Destiny - Chap.2

by Dily

Two years before

I didn't want to go to the theatre that evening, but Eamon really wanted to, he almost begged me and I couldn't say no to his dark eyes. I didn't feel really well, but I couldn't understand why. The carriage we were in moved slowly trough the city.

The sky above us was starting to turn red, the sun already low on the horizon: it just seemed an ordinary evening to me, like the ones I was used to. We had left our sister at home, with her friends, I was sure she could spend an entire day chatting with them about everything which happened in the city, about which girl was engaged to which boy, about parties, dresses and of course about the pretty boys still available. I never liked those things, they just appeared useless to me. I know… I was a strange girl, but I couldn't do anything to change, mostly because I didn't want to. My sister and I, we dind't use to get on well when we were younger, she was everything that I wasn't, but, as time passed by, we found out we had quite a few things in common. Then… my heart ached as I thought of this even though it shouldn't have after many years. Then, after our parents died, she started acting like a mother to both Eamon and me and that just made me think of her in a different way.

«Are you alright?» I heard from behind.

Suddenly reality fell back on me, the dark orange sky blinding me. I was so lost in thoughts I didn't even notice we were almost where we wanted to go.

I turned my head just a bit to look at my brother and nodded. Then I returned my attention to the sky. It felt so much simple than facing reality. For a second I had the sensation he wanted to say something else, but stayed silent. I felt his eyes on me as the carriage moved and the horses neighed...

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