Darius Kamron Whitehead's Classics - A Kid Named Marcus

(trumpet noises as I walk in)

"Hello." I say. "Today on Darius Kamron Whitehead's Classics, the classics that me and my gang loved since classic times, A Kid Named Marcus."

(The classic begins, as Marcus walks to the door, but it's locked)

"Oh, dear. I forgot my key. I must have left it at my school." Marcus says. "Not to worry. Koopa will let me in. I will yell for him."

Marcus is about to yell for Koopa, but he realizes something.

"Maybe not such a good idea. It is the crack of dawn, and I do not want to wake up the whole neighborhood." says Marcus. "I know. I will yell softly."

"Koopa." Marcus softly yells.

"Maybe I have to yell a bit louder." Marcus says.

"Koopa." Marcus yells normally.

"Oh, maybe I have to yell even louder." Marcus says.

"Koopa!" Marcus yells. Still no answer. "I think even louder." Marcus says. "Koopa!" Marcus yells even louder, and groans.

"I have to yell as loud as I can. The loudest." Marcus says to the viewer. "Koopaaaaa!" As Marcus stomps his feet. "Koopaaaaaa!" Marcus yells and turns to someone offscreen. "How's that, Mr. Koffee?" Marcus continues yelling. "Koopaaaaaaaa! KOOPA!"

Kylie opens the shutters.

"What d'ya want?" Kylie asked. "Oh, it's the crack of dawn!"

"Wait a minute, you are not Koopa. I do not know you, your name's Kylie." Marcus says as he saw her.

"You're on the wrong street. The other Koopa lives around the corner!" Kylie says.

"Oh, uh, thank you!" Marcus thanks Kylie, and turns to the viewer. "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

"Oh, brother." Kylie closes the shutters.

"I guess I will just have to wait for another kid to come by." Marcus sighs, and waits for that kid.

"Kid, where are you?" Marcus says.

"Kiiiiiid!" Marcus yells.

(trumpet noises)

"The End." I say, while the classic ends.

"KIIIIIIID!" Marcus yells at the end.

"Pretty classy, huh?" I ask. "Tune in next time for another Darius Kamron Whitehead classic." I said as the trumpet plays.

I put my card stock in my big old suitcase, zip it up, and walk out.