship, sometimes while taking a vacation from their regular lives in the Divine Realms, only to return to a mediocre life. Some of the Eternals even interbreeded with and produced "less than Eternal" immortal offspring; only to find they couldn't live well in the Divine Realms or threats that weren't major to Eternals were fatal to them. Many Eternals would leave the Divine Realms as a result; for the sake of their families.

In truth the Divine Realms lacked any (real) food that any being with a true organic nature would need. The plants were more like crystals that grew in the form of plants rather than anything actually alive; the animals were closer to holograms in nature, and anything to be hunted vanished in blue specks of light to transform into (food blocks) to be brought back as nurishment. This entire reality was created more like a toy for the highest beings rather than as a place to be lived in; even the Eternal Gods came to realize they were essentially ever lasting, self replicating, and self repairing from any condition artificial intelligences from the perspective of their creators; something the ego of many who had become "gods" and had immortal and mortal descendants couldn't stand; but more on that later.

Before we go into details regarding the 9 Divine Realms and "The Cycle of Destruction" let us cover the lower number realms that surrounded this disc world. First on a parallel plane to the 9 Divine Realms were the 4 Chaotic Realms, these four realms formed a wheel that radiated out from the 9 Divine Realms, and actually rotated counter clockwise very slowly to the 9 Divine Realms, sometimes two of the Chaotic Realms would suddenly switch places. There was a boarder between the 9 Divine Realms and the 4 Chaotic Realms, similar to the boarder between each other, only for extreme, a "river of starlight" and a wall of mist had to be traversed before one could land a boat on...or enter, one of the 4 Chaotic Realms. These 4 realms were ruled by the 4 generals, consisting of the 3 dolls and the seamstress. In detail and no particular order, these 4 realms were, The Dark Forest, The Sea of Dreams, The Living Sea, and the Distorted World.

1: The Dark Forest: A vast forest of black root like trees, twilight, and strange creatures, there were areas of marsh, toxic zones, purple flowering plants, and other oddities. This world was populated by dolls, animated fungi, and strange unreal creatures. The ruler of this realm was Nina the Darling Devil Doll.

2: The Sea of Dreams: A vast, yet very shallow tropical ocean, rarely going more than 12 to 20 twenty feet deep at the deepest. This realm had numerous odd marble structures, obelisks, raised stone platforms, and other structures resembling ruins that would stick out of the water. Most of what inhabited this space were fish, and various glittering water spirits. The ruler of this realm was Sanu the Dream Weaver.

3: The Living Sea: A vast glowing light and spots of dark blue thick slime/gel ocean with slick silvery metallic structures of odd angles and curving designs with blinking lights on them would stick out of this place. One could encounter metallic orbs and other mechanical slick entities in this realm, in truth the entire ocean was the body of its ruler who would use a humanoid avatar in a silver jump suit when communicating with others, Polymorphica the crafter.

4: The Distorted World: a space of colors, odd dimensions, mirror panes, and general unrealness. A chaotic randomness ruled by a being too chaotic to keep to one name, so let's call her "Chaotic Red", taking the form of a young woman in a red hood and cloak usually, with fiery or red energy waves about her. She is also known as The Seamstress, as she appears to be sowing and knitting when she alters the reality around her. As a note the Distorted World usually as a red dominant coloring to it, and creatures encountered here are things that could never have been alive and defy conventional physical structoring usually.

-as a note like the 9 Divine realms there are no real living things in any of the above 4 Chaotic Realms, only mana structured monsters and automated program simulations created by the four generals-

Above the 9 Divine Realms was a place known as The Celestial Realm. This realm was home to various small spherical bodies, crystal stars, the Purple Moon and the Golden Sun, the Castle of Seasons, and various other "control" structures for the 9 Divine Realms. The general feel of any palace or structure one could visit here was always one of granduar, impossibility, and divinity. Towever of golden glittering crystaline hologram stairs guarded by massive energy dragons and such were not uncommon as the type of things one would encounter should they ever enter the Celestial Realm. This realm was looked after and ruled by an extremly powerful Amana known as "Universa", in truth while the 10 Amana who ruled the 9 Divine Realms were called "Princesses", and the four Chaotic Realm rulers were known as "Generals" or else "Dolls" and the "Seamstress of Chaos", Universa was known as "Queen Universa", as even the Eternal Gods feared her as a goddess with powers far beyond anything they could ever hope to acquire.

