Anna gripped the cold iron bars that ran down the front of the long, tall window in front of her. The loud splatter of heavy rain echoed through the large, mostly empty stone room she stood in. A single bed with a single, newly deceased occupant sat quietly in the shadows of the far wall. His mortal departure had been a long time coming. No one would question his passing. He was quite insane after all.

Anna narrowed her eyes and scowled at the other woman lightly reflected in the glass before her. Oh, how she hated that wretched cow.

"Murderer…" she hissed and spat on the tempered, transparent surface.

She watched as the spittle gently ran downward until it pooled on the narrow sill below. Relaxing her focus, the old broken down graveyard in the lot across the street came into view; its main gate still broken thanks to a recent car accident.

"Murderers should die!" she shouted. Her left hand grasped the top of her nursing uniform and pulled forward. Anna found herself being led down the stairs and out the front door of the asylum. Before her addled mind could fully understand what was happening, she found herself standing in the middle of the old burial ground.

Her left hand slapped her face a few times to sharpen her up a little. She rubbed her cheek with her right hand to ease the stinging a little.

Her feet began to step forward, but she didn't know why. She advanced in an awkward, involuntary way. A minute or two later, she stood before a freshly buried grave. The loose dirt still forming a tiny pyramid.

To Anna's horror, a familiar looking woman began to claw her way out of the freshly turned soil. The heavy rainfall quickly began to reveal her identity as she stood and silently looked Anna up and down.

Anna giggled, but she didn't know why.

"You look just like me!" she declared.

"And you look just like me!" the other her said in the exact same voice. "Come. Why don't you dig into this dirt? You look cold and the earth is so very warm."

Anna nodded and smiled a strange smile as she kneeled down and began to move the mud with her bare hands.

"Faster!" the other her commanded. "Faster! They're going to find out what you did! Bury your secrets and everything else!"

Anna looked over her shoulder at the insane asylum behind her. That blasted corpse she had just created was watching her through the window. Damn him, he would probably tell everyone what she had done. Well, that's what she one gets when one forgets to sew a fresh corpse's mouth shut.

Anna smiled as she sank deeper and deeper into the earth. The other her had lied though, the earth was very, very cold. What a terrible, wretched cow she was. She would be so happy to finally be rid of her and her punishing whispers…