It was nice of Malice Isernshield to lend me some of her reserve guard. Although Malice Stoutbreath heavily protested. Names Malice Ringbeard as I always have my beard in intricate knots with Isern rings. Although we're female all Maliceweorg (Mal-Ice-We-Org) have beards. Hey to other dweorg races it's kinda attractive. I was chosen as the caravan leader to travel from Isernhold our capital too the Broadgonie (Bro-Ad-Gone-I) Peaks where our Rage Leaf cousins have a town in. The cargo was simple Isern tools, barrels of Alpfelzein (Alp-Fel-Zein) an Maliceweorg soda, and the shipment of mehm (Me-hm) what you would call clay. Isernsheild sent a dozen spearmen as my escort.

Thankfully our Rage Leaf and our kind are great builders. So the road along the mountain pass was safe enough. It's the corruption order and our violent Maliceort siblings that had me worried. The captain who was in charge of security was Malice Iserntoed as she always word Iserntoed boots. She raised her hands I looked at her. "Listen" I heard was sounded like mules. Iserntoed ordered that the guard stand alert.

I had my hand gripped on my dagger. I'm not a fighter but I'll guard this supply of goods with my life if need be. We breathed a sigh of relief as It was Zachgalish caravan team. He waved hello and greeted himself. "Hail Maliceweorg I Zackary Coins greet you warmly". I smiled and shook his hand some of his guards had their guard up. Coins could sense the tension as regardless of Malice race many still see all of our kind as robbers and lawless folk. So he had some barrels of Zachgaland cola.

He said it was his personal collection he then opened them up. Coins then made his servants pour a tankard for myself and my guard. We rested for several minutes swapping tales of our kingdoms affairs. Zachary Coins said he was from the capital Zachary Town and was a freelance merchant. Zachgaland was like it always was when my father created his kind. Struggle between Zachlarons and the corruption order carrying on.

I then said how my Queen had just started to trade with the outside realms. That Broadgonie Peaks would be our first trade contract. The rest and Cola was much need I gave Coins a pouch of pennies as thanks and goodwill. With that we continued on our path. We ran into more merchants, pilgrims, and travelers heading towards our Capital. The rest of the day was uneventful aside from eyes watching us although a caravan guarded by a dozen spearmen was a too risky prize. Finally we after passing the trailer nearly all day we arrived at Broadgoniehold the town of the Rage Leaf's. I arrived at the it was true engineering walls and building built with and along the peaks. You know what they say.

Our middle sisters sure know how to build settlements. My caravan and escort headed towards the gate. Three Rage Leaf's greeted us two town guard and the toll collector. "Greetings sisters of the mountains I see you have the goods". I nodded and paid the toll which was ten pennies that would be converted too Zilvard (Zil-Var-d) the Rage Leaf Currency. Rage Leaf's don't get a lot of credit. While our older Shadowleaf sisters have magic and healing powers. Us Malice Leaf's with our skill in scouting and stubbornness regardless of culture. Our middle sisters take the brunt of fighting when father has a nightmare. Often they take the most casualties fighting the never ending evils of Eseyn (E-Sey-N) father's world. I told Iserntoed her troops could relax and enjoy the town's attractions while my workers and I headed toward the marketplace.

For a Rage Leaf town it was fairly busy. Usually you see more Rage Leaf's training or marching. All cultures were in the marketplace. Zachary's, Shadow Leaf's, Dweorg, and other minor cultures. I saw the office word of my arrival spread fast as the merchant guild master and porters were waiting for me. I shook the guild master's hand she looked impressed. As Isernhold and Broadgonie Is a fairly rough pass. We swapped tales of the affairs like I did with the Zachgalish merchant. The porters carefully hauled the goods to the respective traders needing said supplies. The guildmaster was young only one-hundred and ninety (19 in Leaf Years) though she was half-elf and fathers human traits showed more. With the day over I was given a chestful of gems and Zilvard. Along with a stone tankard with beautiful Rage Leaf artwork. Depitcing a mighty champion fighting a rock ogre in the middle of a thunderstorm.

I said I would cherish the gift forever. My workers also were paid personally and from the frustrated town guardsman. My escort was carousing in the local pub or feasting in food stalls. I assured the guildmaster that my caravan escorts were harmless. She chuckled and said that they could handle their little sisters. With that I walked down the path to the entertainment quarters. The pub was called The Raging And Rowdy an old name I thought to myself.

No surprise Iserntoed was armwrestling a Rage Leaf. Others were drinking and belching or dancing on tables. The bartender was trying to keep a steady flow of drinks as the Zilvard kept being thrown on the table. My kind requesting things from cola, beer, and wine. The pub owner was practically salivating I'm sure she's keeping notes that Maliceweorg love to spend and party. With a sigh I purchased a Rage Leaf Cherry Cola and paid for rooms. As pubs serve as lodging and dining in Rage Leaf culture. The rooms were simple a bedroll, table and chair, with a cheap candle lamp and stick. I sat at the table lit and match and wrote about down the number of gem types and zilvard coins. All in all we had the seventeen common gemstones and eight-hundred zilvard coins. Beyond exhausted I blew out the candle and blopped down on the bedroll. Trying my best too drown out the rowdiness from my sisters. We have a lot to be proud of I said to myself before shutting my eyes and retiring for the night.

Thanks For Reading Also Shadow Leaf's, Rage Leaf's, And Malice Leaf's Are My Fictional Daughters (Some Say Mary-Sues) And Yes They Are Clones Again Thanks For Reading!