Below the 9 Divine Realms, and accessed through special locations and the boarders between the realms was the Cataclysmic Realm, or else simply, the Underworld. This was a vast ever changing labyrinth that spread out beneath all the other realms and beyond them, a massive palace ruled by what the Eternals thought were 9 Evil Goddesses and their armies of evil spirit constructs that they used to try and conquer the 9 Divine Realms, almost by pattern kidnapping the princess of each realm causing some cataclysm *hence the name* as both a result of the princess missing (each Princess had a power that kept the realm stable and peaceful), and by sending dark temples and mystic monsters *as well as predicessors of that design* to spread terror in that realm. In truth the Eternals couldn't really be permanently killed and the plants and animals were all fake, everything would be brought back to normal once the champion or champions completed a series of quests (such as taking down the evil demon generals of each dark temple or fortress) and went down into the underworld to retrieve the princess and bring her back. In the end this cycle of destruction "mixed things up" in an otherwise sterile and repetitive world and allowed the lands to reset in different forms sometimes due to the destruction caused. However, the Eternal Gods; especially those who had brought their much more killable offspring and descendents back with them to the Divine Realms didn't see it this way, and grew angrier over time as the princesses brushed off their concerns. But more on that later.

Let us now look at each of the 9 Divine Realms in no particular order and their basic descriptions, history, ruler, and champions prior to the end.

1: Asta: This Divine Realm consisted of several small continents and oceans, with the primary climate being spring like with mostly open fields and sparse forests. It consisted of several pocket environments thanks to the climate bubbles including a tropical watery paradise home to the sea gods, a frozen cavern, a single volcano surrounded by blistering desert, and a crisp mountain forest with blessed springs.

Asta mainly consisted of small towns with strict population limits *every resident had to fill specific job niches* going beyond this they were allowed to leave this land for another once other lands were united in commerce, or else visit mortal worlds in the multiverse. This was a growing concern of the locals as most of Asta was empty forest and plains that were visited upon by "evil spirits", and felt a more permanent solution for the evil spirits so the towns could spread was in order. After all the evil spirits were remnants from the cycle of destruction.

Beyond the great cities atop the forested plateu lay the Temple of the Sun, here was home to Princess Solaria. The supreme ruler of this land and goddess of the Golden Sun. During the cycle of destruction Solaria would be kidnapped by an entity known as "The Queen of Darkness" a shadowy demon winged woman with long black hair who used black thorn whips. This land was protected by the champion of the light; a thin bark skinned tree like masculine god wearing a green tunic and hat and nothing else really; he would normally keep to his "Enchanted Forest of the Living Trees" ; however when Solaria was kidnapped this meant darkness would come over the land, growing gradually over time summoning new monsters and cutting off his tree spirits from the light that makes them happy. Along with them would come the nine demon generals; appearing in fortresses and temples that appeared in various places, each with a different elemental theme. He would quest to defeat the nine demon generals sending the temples and fortresses back to the underworld to gain the nine keys of the Apocalypse to open the black gate of the Temple of Night, to journey into the underworld to save the princess...if this was a one time thing it wouldn't likely have been noticed, but this happened at least every so many years to decades pretty regularly. In fact the Eternals began to notice Solaria was herself pretty powerful and every telling of the adventures has HER not the hero using her power to save the hero (he just shatters the crystal holding her during the final confrontation with the Queen of Darkess), sending the Queen of Darkness back into the shadows and return with the hero.

2: Mysta: This land is very much exactly like Asta, to the point in a direct telling like this rather than seperate posted entries it would be mainly copy and paste. The major differences are the specific land massess and locations of interest; such as Mysta has a "Forest of Light" which is a forest where the trees shine lights from special flowers at night; and various other specific special locations.

