Blue eyes, a seascape of stars,

Hair the color of the void,

Smile glowing as bright as the Sun,

Voice like the melody of a thousand cosmos.

You are the center of my galaxy,

Vital to my life as air and water,

Though even more.

A black hole filled in my life.

A day without you is unbearable,

Like a galaxy with no stars,

Or an Earth with no Sun.

A guiding light to all around.

The vast void beyond,

Would be even lonelier without you by my side,

Pointing the way,

And pulling me from the novae.

The darkness would be overwhelming,

Blackness filling my eyes with mere dots to separate it,

But they are all nowhere as glorious as you.

Not even combined.

If you were lost,

I would cross the galaxies,

To find you,

And to hold you in my arms again.

If you were harmed,

I would sit by your side,

Until you would be better.

Just say the word.

I am willing to give my life and my love,

To you,

For you are the only one I wish,

To have such a hold on my heart.