title: Delicitestritastrophy

Type: SRPG

Genre: Sci-fi / Fantasy

Setting: Takes place primarily between two kingdoms of Northern Ravashira nestled between two massive lakes (essentially inland freshwater seas). The countries of Crimdalina and Postorina.

Back story:
Crimdalina and Postorina, two massive kingdoms that share a boarder down the middle of a large piece of land surrounded by two lakes and wide rivers. The boarder has always been disputed in where exactly it is, as such conflicts between farmers, and small towns near the boarder are frequent. One town accuses another of hunting in their woods, farming in their land, ect…

One day a strange light could be seen overhead, an alien ship resembling a bullet train. A strange light from the north fires upon the craft causing it to split into three parts. One part crashes in Crimdalina territory, another in Postorina, with the cockpit part crashing towards the light that shot at it outside either kingdom's territory.

The cargo pod in Postorina territory yielded a substance that when hardens on a weapon or armor takes on the shape encasing it in sharp nearly indestructible pink *crystal*. The cargo pod that landed in Crimdalina territory yielded a strange white goop material that could harden in a mold and become nearly indestructable armor or weapons. Both sides believing they now have a new super-weapon are going to war. However the kings of both sides don't want a war and call in a mediator from a neutral third party, Stratalia. Thus Tyros-Lia is sent to act as a mediator; however strange cult like forces want the war to continue and spread chaos across the land.


Tyros-Lia: A fist fighter with a penchent for fire moves and air type moves. A rare and very dangerous combination of skills.

Mann: A five foot six inches or so tall Caucasian man with a muscular but not body builder frame. He sports short brown hair and a bushy beard.
He is a laid back man, preferring to rest than work, and one of Tyros' closest friends. When the journey begins Tyros takes three guards with him. This is one of them. Mann is a Geokinetic, he seldom likes to fight upclose so instead summons golems to fight for him (he has a skill that allows him to capture the image of an enemy and create a golem of them to help; easier on weaker and nearly defeated enemies).
However he can fight up close, he uses a sword when he does so.

Jin: Appears to be a mix of Caucasian and East Asian, he stands only about five feet six inches tall, and has short semi shaggy green hair. He has a thin build, dresses in dark green with brown leather straps for his belt, item pouch, quiver and bow strap, brown
leather gloves, and brown leather boots.

The second of the three guards that start out with Tyros. Jin is an archer with amazing skills with his arrows. As the game progresses he will have things from shadow paralysis, sealing, and various elemental and exploding arrows among other archery moves at his disposal.

Blowke: A six foot tall Caucasian bald man. He is muscular and tends to keep a smile on his face; he can normally be found wearing white cloths, often wearing an apron.

He is a duel knives fighter, and other cooking utensils. He is a cooking nut, of the three who start out with Tyros he is the least impressive battle wise; but his cooking can have amazing results from healing items too status effect items, to even weapons against the enemy (basically alchemy in the kitchen).

Jasma: A mysterious blond haired Light Elf who shows up and decides to aid Tyros; chances are very good she has a thing for him; but why is she lurking about and what is her true objective?

She is not a traditional female elf warrior as pointed out by those who only know about elves from storybooks as instead of using a bow and arrow she used two Katana. Her healing moves are just as potent as her insanely fast attack moves.

Taki: A woman appearing to be a mix of Caucasian and East Asian, standing around five feet four inches tall. She has shoulder length pink hair that curves gently to frame her face and a thin athletic frame. She typically wears a costume resembling a French Maid or what is known as a "Moe Made" as it emphasizes her larger than her frame normally has breasts and knee length skirt; this costume is usually blue with white lace in color or grey with white lace (she does have multiple uniforms).
As the game progresses it becomes clear Tyros needs more help, after using the third hub (see gameplay) to sneak back to Stratalia he enlists the aid of three more fighters, the first is Taki. She is a master of effortless effort martial arts (fighting while appearing to barely move; she has to keep her uniform neat after all). She is also a master thief able to unlock any treasure chest or fashion a key for various doors. Among her powers is also teleportation allowing her to move across the battle field quickly, move enemies and objects around, and even teleport to places the party has been before (see gameplay for details)

Morohi: A woman appearing to be a mix of Caucasian and East Asian, standing around five feet seven inches tall. She has a lean athletic build with B-cup breasts, she also sports shoulder length, cut off the ears dark blue hair. Her usual attire is a leather tight battle suit made to be flexible in the joints.

The second reinforcement unit Tyros calls upon. She is a fist fighter like him, however she uses chi moves to enhance her strengths, can fly, and use explosive chi bombs and energy blasts to go along with her martial arts.

Launia: A woman appearing to be a mix of Caucasian and East Asian, standing around five feet six inches tall (shorter actually, but wears some serious heels). Her hair is a dark black. She has green eyes, and very red lips. In cut scenes she is wearing, a long red skirt dress, with a somewhat bar maid looping top, that reveals her ample cleavage despite the white top that should be hiding this; her long black hair completing the look of a sexy yet docile shop keeper. However, look closer and there is something off about her looks, the hair on her head down to about mid neck moves differently than the length down her back, her bustier is too tight under her breasts despite a lack of straps, the sides also appear to somehow be skin tight despite the material it appears to be made of not naturally behaving this way. When she goes into battle this outfit vanishes as it is only an illusion revealing, serious black leather clothes like a cross between ninja and dominatrix.

She the third of Tyros' reinforcements, and despite her appearance which might suggest shadow powers or something she is a Florakinetic; a plant user. She uses spells like blade leaves and vine entanglement among others. Her plant powers can be very over the top in strength. She can also plant special seeds that can grow in pots in the hubs that grow into healing herbs and other such items.

Gold Wolf: This light elf could easily be mistaken for a demon. He is muscular and dresses like a martial artist. His hair is made of golden spikes with red tips and he has a very mean look about him. He is a fist fighter with golden energy blasts and explosive chi bombs, along side his crazy over the top moves.

He joins the party last, despite being Jasma's brother. He has his own agenda, and keeps acting like there is somewhere else he should be but must stick to the mission.

As an SRPG it has most the trappings of the RPG genre, experience points, armor, weapons, accessories. However as an SRPG the combat is turn based on a grid based movement map system. As the story progresses there will be a map with dots indicating battle grounds and roads between them. The player can travel anywhere they have been before along the roads; noting that random battles can also occur even if they don't select a battleground. After Taki joins the group the player will then be able to open a drop down menu of battlegrounds and hubs and go to anyone they want at any time.

The hubs are where inns, item shops, and such can all be found. There will be a total of three hubs by the time the game ends, including a mysterious tree of faeries that can act as a portal between different maps until Taki arrives and makes that function pointless.

When battle begins the player can send out a total of 12 fighters, given there are a total of nine story characters this leaves three extra slots *unless the player decides not to use some story characters, or its early enough they don't have them all yet*. The extra fighters can be earned as golem copies thanks to Mann, whose power allows for a "capture system" in which the player gains their own monsters (no bosses) to use in battle. There are several other additions to game play as time goes on such as Launia's herb gardens allowing for growing one's own enhancement and healing items after that feature is unlocked. However on the battlefield different characters have move distances they can make and limitations or special movements over obstacles in the environment, taking turns moving, and in that same turn deciding on actions (item, defend, or attack), only one of the three per character *golems can not use items, but can have items used on them*. The attack option is also used for spells and special attacks. Special attacks and spells both use MP (to keep things simple). Different attacks have their own ranges and heights they can reach, for example punches are usually only one block in front while arrows can hit much further away.