In fact this land also had a forested plateu with a temple, this one the Temple of the Moon, and the land ruled by Princess Mystica *AKA: Princess Lunara, Sellena, and various other moon titles* who was also the Goddess of the Purple Moon. Like with Asta the cycle of destruction here had a dark entity of the underworld appear to kidnap the princess; in this case the dragon-demon like "Netherqueen". Also unlike Asta this land had seven champions who would normally wander the land defeating monsters left over from the previous cycle of destruction. These seven were the archetypes of heroes, "Swordsman", "Healer", "Combat Wizard", "Ranged Fighter", "Thief", "Tank", and "Berserker". When the princess was kidnapped would gather together to journey to, like with Asta, the nine temples or fortresses of the nine demon generals *but not the same nine demon generals as Asta, nor specifically all elemental themed*, to gain the Nine Keys of Evil to open the gate of The Demon Realm and journey down to face the Netherqueen in battle; only for it like with Asta to come down to releasing Princess Mystica from the pod she is held in to use her light to drive back the Netherqueen and restore the land as the moon brings light in the darkness.

As a note, the kinds of monsters and such that appear in Mysta have a very different feel to them than Asta, Asta could be described as more "wilderness" or "animalistic" monsters, while Mysta tended to have very Yokai and Fae like monsters.

3: The Desert Kingdom: sadly the true name of this kingdom has been lost to time. When it was around it was a massive magnificent desert. While some other kingdoms would have desert zones this one put them all to shame. Seas of "liquid sand" seperating islands of rocky ground where towns were built around freshwater springs and under ground water caverns. This kingdom was ruled by The Desert Princess; a shapeshifting princess who took on a variety of female human forms as well as those of spider-taurs, cat-taurs, cat girls, and even scorpion taurs. The "kidnapping" of the princess was treated by the Eternals here more like a game than anywhere else as their champion was also a shapeshifter who wore a grey hat and daper grey and white suit. The princess would send him clues to her location and he had to solve riddles and puzzles across the land to locate her and release her. The cataclysm caused by her kidnapper "The Inferno Queen" was for the heat to get even higher and the air dryer causing the springs to dry up on the surface and what little "plants" there were to wilt. Of course being Eternals this just meant the locals were inconvienced more than anything else until the princess was rescued.

4: The Ocean Kingdom: Another whose true name has been lost to time, the ocean kingdom was inhabited by aquatic themed Eternals as while boarders of this Divine Realm were a chain of beach and tropical paradise landmasses seperating the water parts from the chasms, the majority of this realm was a massive sea in which were great tropical themed locations and caverns. This realm was ruled by Princess Takera *specific of name may vary*, who would sometimes appear as a humanoid in a bikini or as a mermaid.

The cycle of destruction here was that the princess would be kidnapped by The Queen of the Abyss, a massive black octopus tentacles, frill for hair, silvery skinned sea goddess from the dark caverns below. The sky above the sea would turn to terrible storms making the surface and tropical paradise landmasses trecherous and even sinking some of the floating islands, and the sky would become no brighter than twilight. Horrible sea monsters would then roam the waterways. The champion of this land was a shapeshifter who took on various aquatic animal forms to traverse the under water cave mazes, solve its hazards and puzzles, and fight off the "boss" monsters guarding the gates to go further down. As the legends tell this shapeshifter would then battle the massive Queen of the Abyss after collecting the Seven Gems of Light from the boss monsters and during the battle when the Queen of the Abyss would "flinch" he'd send the Gems of of Light one by one to the princess to use to banish the Queen of the Abyss back to the depths as only the princess could unleash their power. The Princess would keep these gems in seven sacred temples in simple villages that would always be stolen at the same time the princess was kidnapped by unknown, never encountered in battle shadowy sea demons.

5: Forest of the Great Trees: That would be a general translation of the long name this forest had, which much like the Divine Realms of Sea and Desert while other realms have forests, and in truth one other Divine Realm is also primarily forests and one of the four Chaotic Realms is also a forest, this forest realm has gargantuan trees and twisting vines the size of roads crisscrossing the land and even over the handful of lands seperated by fresh water seas that constantly flow like rivers in spirals around the island nations joined by the great trees. The Eternals of this land had the traits of various animals, cats, foxes, squirrels, monkeys, and some even bear or badger like features. For most of these Eternals these were simply ears, eyes, and tails with various magical powers. Some were more animal like with the heads of animals or full but anthropomorphic bodies. These Eternals had a princess who lived in the central tree, which had a hollow (but not carved) space and windows, magically shifted. She was viewed as the Divine Maiden, she also looked human save for cat ears on her head. She had the power to bring light (magic crystals carried by the Eternals and in their homes) and a feeling of peace to the forest which otherwise would be incredibly dark and full of terrifying demons.

