The Silver Haired Stranger

You were always there
lurking in the background of my life,
always so tantalisingly close;
a reflection in a mirror
that I could never touch.

The endless years that went by,
the endless tears that I cried
would never suffice
in flooding the hollow hole in my heart,
but every day I dreamed
that maybe one day you would fill that hole.

I am as transparent as the air,
you stare right through me.
Our relationship as fragile
as the thinnest glass,
for the softest, sinister whisper
could break us both.

I am but an outsider
trapped by the glass that keeps me parallel,
and as I peer inside,
as I watch you and as I watch them,
I feel an anger
as deep and red as the blood we share.

They love you,
and I love you,
and you love them.

But you do not love me,
my dear silver haired stranger.