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Destiny - 1

by Dily

I look around me. I can see the shape of the Blackrock Castle stand out in the distance, there in the grassy clearing. A bolt of lightning is ripping through the sky when I rise up my eyes to look at the even darker outline of the building. It was already too gloomy for my likes when I arrived this morning, but now it's so much worse. The lightning is followed by the thunder and it roars just as the light escapes through the dreary black clouds. Blackrock has been my family's manor since I can remember, but there is no way I'll ever be less scared by it. I close my eyes. Raindrops fall onto my face and down my cheeks. For a moment I start thinking I will never open my eyes ever again. I don't know if it's because of the rain or the tears that are slowly falling down to the ground. I feel cold. I just feel cold and scared. I have to admit it: I'm really frightened. I have never felt so… so… I'm not even able to explain my feelings. There's only one thing I'm completely aware of: my heart which beats so hard behind my chest. "What am I supposed to do?" I ask myself. I know I want to go away, far from that cursed place, so far I won't be able to see those dark towers anymore. Far enough for me to forget about all those dusty books which haven't given me the answers I was looking for. Only more confusion. And doubts.

But my legs won't move. My arms are heavy and I don't want to try raising them. I turn again and look at the Manor. For a moment I think there is someone near the door, then shake my head trying to get that thought away from my mind. I'm alone. I need to be. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to breathe. I don't have a choice: either going back or leave.

In the first case, I might have one more chance to solve this mystery, unravel the plot, see the complete puzzle, but I doubt I'll still be alive the next morning. If someone doesn't kill me, I'm sure fear would do it.

Or… I might as well run away, reach the small town I now live in, going to my room in my uncle's Manor and close myself to the world. I'd live till the end of my days – I hope – knowing I could have done something more. I don't think I would dislike it: at least I would be alive. An alive coward.

I turn again, towards the woods now. The Manor is behind me. I look straight ahead, I don't care about the rain, about my wet gown, coat, my tangled hair. "I'm exactly half-way between mystery and ignorance, death and life" I realize.

There's no moon in the sky. Even she is afraid of this weather.

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