-Current Local Year: 6000BCE-
Location: Somewhere near Egypt, middle of the desert.

Upon the sandy dunes bathed in the light of the moon a massive and imposing figure stands, this creature is nearly 20 feet tall and resembling a humanoid golden eagle with head and legs of an eagle, the torso of a man, and human like arms save they have the talons of an eagle for hands with the massive wings positioned upon his back like those of an angel. This being wears a white toga tied around the waist with golden rope.

His eagle's gaze turns to a mysterious light appearing in the dunes not far away, a portal to a world where it is daylight and grassy fields extend beyond, green vines lash about the edges of the portal extending it.

"What is this?" speaks the giant bird-man aloud.

A figure emerges from the portal, a pale woman in black clothes, black boots, black corset, black pants, and even a black cape with a red interior, her hair is blood red and even from a distance his eyes can make out her deep blue eyes and red lips.

"A vampire?" he says aloud, "come to aid her master no doubt."

He looks back in the direction of a stone tomb buried in the sand.

"I will not allow this." he gathers fire in his up turned claw and tosses it at the woman, only for her to swish the air with her hand dismissing the flames with a massive burst of wind that nearly knocks him off his feet.

"Creature of this world," speaks the woman, her voice booming in the wind as though coming from the sky and the very air, "I am Rhulan the Sorceress, for what reason do you attack me unprovoked...and be quick or I'm just going to cut your head off here and now."

She summons with a green flash a large black bladed broadsword with red runes glowing along the flat sides of the blade.

"I am Ahm!," he announces, "God of the sun and fire, there can be but one reason for a vampire to come here, I will not allow you to release Litmet from her prison foul abomination!"

He outstretches his wind and fires six red lasers, three per wing that fire on either side of Rhulan and the portal, She *sighs* and withdraws her sword, the portal vanishing behind her. Faster than Ahm can blink he is struck in the gut and topples over, the wind knocked out of him. Rhulan levitates a few feet in the air, fist clinched and looks down at him, "Ahm...as in Ammon Ra? You are this world's version of the sun god Ra then? A pathetic varient to be sure."

"Filth!" he screeches slashes up with a burning claw only to hit air and an after image as Rhulan appears elsewhere.

"First off," she says with a smile, "behold!"

Her cape becomes shadow wings that become solid dragon wings, a long tail emerges with a red tuft on the end, a pair of horns adorn her brow, her eyes have become blood red, her hands claws and her clothing becomes black armor.

"A Sethian mercenary?" as Ahm, "Or a Litkin, it makes no difference you are..."

"Enough!" shouts Rhulan as a cyclone of black flames envelops her, a deep horrifying voice escaping the growing darkness forcing Ahm to fly back, "I am not whatever nonsense you speak of!"

He staggers to one side as a giant black scale covered claw emerges from the dark flames and strikes the ground beside him. He stares up in disbelief as a wolf like head with long dragon whiskers and black antlers emerges and looks down upon him. The flames vanish, revealing a massive black dragon, her wings blocking out the moon, her tail kicking up a sandstorm. She speaks through teeth that barely move, the mix of a woman's voice and a demon's growl, "Small creature at my feet who proclaim themselves a god, I know not what madness you speak of. However I can sense the aura of Other World upon you. That is all I need, now speak with reason and..."

Ahm throws a barrage of fireballs that do nothing but poof out against the chest, arms, and claws of the dragon, "So be it, know what it means to annoy Rhulan, the dragon of cataclysms."

She lifts and smacks her claw down on him, surprisingly not killing him and lifts him up, his struggles are fruitless.

"Now then," she says as she flies into the air, "Powers of the Universe, Spirits of the Inbetween, I call upon the guiding hand of Sanu to use this aura as a key to unlock the way for me!"

Her hand glows with a golden and deep sapphire blue mixed light enveloping Ahm, she aims her fist and a massive portal appears. She flies through it.

"No!" screams Ahm seeing that they are passing through a tunnel of white and golden clouds and seeing beyond the other end the floating continent world of his birth, floating upon the white nebular sea, a massive stone oblong dish filled mostly with water with an island a few hundred miles long shoved off to one side like a lone kidney beam in an empty soup bowl.

However as they approach the opening the clouds turn black, filled with thunder and lightning, a voice, a voice they both recognize as belonging to the very person who is now this dragon, "It is not time. I forbid this event!"

Black vines lash out from the clouds and entwine the dragon, Ahm is released from her grasp in the surprise and flies out the opening into Other World.

"What is this?!" demands Rhulan.

A massive black disc appears covering the entrance.

"So be it," says Rhulan, black flames enveloping the dragon body, she shrinks and reforms to her regular human like form quickly enough to escape the grasp of the black vines, and draws The Thousand Year Sword, its blade glows with a blood red aura and vibrates. She swings it at the gate and it becomes stuck, and yanked from her grasp into the darkness. The upper part of the disc distorts into a face, her face, only stiff and mask like, it stretches out to also be the naked form of her torso, upper arms, hair trailing back and part of the gate and a semblance like a dress for a lower body.

"The mother of chaos," mutters Rhulan, "return my sword! I get out of my way."

"I am you," says the giant statue like form, "As you are I, only as a dream. I am the dreamer and the dream, what is yours is mine and will be returned in due time. However,"

The statue like form bends and looks down at her with blue spiral galaxies in the eye holes that otherwise are filled with blackness and hints of stars, "I will not be interfered with, not even by myself!"

The tunnel is filled with darkness, Rhulan's vision becomes blurred, her motor skills impared as if she were drunk. She blacks out. When she awakens she finds herself staring up at the stars, and to her right at the stars, and to her left at the stars, her body enveloped in her celestial aura she finds herself floating on a small asteroid in the depths of unknown space. She stands up, as best that idea exist in relation to the rock barely as big as she is.

"Everything in its time and its place." comes her own voice whispering, "that is unless you desire to ascend, become one once again."

Rhulan squints into the darkness of the universe, "I am Rhulan the sorceress, I will not be absorbed and forgotten as some dream, I will become stronger, stronger than what was if need be! Even the avatar of an all powerful god can overshadow them."

She brings up a green disc in her hand, an inventory screen, "At least that sword I spent too long crafting was returned after all. But otherwise, this higher self version of me is a bitch."

"But that said," says Rhulan after a moment's pause, "what reason could I have, the mother of chaos have, to block me from returning to Other World now? Hmm, perhaps the means by which I did so, judging by the capricious and confused mannerisms of other gods I've met. After all, pick the wrong planet and I'd have to hunt down more keys and go through so many ridiculous hoops just to get back into the Timeless Land; but then...find another planet and its only a matter of finding the right door.