The cycle of destruction for this land occured when the Dark Empress in her biomechanical bug like form fitting armor, and lacey insect wings sown together like cape would emerge from the Shadow Roots with her army of demons and the Insectoids. She would kidnap the Princess and take her down into the world below and the demons and Insectoids would take over the forest (now bare in mind these Insectoids while some resembling the later alien race of Insectoids are not one and the same, however these Eternal Insectoids did give rise to those and those others do worship these as their ancient gods). The champions of this land were a group of diminutive, almost cartoon like "Robinhood" like gang of animal heroes consisting of a cat with a rapier, a bunny with a bow amd knife, a boar with an axe, and a squirrel with a blow gun or cross bow (their weapons or at least specific version of a weapon would change from adventure to adventure, and the early adventures it was only the cat till his friends joined in). These tiny adventurers would leap about the twisted forests, helped by local merchants, and make their way to defeat the Insectoid Overlords and journey down to the roots to get back the Princess. Lucky for them the Princess would send them power ups, and the Dark Empress conviently would leave orbs with light flashes on them to weaken her during battle and even a self destruct button behind the Princess for the warrior to get to and send her and her minions back to the deep shadow roots causing their world to cave in (until as the legend would tell it they could dig back out again, rebuild, and start the whole thing over again.

6: The Sacred Grove: Not far away, across a relativly thin chasm from the Forest of Great Trees is the Divine Realm of the Sacred Grove. This is again a forest, however it is a more mundane forest and filled with mountains and rolling hills, crystal clear lakes instead of seas and rivers. This maze of trees was home to Eternals much resembling elves but with antlers and horns, many with hoofed feet as well. They would become the ancestors of many nature gods across the multi-verse. The Sacred Grove was ruled by The Sacred Spirit Caller, or the Holy Summoner, this was again a princess in the grand scheme but known locally by a different name as she had the power to create and summon spirits, guide the land and trees. This is how she presented herself to the people. She was the one that made wild game (again not really alive) as well as fish, crops, and all such things appear in the Sacred Grove, her presence made their lives easier and more peaceful, she was the one who watched over the Sacred Grove. As legend tells the Dark Sorceress would come to kidnapp the Holy Summoner so as to tap into her summoning power to summon horrible monsters and evil spirits of darkness to the land trying to conquer it (in truth not really but that is how it was presented). This land was home to four champions, humanoid warriors in white and silver ninja/samurai like armor with solid animal masks of the same materials, some with red or silver lines on them like tribal markings. There were two males and two females, Wolf and Bear, with the two females Fox and Cat. Wolf used a katana, Bear used clawed gauntlets, Fox used battle fans, and Cat used a whip with sacred fire magic. These four would journey the land defeating the Dark Trees from which evil spirits would appear and were home to a core demon, only after which would the Holy Summoner be able to shine her power through to call to them with a golden gate to enter the Palace of the Sorceress. They would fight the Sorceress, always ending up learning it was only her double, a shadow, or an avatar they defeated as the Sorceress retreated leaving them with the Holy Summoner to take back to the Sacred Grove in triumph.

7: The Land of Warriors: The true name is yet again lost to history, something like Oshioratara or something; this land like Asta and Mysta consisted of several continents and seas between them, however while those Divine Realms had pocket environments this one is a bit more extreme, something between that and the massive solo climates of other Divine Realms. In that this realm consists of about 15 or so island countries with their own specific environments. Tropical, Temperate Forest, Swamp, Jungle, Frozen, Volcanic, ect... unlike the other Divine Realms though, this one has two distinctions, one being it had two princesses, the "Twin Souls", which acted as one when speaking and insisted they were really one being in two bodies (although in truth they are two seperate individuals, just very close to each other in every other way). They also weren't really kidnaped, rather they were held prisoner in their own palace during "The Celestial Tournament" in which the evil goddess Ryo-Yoshino would hold them prisoner and hold a tournament in which she along with her demon generals would challenge the warriors of this land. The big stakes being Ryo-Yoshino would be the final boss and her warriors and the local Eternal Warriors would battle each other. Oddly if a dark warrior got to the end one of the Twin Souls would reveal they had put Ryo-Yoshino to sleep and really set the tournament up themselves (all in private) and fight the warrior themself; the ending being escaping back to the underworld with Ryo-Yoshino as the Twin Souls reveal their true power. On the side fighting Ryo-Yoshino ends much the same way, once defeated she revives instantly and displays she is really a cosmic being and the Twin Souls have to transform and send her back. This land figured out pretty quickly this was all a set up, but unlike the majority of the others were pretty much okay with it. Any issues behind the scenes were purely political and not about being treated as toys.

