Not going to sit by
Letting others be taken by the darkness
Since I know the feeling
Of being left out to it.

No one deserves to be consumed
By the darkness that falls all around us
Yet some of us are too far gone
To even reach a hand too.

Can't let anyone be fooled
From the people sending out light
That is really darkness
From the depths of the corrupted heart.

Then again even people
Pouring too much light
Aren't much better
With the way they shine on things too brightly.

Constant battle
Of finding the people
Who aren't using the darkness
Or even the shining light
To their twisted advantage.

Sides aren't always the way to go
The only thing you can do
Is take the dive with your heart
And hope that you find the right way
Through all these shadows and glimmer.

I'm just trying to save the ones
That I can see the hearts of
Who aren't corrupted
Trying to find a way
In this struggle.