What do you want me to say?
That this world is way too full of hate
Should just walk away from it
Leaving so many people to its fate.

Somedays I want to runaway
Yet I know I need to stay
Or how else can I make it through
Without no one around.

I cry with despair
As i see the wrong people
Get the hate they don't deserve
As the rude people run around in numbers.

Just want everyone to know
No matter how frustrated I get
I don't give up that easily
Since deep down I still believe the good.

I can go on
Saying I cut off my attachment
To get close to anyone
Yet it will just grow back.

I can't take seeing people
Just giving up on others
From being beaten down
Since they are worth more
Than what they were told.

Ill be right here
With the water on my face
Wiping it all away with my rage
Being there for anyone who deserves it
Since people always need someone.