8: Espiana: This Divine Realm consisted mainly of seas and small island spotted about it with a boarder that litterally lookd like "the edge of the world" as the seas went directly down into it, not like a waterfall but like a wall of water. There was a strange bouncy rim right there at the edge that had a magical repelling force towards the many wandering island. Unlike the other realms this one didn't have as much of a "cycle of destruction" as its large warrior like Eternals and the 13 Champions had to constantly travel about to defeat "demons" that would pop up at any time. Unlike the other Divine Realms this one had seasons and the environment was more northern and chillier. There was the Demon Island ruled by the Demon of Storms that brought terrible storms and destruction as well as the most powerful monsters when it would appear. And while there was no whole scale "cycle of destruction" that came with it, the Demon of Storms would routingly kidnap the Princess of the Northern Woods *the defacto ruler of the entire Divine Realm of Espiana* whose magic kept the seas and forests of this land stocked with the "fish" and "wild game" the Eternals so enjoyed. While kidnapped the Demon Island would stay parked in the middle of the shipping and fishing lane and cause a storm no merchant or fisherman could get past, not to mention the sea monsters. Requiring one or more of the 13 champions to brave the storm, journey onto the island and rescue the princess. In this case more a sneak in, and convince her to come back as even the legends here point out the Demon of Storms would give the princess luxories not seen in her modest stone castle and wooden village at its base. It always ended with the princess "being taken out of the demon's enchantment" and being allowed to leave as the demon required her consent to stay. Truly a much odder tale than the others so far. But like some, this bred resentment from the chiefs and rulers of this Divine Realm as it came down to two powerful individuals effectivly haulting everyone's lives and livlihoods to fool around. The fact it happened routingly stood out to these chiefs.

9: The Land of Death: This Divine Realm stands out among the others as something of a reversal, rather than immitate life this realm immitated concepts of the after life in the form of a world of graves, tombs, where the Eternal Gods were reapers, skeletal, and other such ghostly and monstrous forms. Even the champion of this land was a skeleton who used "power ups" to take on reaper and death knight like forms and powers. Here the cycle of destruction was caused when the ruler of this land of blood red and inky black rivers and lakes, dead trees, and spirits was invaded by The Goddess of Light, an angelic being in white clear robes and long blond wavy hair; she brought the light to this world and the monsters were life like things like plants and angelic beasts; she'd kidnap the "Princess of Souls" (an Onryo in a pink kimono), and take her back to the Gates of Life, which was again under this world but much more brightly lit and celestial in design. The final battle always involved the reaper champion putting out lights in the final chamber so the Princess of Souls could be released and use her power to force the Goddess of Light to transform into The Queen of Darkness, wrap her wings around herself and descend back into the abyss.

Contrary to how it may seem the Eternal Gods who theorized there was a cycle to this that the Princess of Souls was resetting the cycle as a previous Princess' light power had transformed this entity into a light goddess and it was the Land of Death that stood out among the others (even initially accused by some as the source of the invasions), however scholars determined there really wasn't any set pattern to the apperances and many argued up till the end if the invading "demon queen" of each realm really was the same individual.

Now having read through all that one may wander something rather vital. None of that seems like the sort of thing a cosmic being and its cosmic lovers would just create out of thin air, some yes, but all that rather...familiar, variety is a bit suspicious is it not? This is something the Eternal Gods who inhabited these lands themselves thought as well, and those that would wander the multiverse found worlds with games, comics, movies, anime, cartoons, and the like that all too closely resembled their own worlds even if they themselves had not appeared earlier in that timeline to influence them. Yet they were thousands of years old themselves, how could this be. The truth would drive them mad. So let us begin at the beginning.

There were once seven entities who existed in a space that could not trully be described as a "space" but a presence. These seven would for various reasons seperate and create their own pocket universes even as they were aware of the multiverse. Due to their extreme age, ability to exist outside the various "normal" flows of time, and the limitations they place upon themselves in power and even memory for their various reasons telling how exactly they came to be or what first influenced which to what or what they influenced first is not exactly solid. In the case of Rokonaka, her pocket universe was a dark place of heat and broken physics. Where she rested in the center of this sea of chaos bundled upon in her various wings, tendrils, vines, tentacles, pseudopods, and what not that she formed around her glorious glowing form, the jewel in the center of the sea of chaos. The conditions of this universe brought into existence from her essence and the chaotic physics around her at first a second being to inhabit this reality, the Mother of the Amana, Universa. After her came the Seamstress, and from the Seamstress who with Universa journeyed through the vines to the center to greet their "mother" the creator by sheer presence Rokonaka. They were not alone, for an entire race of celestial beings had been born in this space; but their numbers stopped at one point, as though the specific conditions to create them had only been present in one point at one time; these were the Amana. Rokonaka believed her feeling of being "too alone" while she slept somehow made them, and with so many of them that condition was likely met, but she was up for trying to intentionally create more. With this the Seamstress and Rokonaka created The Three Dolls by sowing together the threads of their existence. With Universa another method was attempted, to birth new Amana, a power Universa had. With this the first male formed Amana was born as twin to a sister, Zahnon and Sahralia.

These would journey to and from this space into the multiverse, 10 of the other Amana would become lovers with Rokonaka as well, and with each other of course. It was during these journeys that they interacted with various space faring races, caused chaos, destruction, creation, but there was one "game" that Rokonaka once took part in that inspired her. Reality Zero as it has come to be called. Rokonaka along with her six sisters detected a dimension tech that could pull eternal souls from the well of souls and force them into and to power weapons and constructs. This was a Human world, one of the many races whose shape was inspired by their influence. The long short is the seven of them limited their power and memory while influencing the scientists of this reality to create bio-android bodies for them to inhabit as part of some "create their own gods" program. It was from this that Maekonaka shifted her realm into a Nirvana, and Chaykonaka her realm into a Hell; which given the context may make it a tad confusing that as far as Dimension Police and other higher dimensional records can tell Chay and Mae were the very founders of the after life system that guides eternal souls in a controlled evolution so as not to disrupt the natural progress of existence with the union of sapience and soul. But that is a story for another tale.

This experience exposed Rokonaka to a vast history of fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. Yes, a horrible truth for so many fantastic worlds whose rules and logic seem so game like; they can (at least by this aspect) be traced back to a cosmic being, that was inspired by fiction to make it real. So it was that Rokonaka brought these ideas back to the sea of chaos, that one realm so unlike most the others that had never had any worlds or purpose beyond existing. So they crafted their Eternal World, each sharing the knowledge of these worlds wanting to do their own thing so using their own segments of a portion of the Sea of Chaos to craft their own world, and as this was intended as a playground not putting real life there but rather aesthetic creations, flavored crystals, and eternal and adapting "NPCs" from which champions could be born. Originally each of the realms was seperate and the games they played stayed in them.

However as the number of Eternals grew, their powers grew, and the realms grew in size they met one another, Asta and Mysta met first, the Desert contacted the Sea and the two forest lands, The Land of Warriors had conflicts with the Land of Death and Espiana as a third party. The 10 Amana had become the Princesses of these lands. As mentioned before the Eternals had visited the multiverse, internal politics growing more tense as those who would be "king of the gods" and worshipped so much by so many mortal worlds would come back to a place where they were stuck eternally lower on the heirarchy as none could go above the Princesses of the 9 Realms. They also realized in time *many thousands of years it took* that the cycle of destruction they once romanticized to mortals in stories was nothing more than a game being played by their "super gods" as their expense. Many of these Eternal Gods simply left the 9 Divine Realms for the multiverse, but many couldn't take the humility, that they the kings of gods, lords of life and death of thousands of worlds were nothing more than the playthings and background elements of a toy box for cosmic beings that made gods of one planet look like fleas trying to scream over a supernova. Discovering that beyond the 9 Princesses there were the 3 Dolls, the Chaotic One, Queen Universa, and The Celestial Empress of the Dark Void, that the evil one of every realm was the SAME INDIVIDUL, playing the bad guy. All their suffering (despite not being able to die and nothing alive being killed...except those that tried to bring their own livestock, followers, and demi-god offspring back to the Divine Realm...despite being warned by the Princesses that this was an extremly bad idea and the Divine Realms simply cannot support them...but they took this an insult about "lower beings unfit to exist in the Divine Realms apparently and wouldn't listen.

No effort was made on the part of the Eternal Gods to reason with them beyond that and stubbornly tried to "tame" the Divine Realms and sought a permanent solution to their suffering. A secret kabal of the "kings" of Eternal Gods came together and concluded that they could fertilize the Divine Realms, stock them with life, and make them suited as their kingdoms, as their domains if they could make these handful of Amana and assorted/related cosmic beings leave the Divine Realms, planning to divide them among the various pantheons of thousands of mortal worlds, and even carve out sections to act as their own paradises and punishment pits for followers and special heroes and what not. They didn't tell any of the champions about this, and they didn't really make the connection with the 3 Dolls, Chaotic One, and Universa as they mainly kept to themselves as far as the Eternal Gods could tell, but might be dealt with later.

The Eternal Gods knew no power in the Divine Realms would work, but they learned of other multiverses, of the Architects of Magic, that the only power that could equal and cancel out that of Rokonaka the Architect of Elemental Magic, was an equally powerful force from another Architect. But approaching another Celestial Empress against her own sister was too risky, so they found something, crafted thanks to an external "hero" from another reality, a spell to turn Rokonaka's own power against her. At its basic the spell was a Restraining Order spell, a repelling magic that would force individuals apart from each other, or force individuals to be repelled by some powerful magical artifact or location so they couldn't enter it. The idea was to use the power of the Divine Realm its self as the focus and repell the princesses and Rokonaka from it to never return. So in secret they laid their horrid spell, focusing on each of the 10 Princesses and Rokonaka. But this "hero" they hired would not take chances. As the time came to execute the spell he challenged all 10 princesses and Rokonaka to appear together, accusing them of the game he had been told about, of abusing gods, of toying with creation. In this moment the spell was executed...



a brilliant light, a horrid sinking feeling, a sadness and distress, a disaster. Rokonaka's power as the source of the Sea of the Chaos was the source of the Eternal World's existence, this extreme power didn't just repell the 10 princesses, it tore from them their Amana power, their memories were suppressed, till only their cores remained, essentially turning them into the equivalent of eternal souls and being blown away like seeds in the wind through the well of souls and the multiverse. Rokonaka couldn't reach them, any force she used to pull them back thanks to the spell pushed them further away; and they weren't alone. The spell indirectly also threw Universa, Chaotica, Sanu, Polymorphica, and Nina out into the multiverse. Much to the hero's surprise and that of the Eternal Gods' Rokonaka remained behind, but...her rage.

In retrospect her reaction could have been far worse, although given the size of the Divine Realms...well...she tore the worlds apart. The Celestial Realm became the Dark Netherworld, a distorted chaos that created an eternal tempest beneath it, she rose her palace from below, the labyrinth they all feared as the underworld rose up, blasting the lands and sea apart. Rokonaka concluded that if their toys, their playthings, and this world created for their fun and enjoyment would dare commit such an atrocity against them then it no longer needed to exist. Chunks of the land blasted high into the Dark Netherworld, most were simply obliterated. Those Eternal Gods who remained were sent flying into the multiverse, twisted and driven mad by the spaces between spaces, many thrown into the Far Dark of universes; these became known as The Race from the End of Eternity, the oldest and most foul of the Eldritch Abominations; this was their punishment to be trapped forever inside their horrid forms of madness. Where the 9 Divine Realms had been now was a barren rock upon which was the Castle of Rokonaka, this land became known as Tempestia or else The Eternal Tempest. However as fate would have it as they had only been indirectly hit, Chaotica, the 3 Dolls, and Universa returned before long and calmed some of Rokonaka's rage, some remnants of the Eternal World were left floating in the Dark Netherworld, to be protected by domes and spheres so they could develop, others twisted into new realms along the edges or within, a few even carried above the clouds to a new nebular sea to float there. A brand new beginning world to be named The Other World. In fact the central pieces of Asta and Mysta actually made it up there *but only the central islands as floating continent worlds*, the Grand Tree was left to grow and became the Galactic Tree with the Insectoid Demons' mortal descendents inhabiting it, pieces of this or that land mass were also carried up here by Universa, Chaotica, and others to become parts of the Makai Cluster and other land masses they managed to secure.

Rokonaka had held back in truth, wanting only to wipe the slate clean and then find a way to recover the princesses. Due to the spell, whose greatest damage was stripping away the powers and memories of the princesses turning them into Eternal Souls (that would in time through reincarnation evolve spiritually back into Amana and regain their memories; but not before causing massive problems for their reincarnations and the worlds they would be reincarnated on, as the memories and experiences of those lives would exist; and any children they had would flesh wise be mortal but their spirits would be Amana evolving; and their leaps of power and types of power would make some reincarnations unstable, or trapped as some type of immortal or another, or stuck in the after life as they could become too powerful as a ghost, demon, god, or what not to reinhabit a mortal body as eternal souls generally stop reincarnating at a MUCH lower power level than the Amana would reach at their true awakened forms. Thus Rokonaka devised methods to intercept their souls, to limit her own powers and memories through avatar reincarnations so her power wouldn't push them away as she wittled the spell away and adapting it so it could never be used on them again.

To this end Rokonaka understanding that souls are often driven to reincarnate back to familiar worlds regretted blasting apart the 9 Divine Realms, but they were not alive anyway. So with the assistance of her sisters as this was work in the shared universes, she guided worlds and altered worlds to become magical, Juhn, Jenna, Peres, Homnes, Espara, and others. Giving herself amnesia as well made it tricky, but manipulating time and place was easy enough for her, and with the adapted spell and spiritual familiarity would be drawn to one another. Some of the princesses were found quickly enough, guided home, and allowed to grow with the guidance of the others; and bring any offspring they accumulated with them. Although they also had ended up using their magic to create other races so the palace has become populated by slimes, demons, shadow vampires, and others; granted this is a palace stretching across the entire previously Eternal World and up into the Dark Netherworld, Other World, and parts of stretching into various other mortal worlds. Not all the princesses ended up on these magical worlds, some were trickier than others as they ended up on mortal worlds, and Rokonaka's own growing powers through reincarnations made it trickier as she regained her own memories.

It was this hunt for the 10 princesses that brought about Rhulan, that brought about the conquest of worlds, the births of many powerful and dangerous beings, the growing number of created powerful races prompting the Overlord Tournament to become neccessary. Granted this is all due to them being forced to enter the mortal inhabited multiverse. Of course there are six other sisters of Rokonaka and all they created, many of these magical worlds, Hells, and such are also their doing and those of their descendents and creations.

Rhulan has rarely encountered members of the Race from the End of Eternity, and if realzing her true goal and that someone or something got in her way of retriving a princess, or seeing one made to suffer a bad life; as she partially blames herself as it was her power being used by the spell that so overblew the spell causing this stripped of power and memory affect, she shows no mercy. These of course are their own tales to tell.

It should be noted as each was/is recovered they have thanks to their new experiences, forms, families, and creations, opted to once again carve out parts of the Eternal Tempest to make new worlds, or make them in Other World or the Dark Netherworld. Most are much smaller than before, but are now alive with ecosystems. Although Mysta did end up creating a pocket space inside a pocket space and put a whole solar system in there with planets moddled after the RPG syles "The Mystic Zone". Some prefer much smaller spaces *a thousand miles or so*, some a whole planet, and some like Mysta much larger spaces. Rhulan has even made parts of the Beta Hell with a princess with the intention and approval to seperate them when the time comes to rebuild the Eternal World; although some have argued the Inferverse *first creation to try and draw souls to it* and much more game like is the spiritual successor of the Eternal World (where "life" follows the same rules, monsters are more frequent, and the NPCs are now much more limited in power and life span so they can't develop their own super conciouses and regard themselves as gods. Granted Soul Bodies in Hell are a similar design, but that's Chay's design).

In the end, tens of thousands of years have passed, and entire worlds gone throught great upheavels all because some gods thought to steal a playground from celestial beings.